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Hurt Tony Stark

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Depressing (Suicidal!Tony, Self Harm, Addiction, etc.) Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. And the Sky is Grey - Chapter 4 - Teyke - The Avengers (2012. Chapter Text At the Long Beach Airport, Pepper whisks Steve off the plane, away from his teammates, and into a car before he can protest.

And the Sky is Grey - Chapter 4 - Teyke - The Avengers (2012

"The others – " he starts to say, but she cuts him off so smoothly that he almost doesn't even realize he's been interrupted. "- have rooms at a hotel that I've arranged. " She leans forward slightly to speak to the driver. "Take us to the house, please, Happy. " In the rear-view mirror, Steve catches a glimpse of sunglasses sitting below a furrowed brow. The file, of course, had included how Tony met Happy. Steve nods to Happy in acknowledgement, and the man tilts his face back down again, so maybe he caught it.

"The timing on this is very tricky," Pepper explains as they drive. Apropos Of Nothing - Chapter 2 - Gir_Hugs - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011), Captain America (2011), Incredible Hulk (2008), Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types. Chapter Text XxXxXxXxXx A xXxXxXxXxXx O xXxXxXxXxXx N xXxXxXxXxXxX Agent Phil Coulson rubbed his eyes tiredly as he flipped through a mission report from a junior field agent.

Apropos Of Nothing - Chapter 2 - Gir_Hugs - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011), Captain America (2011), Incredible Hulk (2008), Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types

Rolling his eyes, he wondered what had happened to the writing skills of trainees these days. The current report he was reading looked like it was written in some archaic Sanskrit-type language, penmanship horrendous. And that was being generous. Coulson took a sip of his coffee and cringed when he realized it had gone cold. Weaving his way through the labyrinth of hallways that comprised the underground levels of SHIELD headquarters, Coulson strode determinedly towards the break room in search of fresh coffee.

“Dr. “Well, if the guy can’t follow a simple order like ‘Don’t ogle my chest,’ then how can you expect him to listen to the more difficult orders SHIELD might give him? “Yes, well I guess it is a good thing no one asked you,” Coulson responded blandly. Coulson rolled his eyes and pushed off the counter. Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark...Not Recommended. Chapter Text Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark...Not Recommended Them moving in is actually more than a little awkward.

Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark...Not Recommended

It’s not like Tony hadn’t already been planning on it, the single A left perfectly at the top of the tower, none of the other letters of his name surrounding it, is as close to an omen as he’s ever likely to see. When he remodelled and redecorated he created space for all of them. He was however, waiting for Bruce to calm down enough to come back from whichever part of India he’s holed himself up in. All of which is why it’s so awkward when, at one of the post clean-up debriefings Fury makes them go to after making them help with rubble removal in their full gear so the press can identify them doing it, the man barks, “Stark.

Another Thing Coming Undone - nightrider101 - The Avengers (2012. All in all, it could have been worse.

Another Thing Coming Undone - nightrider101 - The Avengers (2012

Worse meaning dead. After being beaten up by a demigod, thrown out of a window by the demigod’s bastard brother, exploded, and falling back to Earth from space after delivering a nuclear bomb through a portal, the fact that he’s got all his fingers and toes, and his brain is still functioning, Tony is going to count this whole little debacle as a win. Pepper had been there soon after, giving him an earful and a hug, curving her perfect body against his. Apparently Tony’s latest stunt, albeit heroic, did not inspire confidence in the investors. Questions had been raised about Tony’s mental capability because sleeping with countless beautiful women and getting drunk on a near nightly basis inspired more assurance than sacrificing himself to save the world.

Pepper left almost immediately to smooth ruffled feathers and ensure the company was, in fact, not about to crumble despite the alien invasion that had taken out the better part of New York City. When in Doubt, Add Lasers (Sequel) It takes five years after he goes blind for Tony to crack the Extremis problem, and nearly another six months before he and Bruce have it refined to the point where it’s an acceptable risk.

When in Doubt, Add Lasers (Sequel)

They take another two months to thoroughly vet the possible surgeons and neurosurgeons until they find reputable ones with enough skill to be trusted, ones who are also willing to do the work discretely and sign the non-disclosure documents for a truly heart-stopping amount of money. Bruce, at Tony’s insistence, is present for the surgery as an observer. Even with the increased public use of arc reactors, he doesn’t trust many people with the smallest, most advanced version currently running his heart. After this, it will run not only his heart but also his eyes and Extremis. The Iron Man suits are all built with their own arc reactors now; hurray for redundancy.