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The Must-Have App Review Rubric. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2011-11-22 So you just downloaded a few educational apps that you think might be useful in your classroom. How do you accurately compare and contrast them? Thanks to a new app review rubric from by eMobilize , it’s easier than ever to understand just how useful an app may be in the classroom. On a related note, the Edudemic Directory features many educational apps and lets you quickly compare them to see how they stack up. Give it a try today! I’ve rewritten the original rubric from eMobilize and tailored it to fit all school districts. Download The Rubric Here (PDF) Overview of the App. iPad. Reference. Free Pictures of Everything on Earth - Ookaboo! 100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things.

These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates.

100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things

Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose. We will also try to keep the list updated, so if your favorite download site is not here, let us know about it with a comment. Audio Books Librivox: One of the most popular audio libraries on the web. The LibriVox volunteers record books that are in the public domain and release them for free. Podiobooks: Â Similar to podcast, Podiobooks are serialized audiobooks that are distributed through RSS feeds. 32 Keys: About life. NOW AND THAN: Archiv. Bible Study Tools. Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source..... - Anais Nin. Exhibition. Thefrogumblelog".

Internet shorthand as if written by a proper Englishman I now present the sequel to “Famous movie quotes as if written by a proper Englishman“… hah!


I found your last comment humorous, good sir! Hahaha My jubilant utterance could be heard in the next room! S Essential iPad Apps - Best ipad apps - Gizmodo. iPad. Must-Have iPad Apps For Professionals - Essential iPad apps: Nine free favorites. Our look at iPad apps that deserve a place on your device started out with the best apps money can buy—11 essential iPad offerings that are among our favorite additions to the App Store.

Essential iPad apps: Nine free favorites

But you don’t always have to part with a lot of dough to equip your iPad with great mobile software. As with life, sometimes the best things in the App Store can be had for free. In this second installment of our Essential Apps countdown, we turn the spotlight on nine great iPad programs that won’t cost you a dime to download. As with the paid apps, we looked across a wide variety of categories—entertainment, social networking, productivity, the works—for a diverse sampling of apps that we feel deliver an experience that’s unique to the iPad.

So enjoy our list, bargain hunters. Chess. Chess sites. Chess Problems. Chess.


Popular quotes (page 2 of 2000) Interesting places. The 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt. 25 Cool Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials. World Digital Library Home. All My Faves. Good sources. The Myth of 'Wishing Upon a Star': 5 Real Ways to Get Things Done - PickTheBrain. All of us have dreams. All of us wish we could be someone we aren’t today. Just like poor little Pinocchio, wishing he was a “real boy”. The question is; will a star grant our dreams? From what I have learned I think that if you wait for your dreams to come true on their own, it will be a long wait. On the other hand if you take charge and make things happen for yourself, it can go very quickly. 5 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals: Clarify your goals Write down your goals on a piece of paper; make sure they are goals you can measure.

For example, don’t set the goal; “I want to lose weight”. Instead, set a target, a deadline and right it in the positive present tense, as if you already completed it e.g.; “I weigh 150 lbs. by the 31 of December 2010”. This method activates the subconscious mind to start pulling these goals into your reality. 2. “Failing to plan means planning to fail” is a popular quote and it is very true. Ask the four questions: - What is the goal of the project? Free online file converter / Flash video downloader (YouTube,DailyMotion,MetaCafe...) 24 best free online photo editing tools for everyone. Photo editing is fun.

24 best free online photo editing tools for everyone

Worldclock.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Rare Coins - Family Treasure or Ill-Gotten Goods? 20 Useful Free PDF ebooks for Designers and Bloggers :Speckyboy Design Magazine. Over the years I have a saved a decent sized library of useful design and blogging related PDF ebooks, I love them.

20 Useful Free PDF ebooks for Designers and Bloggers :Speckyboy Design Magazine

I have voraciously collected them, and all stored on my mobile for whenever the chance of quick read arises. In this post I would like to share my favorite 20 (freely available) ebooks with you. All of the below books are have been written to be read quickly, they are neither very long nor are they the definitive resource on their specific subject. Having said that, they are all a ‘darn good read’, and well worth downloading. Some of the books may have been written a few years back, but the topics are certainly relevant now.

Introduction to Good Usability by Peter Pixel. ALEXA. Home. WHATIS. Clocks. Conversion Calculator Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Teraby. The basic unit used in computer data storage is called a bit (binary digit).

Conversion Calculator Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Teraby

Computers use these little bits, which are composed of ones and zeros, to do things and talk to other computers. All your files, for instance, are kept in the computer as binary files and translated into words and pictures by the software (which is also ones and zeros). This two number system, is called a "binary number system" since it has only two numbers in it. The decimal number system in contrast has ten unique digits, zero through nine. But although computer data and file size is normally measured in binary code using the binary number system (counted by factors of two 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc), the prefixes for the multiples are based on the metric system!

In December 1998, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) approved a new IEC International Standard. World Wide Metric. Word. Wikipedia. WORDNIK. Useful Links NY Times. World Wide Words. Internet Public Library. Allmusic.


WORD REFERENCE. SNOPES. INTERNET ARCHIVE. Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber), Dictionaries. Oxymoron List — Funny Examples of Oxymorons (Oxymora) Etymology of phrases. Popular Science. Oxford WOTD. Books. Best Places to Get Free Books – The Ultimate Guide. Etymology. Etymology Dictionary.