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StumbleUpon. Amazon. You will FALL for this autumn wedding with a Nordic ceremony. Jessie and Adam's fall wedding in the Mendocino Woodlands State Park in California had lots of traditions and symbolism in the Nordic ceremony.

You will FALL for this autumn wedding with a Nordic ceremony

The pair and their wedding party carried logs with rune symbols which were burned ceremonially. Burning incense and herbs were sprinkled around the perimeter ceremony site. Adam even hand-built the GORGEOUS ceremony arch structure which had carved Nordic dragons. 11 Odd Animals You Can Legally Own As Pets In Canada. Being a pet owner is one of life’s greatest joys.

11 Odd Animals You Can Legally Own As Pets In Canada

Although it’s a big commitment and a lot of work, the experience teaches you a lot of good and beneficial things. A loving pet has the ability to convert even the most anti-animal person into an animal lover; and the bond between man and pet can be just as powerful as a bond between family members. Choosing the right animal companion is of the utmost importance when you decide to become a pet owner. Above all, it needs to be an animal that effectively compliments your lifestyle and rhythm. Cats and dogs are the standard, and there’s already tons of variety in that; but did you know that there are a couple of wild or exotic animals you could actually own as pets? I’d just like to note that I, in no way, endorse the sale or ownership of any of these animals.

That being said, this list was compiled simply for your interest and is intended to be an informal exploration of a rather hazy part of Canadian law. Photo cred – Como foi feita a maquilhagem para mudar Leonardo DiCaprio no filme "The Revenant" 29 Gifts That Help Empower Women All Over The World. The Toronto Theatre Database. April Fool’s Ice! Mar24 by Brenda Ponnay Picture this: Dad comes home from a long day at work and the kids are anxiously waiting for him at the door.

April Fool’s Ice!

“Dad! Dad!” They exclaim the minute he walks in. He gives them a funny look. “Ahhh,” he says, sinking down into his favorite chair. “WHAT!!?” The kids erupt into uncontrollable giggles. The ice was plastic and the water was warm! 1. some blocks (the size of ice cubes) 2. some clear plastic beads (any old kind you can find at a craft store) 3. tinfoil 4. an oven! Take your blocks and stack two up. We had to do this several times until we got it right. Once you’ve wrapped your blocks, dump out the blocks leaving an empty mold. Then pop them in the oven at 375 F for about 20 minutes, or however long it takes your oven to get the beads nice and melted. When they are done, let them cool and then unwrap!

Some cubes will need rough edges filed off or even clipped off with some heavy-duty yard clippers. Put your cubes in a glass of warm water. Ice water anyone? This commune in BC lets you live for free and pays you in drugs. Brought to you by: Poole picked out a white dried-up mushroom the size of my thumb and snapped it in two.

This commune in BC lets you live for free and pays you in drugs

“A gram for each of you,” says Poole, and hands me my half. One gram, it seemed, was a bit of a conservative portion, but I had heard stories of the Poole’s Land mushrooms. Like everything else on Michael Poole’s 17 acre rain forest property, the mushrooms grew with a powerful vitality which didn’t exist out east. Www.messynessychic. You know why the internet is awesome?


Because you can share the experience of someone discovering a mysterious treasure. Reddit user TramStopDan documented and shared his recent experience of unlocking and discovering the contents of a box which his friend found discarded on the street next to the trash. When he managed to open it, Dan found a mind-boggling collection of posters, illustrations, text, maps, technical drawings and personal belongings. Speculating on the original owner of the case, Dan writes: “Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29″ by 38″ and almost all the drawings are very large… It appears that he was making a diorama/tabletop display. So let’s take a peek at what he found… Pretty normal so far… We're All Hypocrites: 41 Ways This Generation Doesn't Make Sense.

We’re all guilty of it.

We're All Hypocrites: 41 Ways This Generation Doesn't Make Sense

Every single one of us. Don’t try and deny it. We’ve all said something then gone back on it hours, days or years later. We’ve all stood up for something, then were exposed minutes later for not staying true to our cause. We’ve all thrown fits over problems we caused and cursed actions we’d repeatedly done ourselves. It’s OK because none of us are perfect. We may try our hardest to be the most honest, moral and grounded people we know, but sometimes, life just gets too hard; sometimes we just want a hamburger from McDonald’s or a plastic water bottle from CVS. How the Gun on the Original Duck Hunt Game Worked. Today I found out how the gun on the original Duck Hunt game worked.

How the Gun on the Original Duck Hunt Game Worked

If you’ve ever played Duck Hunt or any of the other NES games that used the NES Zapper gun, you probably at one point or another wondered how the game actually knows where on the TV you are aiming the gun when you pulled the trigger. It turns out, the method for accomplishing this is incredibly simple, as is the gun itself. This gun primarily just consists of a button (the trigger) and a photodiode (light sensor). When you pull the trigger, this causes the game to make the TV screen go completely black for one frame.

At this point, the game uses the light sensor to sample the black color it’s reading from your TV to give it a reference point; this is essential given that the ambient light in a particular room and other things of this nature can vary greatly. For games with multiple targets at any given time, the same type of method is used except multiple target frames are shown. Bonus Facts: Expand for References: Oddee - Oddities, Weird stuff, Strange things of our world. Food For Thought: The ultimate health food guide. Neave Interactive - Paul Neave's digital playground.