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Google Street View VR Kicks It Up A Notch - BUZZ Virtual Spaces. Detecting Underlying Health Conditions - Nuvue Optometry. High blood pressure High blood pressure (hypertension) is a medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated.

Detecting Underlying Health Conditions - Nuvue Optometry

High blood pressure usually does not cause symptoms, but if left untreated is a major risk factor for life threatening conditions like heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. Because the eye is the only part of the body in which blood vessels can be viewed without invasive techniques, it can be the first place that high blood pressure is detected.The retina is a tissue layer lining the inside of your eye.

This layer transforms light into nerve signals that are then sent to the brain for interpretation into images. When your blood pressure is too high, for a prolonged period, changes to the retina’s blood vessels occur. Diabetes Like high blood pressure, diabetes can damage the small blood vessels in your retina. Cancer Neurological Conditions and Brain Injuries To learn more please visit our website Renovations. When it’s time to remodel, many homeowners want to choose the projects that offer the greatest potential to recoup their financial outlay.


It’s understandable: The average bathroom remodel costs more than $16,000, a garage addition can cost more than $50,000 and adding a master suite or second floor can easily cost six figures, according to Remodeling’s “2015 Cost vs. Value” report. From small to large, there are home renovations that can enhance the quality of your experience in your home, as well as the overall intrinsic value of your property. Here are several home renovations that could help make your home more enjoyable while you occupy it and offer the biggest bang for your buck for when it comes time to sell, courtesy of Realty Renovation Kelowna. 1. For many, a kitchen is the center of the home. 2. Virtual Tour - Zahra. Seasonal Allergies - Nuvue Optometry. Shuswap Falls RV Resort. Facts About Dry Eye Syndrome - Nuvue Optometry. What is dry eye?

Facts About Dry Eye Syndrome - Nuvue Optometry

The tears your eyes normally produce are necessary for overall eye health and clear vision. Dry eye occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears or produce tears that do not have the proper chemical composition. How Businesses Can Benefit From Virtual Reality Marketing - BUZZ Virtual Spaces. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, with more innovative and even more technologically advanced products and services.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Virtual Reality Marketing - BUZZ Virtual Spaces

For analysts and experts of the digital media space, virtual reality is the latest example of how rapidly the digital world is rapidly changing. Virtual reality, often touted as technology of the future, is now on its way to change how businesses advertise their products; moreover, it is also expected to make a massive change in the way customers interact and engage with brands. The growth and possibilities virtual reality offers is simply staggering, with the industry set to exceed the $5.4 billion mark by the end of 2016 and almost $80 billion by 2025. Through storytelling and experiential marketing, virtual reality has the potential to advance the content marketing efforts of brands the world over. Major Brands Have Already Hopped On The VR Bandwagon. Shuswap Falls RV Lot For Sale. This is our personal invitation for you to come with your self-contained RV for a visit at Shuswap Falls RV Resort.

Shuswap Falls RV Lot For Sale

Enjoy our fully serviced sites with many fronting the beautiful Shuswap River, as well as Falls Creek. We have a site that will suit your personal preference. While you’re here, enjoy river fishing, rafting swimming, tubing or a game of horseshoes, bocce, basketball or volleyball. 6 Reasons To Use Virtual Reality Marketing For Business - BUZZ Virtual Spaces. Vérification de sécurité nécessaire. Legacy Residential Garage Doors. Good Vision Is About Making Good Choices - Nuvue Optometry.

Your best choice is to see your doctor of optometry for a routine eye exam to ensure good vision and eye health.

Good Vision Is About Making Good Choices - Nuvue Optometry

Early diagnosis and treatment are keys to preventing vision loss. Don’t assume that red eyes, pain or unusual visual symptoms will go away on their own. You can never be sure: some eye diseases only show symptoms when the condition is advanced and difficult, or even impossible to treat. It’s about making smart decisions at home. Everything from sitting at a distance equivalent to at least five times the width of your TV screen; eating the right foods to help deter the onset of certain eye conditions; taking a 20 second break from your computer screen every 20 minutes and focusing your eyes on something at least 20 feet away; wearing proper protective eyewear when undertaking most major indoor or outdoor work; to the simple habit of having your child wear sunglasses outside when the sun is shining. To learn more please visit our website Kelowna Mortgage Brokers. Mortgage Down Payment. I am going to share about how banks like to see your mortgage down payment and what they will or will not accept.

Mortgage Down Payment

It sounds simple; show them your bank statements and everything is good to go. Not so much. The banks are very specific on what they want to see depending on how you have obtained your down payment. The standard way they like to see your down payment is the most recent 90 days bank statements from whichever accounts the down payment is coming from. Book Appointment. Salon Kelowna. Legacy Garage Doors Kelowna. Salon Kelowna. Home and Office Furnishing. Mortgage Okanagan Blog. Canada seems to be a pretty attractive place to live, which means we have a lot of people moving here from other countries.

Mortgage Okanagan Blog

Luckily we have a mortgage program to fit that situation and help these newcomers purchase a home here. Audio Visual Rentals Kelowna. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Canada. Kelowna Wedding Catering Packages. Kelowna Plumbing And Gasfitting. Home - Superior Snow and Ice Control. Life Insurance Kelowna. Kelowna Plumbing And Gasfitting. New Mortgage Rules Stress Test. If you haven’t heard yet, there were some big changes to the way anyone with less than 20% down payment qualifies for mortgages as of October 17, 2016.

New Mortgage Rules Stress Test

The main change is that anyone who is getting a mortgage with default insurance will now have to qualify at a rate called a Benchmark rate, which is currently 4.64%. You would still get the lowest rate for your actual mortgage which lets say is around 2.39%. Default insurance is something anyone with less than 20% down payment must pay which protects the lender from you if you default and they would get reimbursed any shortfalls. How Online Advertising Benefits Your Business. 5 Reasons Why You Need Regular WordPress Website Maintenance.

When was the last time you changed the tires on your WordPress website?

5 Reasons Why You Need Regular WordPress Website Maintenance

Maintaining a WordPress site can be difficult as the WordPress platform, themes, plugins and potential threats and security risks are constantly changing. Keeping it updated can be time consuming and very frustrating. 7 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are The Bomb. 5 Keys to an Effective Wordpress Website Call to Action. Professional Accounting Nanaimo & Cobble Hill. Kelowna Wedding Catering. Salon and Spa Kelowna.

All you need to know about WordPress 4.6 Pepper. Good news for all the WordPress website owners WordPress 4.6 is officially out and with some impressive new and improved features. It’s good to see that the traditional look is getting changed a bit, and it can certainly benefit the users. The latest version “Pepper” is named after the honorable Jazz legendary saxophonist Park Fredrick Pepper Adams. There has been few updates for a better user experience and these updates include, most awaited, font changes. Top 8 Reasons Why WordPress Website Speed Matters. Does your website load in 3 seconds or less? It can be very frustrating to come across a slow website.

Almost 70% of the websites nowadays are created on WordPress and having a slow site has become a standard issue for the most WordPress owners. Cork Flooring Kelowna. Smooth cork flooring featuring mostly even surfaces with sections of veins. Also available in These Popular Colours: Beveled Edges Beveling the edges of each panel is a great addition to Multi-Planking. NFP can custom cut your cork flooring into a bevelled edge 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 tile, we angle the edges of each tile to replicate the hardwood style when the tiles are connected.

It's the perfect combination to give you the look of hardwood if you would like this design. Learn more about eco-friendly, non-toxic cork flooring. More and more homeowners and businesses are discovering the unique qualities of cork flooring, imagine the warmth of carpet, the elegance of hardwood and color selection of vinyl all rolled into one. Building your Credit Score. Building Your Credit Score Hello there again! I will be focusing on what most banks want to see for credit when you are applying for a mortgage for this blog.In most cases the banks will want you to have two sources of credit established for two years or more. WordPress Website Repair. Med adherence and reminder. Getting a mortgage with a cosigner. Having trouble getting a mortgage? When you are first getting a mortgage, are a student or transitioning to a new job and you just don’t fit the banks guidelines to get a mortgage you may have need of a cosigner.

There can be many reasons as to why you need a cosigner on a mortgage and with the way banks are becoming tougher and tougher it is becoming more common. I will go through who qualifies as a cosigner, what the bank will ask for from them and potential other options. Bookkeeping Kelowna. Realty Renovation Kelowna. Cork Flooring. What is Cork? Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, the “Quercus suber”. Website Design. Bookkeeping Kelowna. Renovations Kelowna. WordPress Website Repair.

Identify Your Spending Habits. After gathering all of your debt details you may feel overwhelmed. Interior Design Kelowna. Commercial Freight Shipping. Flooring Kelowna. Website Design Library. Check out the latest Mortgage Okanagan Blog. Kelowna Plumbing Services  Kelowna Cleaning Service. Ravine Cork Floors. Our most textured & popular cork floor, featuring no lines and 100% unique slabs Also available in These Popular Colours: Beveled Edges Beveling the edges of each panel is a great addition to Multi-Planking. NFP can custom cut your cork flooring into a bevelled edge 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 tile, we angle the edges of each tile to replicate the hardwood style when the tiles are connected.

It's the perfect combination to give you the look of hardwood if you would like this design. Learn more about eco-friendly, non-toxic cork flooring. Interior Design Kelowna. Commercial Freight Shipping. Realty Renovations kelowna. Buying A Rental Property. Bookkeeping Kelowna. Kelowna Cleaning Service. Payroll Services Kelowna. Precision Cleaning Solutions. Buying a Second Home. Bankruptcy Kelowna. APEX Business Solutions. Spring Cleaning For Your Finances - 4 Pillars Kelowna. Each spring we perform tasks that are overlooked during our daily and weekly cleaning rituals. The tasks may seem tedious and time consuming, but they are necessary for the maintenance of our homes.

Mortgage Preapproval. Interior Design Kelowna. Security Systems Kelowna. Shuswap Falls RV Resort. Industrial Equipment and Machine Shipping.  Pedras II Cork Flooring. Commercial Freight ShippingSon Creek. Relationship Debt Issues. Online Marketing Spotlight - Mod Salon.  Why Use Re-Targeting Advertising? Conventional Mortgage Types. Three West Security Blog. Lower Your Debt, Not Your Credit Score - 4 Pillars Kelowna. Kelowna Cleaning Service  Kelowna Cleaning Service  Unique residential decorating. Unique lighting solutions. Home steam room and sauna.

Retro design and décor. Transform the look of your house. Installing Fixtures. Children's bedrooms: how to make them look amazing. Selecting perfect tub. Tools for household innovations. Creative home based planning. Home design trends. Bath Restoration advice. Home design product reviews.