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Real time web dashboard for all your metrics - Ducksboard

Real time web dashboard for all your metrics - Ducksboard
Make decisions, not spreadsheets. Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of data. Web stats, sales numbers, conversion rates; the numbers keep coming and from every direction too. By the time you gather and analyze it however, it could mean something else entirely. Your gut may have got you here but if you want to stick around, you’re going to need those metrics.

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Which Stats Matter: A Definitive Guide to Social Media Metrics Among the many superpowers I wish I had, one that would be quite useful is the ability to understand social media metrics. I know enough to get by, and I love learning the new techniques to get more from these numbers—and to make sure I’m seeking the right numbers in the first place. In an effort to understand the little bits I can, I’ve done some research into all the many different social media stats you might track and which ones are worthwhile. Wouldn’t you know it, social media stats aren’t just as simple as looking at the right numbers! There’s a difference between knowing what the stats mean and knowing which stats are meaningful. With that in mind, I’d love to share with you some of the stats we value greatly here at Buffer and the reasons why, as well as some new social media metrics we’re excited to try.

Social Sharing Report for Google Analytics A friend recently asked me for a Google Analytics report that shows which content is getting shared on a site and on which social networks it’s being shared on. No problem, that’s a job for a custom report! Rather than just a simple data dump, I want to explore this segment of people: the people who take the time to share my content. I want to understand: 1. Have these people been to the site before? Project Management for Startups by Daniel Kehoe Last updated 17 April 2013 This article from the RailsApps project describes how entrepreneurs can manage development of software applications for startups and personal projects. For solo operators or small teams it suggests some tools for task management and introduces the kanban method of project management.

Brydge + iPad: Do more. by Brad Leong TIME - "Brydge stands out for its Apple aesthetics." CNET - "A keyboard case that makes your iPad look a lot like the MacBook Air." New York Times - "Brydge..turns an iPad into a laptop resembling the MacBook Air." Mashable - "Brydge Turns Your iPad Into a Laptop" Huffington Post - "The Brydge also mimics the Apple design aesthetic" Cassandra Daily - "Tablet devices have yet to replace computers altogether, but iPad accessory Brydge could make the latter obsolete"

Self-Promotion and Social Media: The Case for Promoting Your Content If you’ve been to any of Buffer’s social media accounts recently (take Twitter, for instance), you may have noticed that the lion’s share of stories we share come from us. We tweet our own stuff. We toot our own horn. It would certainly seem that we are in the minority with this strategy. HTML-Image map Creator WYSIWYG - uses AJAX What is an Image map? In HTML, an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to various destinations. see Wikipedia An image map is an image that has "active regions". When the user selects one of the regions, some action takes place -- a link may be followed, information may be sent to a server, etc. To make an image map accessible, content developers must ensure that each action associated with a visual region may be activated without a pointing device. see W3C

App Store All Apps 99designs Logo & Web Design 99designs is the world's largest graphic design marketplace connecting entrepreneurs and businesses that need graphic design with a community of more than 200,000 graphic designers around the world. To date, they've helped 185,000+ small businesses and nonprofits get fast, affordable graphic design. Need a logo? Compare HubSpot vs Pardot Marketing Automation Great Platform, Easy to Use Pardot: Marketing Automation that will make your Small Business, Bigger. Pardot provides great templates for email and landing pages. The automation rules are great for automating specific tasks. While the reports are good, they could be more customizable. It would be nice to be able to add more filters on pages to sort and analyze data.

30 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers and Designers For many web designers and developers, Chrome has already reached second most popular browser, having already surpassed Internet Explorer and with a high chance of surpassing Firefox. Although Firefox is more robust (primarily due to its popularity), Chrome is lightning fast and, with new extensions added daily, an exciting option for the serious web designer. And here you are to find tools that make Chrome useful to you as a designer or a developer. Fortunately, Chrome has a burgeoning collection of extensions that will make the transition from Firefox a lot easier. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and not Chrome, then you still have where to choose from. Check out this cool mozilla addons for developers.

Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation » +acumen ​​Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design is a seven-week curriculum that will introduce you to the concepts of human-centered design and how this approach can be used to create innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for social change. This course has been created to reach those who are brand new to human-centered design, so no prior experience required (though we of course welcome previous students to continue honing your human-centered design skills!) Our Learning Partner Acumen is excited to partner with in offering this course. is out to design an end to poverty by bringing creativity, empathy, and innovation to the social sector. Our goal is to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities through design and we’re doing it in three ways: through the products, services, and experiences that we design; through the problem solvers we fuel; and by inspiring the social sector to adopt human-centered design.

The Life of a Social Media Manager: How to Spend Time on Social Media You spend part—maybe all—of your day on social media, hopping from network to network, checking analytics, planning ahead, and performing the sundry tasks of a social media manager job. Would it help to know that you’re not alone with keeping such a varied schedule? That your time on social media is shared by others? I was curious for myself whether my social media marketing manager workload and workflow were similar to someone else’s. Do we perform the same tasks? Do we create similar content? - Britain’s first online gateway for businesses looking for mentoring services Recruitment and selection A good Mentoring Organisation will have a rigorous and robust recruitment and selection process in place for potential mentors and mentees. The organisation should also publish their criteria Read more » Training and development of mentors Behind the scenes: A/B testing part 3: Finalé by Jamie of Basecamp I was an A/B test skeptic. Maybe we don’t want to be second-guessed. Maybe we don’t want to cater to the lowest common denominator. Designers are taught—explicitly and implicitly—to follow certain visual rules and the final design will work great.

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