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Hopscotch - Coding for kids. Screenmailer for Mac - Screen Recording and Screencasting made easy. The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You'll Ever Read. Shortcat - Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X. Eight Terminal Utilities Every OS X Command Line User Should Know · The OS X Terminal opens up a world of powerful UNIX utilities and scripts.

Eight Terminal Utilities Every OS X Command Line User Should Know ·

If you’re migrating from Linux, you’ll find many familiar commands work the way you expect. But power users often aren’t aware that OS X comes with a number of its own text-based utilities not found on any other operating system. Quill - An Open Source Rich Text Editor with an API. Design and publish beautiful maps. The little things I learned in the valley – May 2014 edition. 5 May 2014.

The little things I learned in the valley – May 2014 edition

Dine at Top Restaurants Without Planning Ahead - Table8. How to be a sane programmer. Business Insider published an article today called The Stress of Being a Computer Programmer is Literally Driving Many of them Crazy.

How to be a sane programmer

It covers the typical culprits: Imposter Syndrome, long work hours, burnout, etc., and points out that while job stress has been traditionally laid at the feet of bad management, it is increasingly coming from within the programmer community itself, as a kind of culturally imposed litmus test for determining the dedication level of any particular programmer. In other words: if you aren’t slinging code in your spare time, you just aren’t going to cut it. Coupling this pressure with the speed at which new technologies, libraries, languages, platforms, frameworks, SDKs and text editors are released is like dousing a bonfire with jet fuel. But here’s the rub.

The B2B Referral Sales System - The Magical Outbound Growth Engine Most Startups Never Use! Want more, higher quality customers with a lot less effort than it takes to do cold outbound sales or inbound marketing?

The B2B Referral Sales System - The Magical Outbound Growth Engine Most Startups Never Use!

Use this simple referral sales system to grow your business starting today. Every week I talk to startups who want to get more leads and are considering starting or expanding existing outbound sales efforts. "How can we get more leads? Are we ready for outbound sales yet? How can we improve our cold calls? Have you ever thought about your existing customers as a great source for new leads? Referral sales can be your #1 source of new hot leads and turn into a massive growth engine for your B2B startup if you do it right.

Best Cloud eCommerce Platform. New 'painless' treatment to repair teeth. Recordit: Fast Screencasts Video Recorder. 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime. Billing - Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, Mastercard, etc. OpenHatch - Community tools for free and open source software. Voice Chat API — free audio conference web service powered by WebRTC. – one click video conversations. Connecting the Thoughts. Friends and former colleagues often ask what I’ve learned by working in a startup.

Connecting the Thoughts

In particular, they’re curious about how my experience has influenced the skills I’d want students to learn. Here’s my short list - Collaborate effectively (synchronously and asynchronously): shared online docs and blended collaboration (online and in person) drive the work we doSelf-directed learning: If you need it, you learn it. It’s that simple. How you learn it is up to you.Communication skills: Write well, speak with knowledge and confidence, listen aggressively (or go home).Interpersonal skills: work and play well with others.Problem-solving skills: what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

How to access TOR, Silk Road and the rest of the deep web. The rabbit hole that is the Internet goes much deeper than most people know.

How to access TOR, Silk Road and the rest of the deep web

In fact, the World Wide Web as we know it represents just 4% of networked web pages — the remaining 96% of pages make up what many refer to as the “Invisible Internet,” “Invisible Web” or “Deep Web.” This massive subsection of the Internet is 500 times bigger than the visible Web and is not indexed by search engines like Google. Finding sites on this invisible network of webpages isn’t easy as a result, so it’s often home to nefarious services like “Silk Road.”

There’s plenty more to the Deep Web than that, however, and an infographic posted recently by WhoIsHostingThis — the same group that recently taught us how to disappear online — does a good job of detailing the basics, including how to access this mysterious network of hidden sites with a special Web browser like Tor. The full infographic follows below. How To Delete Online Accounts: Guide explains how to disappear online. President Obama is getting ready to announce some major changes to the NSA and the various spying programs we have learned so much about in recent months thanks to a series of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but the damage has already been done.

How To Delete Online Accounts: Guide explains how to disappear online

These 10 Real-Time Visualizations Put the World in Perspective. It's a big world out there, which means information is constantly evolving — the only way to absorb its magnitude is to view it in real time.

These 10 Real-Time Visualizations Put the World in Perspective

The best real-time data visualizations are informative and compelling at the same time. They work to break down aspects of the world in a way that words sometimes cannot, squeezing big ideas into small, embeddable packages, and putting the fast-paced nature of the world into perspective. Here, we've found 10 of the most interesting and interactive real-time visualizations on the web. Feast your eyes on these awe-inspiring pages for a fresh look on what's happening on the planet right now.

Have something to add to this story? Image: Cameron Beccario, Doing Monetization Well - Zac J. Szewczyk. Published on January 6th, 2014 Recently, I have started thinking seriously about monetizing this site.

Doing Monetization Well - Zac J. Szewczyk

Although I could not command the same rate John Gruber, Marco Arment, or even Federico Viticci does, [nearly 3,500](Who to Follow in 2014.txt) unique visitors in 2013 has to count for something. Moreover, I plan to grow that number significantly throughout the coming year. A Coder, a Programmer, a Hacker, a Developer, and a Computer Scientist walk into a Venn Diagram.

What Does a UX Designer Actually Do? I still remember the first time I came across the term “User Experience Designer”.

What Does a UX Designer Actually Do?

It was years ago, embedded in the email signature of a friend of mine—someone whose job I never quite understood. So I asked him. His answer fundamentally changed how I designed websites from that day forward. HipChat emoticons. Fluid - Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps. The Top 75 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2013. Oct 1, 2013 At the end of every quarter the Sifter highlights the top 25 ‘Pictures of the Day‘, culminating in an epic Top 100 at the end of the year (check out the ‘Top 100 POTDs for 2012‘). It’s hard to believe we’re already in the last quarter of 2013. Below you will find the third installment of this quarterly compilation. All credit goes to the individual photographers and their inspiring visions of our beautiful planet. For more information on any individual photograph, click the title or image to be taken to the original post. *Please note the photographs themselves were not necessarily taken in 2013, they just happened to be featured as a POTD on TwistedSifter.

Photograph by HANS HANSEN. UTA Flight 772 Crash Information and Memorial Construction Photos. A friend told me to go to a certain latitude and longitude on Google Maps. When I noticed it seemed to be in the middle of an African desert, I thought he was just sending nonsense. Using Tabs in the Mavericks Finder. One of the marquee changes in OS X 10.9 Mavericks is the addition of tabbed windows to the Finder, bringing to file organization and manipulation the flexibility we’ve become accustomed to in Web browsers and other apps. Each tab stands in for a window, displaying the files and folder in a specific spot on one of your mounted volumes. If you often have multiple Finder windows littering up your Desktop, tabbed Finder windows may be just what you need.

Luckily, Apple implemented Finder tabs in nearly the same way as Safari tabs, making usage generally familiar, though users of other Web browsers may wish to do a little remapping of keyboard shortcuts using Keyboard Maestro or a similar utility. How a grad student trying to build the first botnet brought the Internet to its knees. On November 3, 1988, 25 years ago this Sunday, people woke up to find the Internet had changed forever. The night before, someone had released a malevolent computer program on the fledgling computer network. By morning, thousands of computers had become clogged with numerous copies of a computer "worm," a program that spread from computer to computer much like a biological infection. It took days of effort by hundreds of systems administrators to clean up the mess, and the Internet community spent weeks analyzing what had happened and how to make sure it didn't happen again. The complete guide to not being that idiot who got the company hacked - Quartz.

Every week there are headlines about a company getting its email, website, Twitter accounts or something else hacked. The reason? The 7 best ways to learn how to code. Erik Labianca, Chief technology officer at Wiser together inc. 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken.

Books - CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide by Vicki Murley. Real time web dashboard for all your metrics - Ducksboard. Maximize Credit Card Rewards. MyCheck App. Send money online. Time tracking that doesn't suck. Add-ons For Time Tracking, Timesheet and Invoicing Software.

575 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns & More. The Simpsons' secret formula: it's written by maths geeks. Why you can’t find a technical co-founder (Guest Post) This is a guest post by a friend of mine on email marketing. Elizabeth Yin is the CEO and a co-founder of LaunchBit, an ad network for email newsletters. Compare rates, options & facilities. Free UI Templates for has become very popular recently. Local business reviews are the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising - Local Viewpoints. Ramin Shokrizade's Blog - The Top F2P Monetization Tricks. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. Cook a Perfect Medium-Rare Steak in a Beer Cooler. 20 Photos of Iconic Buildings and Bridges As They Were Being Built. Homebrew/Library/Formula at master · mxcl/homebrew. Reading List: Six Stories for the Fantasy Newbie.

Reading List: Six Stories for the Fantasy Newbie. Home - Owner Listens. Study Shows How To Build Gamer Loyalty Through Guilds And Customization. Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Gamification. Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a game designer with 20 years experience. He is the creator of leading game design blog What Games Are, and consults for many companies on game design and development. LaunchRock - Set up a "Launching Soon" page in minutes. David Foster Wallace - Commencement Speech at Kenyon University.

HTML5 Document Embedding. How I Instagram. For Mac OS X. The Philosophy Of Game Development By The Numbers. List of iOS Emoji. Handle. OpenMetaApplications - openmeta - A list of applications that use OpenMeta. - OpenMeta is an OS X standard for adding tags, ratings, and other metadata to files. The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For. How To Make Sushi. 30+ of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i've ever seen. Alexa - The Web Information Company. Les 50 logiciels SaaS incontournables pour les startups et les entrepreneurs. Which Drugs Actually Kill Americans [Infographic]

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. Translation API: Integrate professional translations into your application or service. IRON PEARL. Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars To Watch – Complete List. IFTTT Alternatives : Similar automation sites. Gemicon - Handcrafted icon by Turqois. 11 Things I Wish I Knew About Django Development Before I Started My Company: — CS + Math. IFTTT / Put the internet to work for you.

IMessage - IMWiki. Ecommerce Software, Online Store Builder, Website Store Hosting Solution- Free 14 day Trial by Shopify. Medium. Google’s New Inactive Account Manager Gives You Control Over Your Digital Afterlife. Small Business Software.

The Easiest Way To Pay Your Employees. A Glimpse and a Hook. Design for Details (dotcom) - Web Design & Development. 2600hz I The Future of Cloud Telecom. Business Intelligence Software - SiSense Prism. Web Notification Center - Chime. Bait Car: How Hollywood Has Found A New Way To Make Money. Diamonds Are Bullshit. Draft. Macintosh Stories.

42 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Grateful For. City and Country Maps - Driving Directions - Satellite Views - Routes. Best Mac - The Best Software for Mac OS X (OSX) Icon Search Engine. Best new books in Science Fiction & Fantasy genre.