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Velvet Moth Studio. From the Inside Out: Irit Dulman. Tel Aviv, Israel The following text was written by Ori Drumer.

From the Inside Out: Irit Dulman

"Looking at Irit’s works - the colors, prints, textures and fabrics – one finds magic. It is everywhere: in the dyed felt, in objects that Irit designs and the natural dyes she produces herself. It is also present in the body movement of the women who wear her garments, the fabric textures, images and different times that are mixed into each other. History, memories, transparency and flexibility are all here. The fabrics are the delicate skin, the prints with leaf and root images are living body tattoos, the warm hues are the earth and the forests. Fibre Art, Eco Printing, Artists' Books, Vintage Textiles. Creativity ~ philosophy ~ mixed media art ~ book arts. Scarecrow's Garden: Chook Sprouts. "By sprouting grainsyou treble the volume of foodand at the same time increase the proteinand vitamin value".

Scarecrow's Garden: Chook Sprouts

From: A Guide to Organic Living in Australia by Michael J Roads. I first read that book in the eighties and ever since have sprouted wheat for my chooks in the summer months. This is when the heat sets in and the grass goes brown. With very little green feed around the chooks really need the healthy boost that these sprouts can provide.This little book described a method by which you soaked grains in a cut down 44 gallon drum covered with corrugated iron. Roberta Warshaw Art and Design. Roberta Warshaw. - Spirit Cloth. Michelle ward: day fifteen: gesso. TP Art. This craft has been around for a long time.

TP Art

I first saw Carol Duvall demonstrate this years and years ago on her show and I thought it was so neat. In her book, “Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall” she called it molded tissue! It’s cheap and easy. Here is one of them on my art journal page. Profil d'utilisateur : Hannah Lamb. Stéphanie Devaux Textus. Editor's Picks for Healing — Emotional Geographic. I was sitting at lunch at the airport yesterday and ended up talking with a lovely woman who teaches yoga California—we were talking about healing modalities and I recommended both of Norman Doidge’s books.

Editor's Picks for Healing — Emotional Geographic

So I thought it was high time I did the actual review so that I didn’t have to champion the book one person at a time at the airport. I can review it, and now you guys can talk to the person next to you on the bus or the airplane… I could make this review really short: buy both books. Vaneetha Rendall - choosing joy. Art Of Bookbinding - Page 1 of 68. And so it started…So there I was with some Rainbow stained pig leather and some dream instructions to make a book out of it.

Art Of Bookbinding - Page 1 of 68

What good was making a book going to do? It’s not like a book can stop a rainbow…Maybe the pig wanted me to bring this to the attention of the world? Maybe I just needed to finance a quest to go kill the vile beast? Either way, I couldn’t do anything without real supplies. Hannah Lamb: patina. It's was a relief this afternoon to submit the work I have done for the sticker project at Bradford College, having beavered away all this week.

Hannah Lamb: patina

I have been making a series of six handmade textile and paper 'stickers' titled 'Enter the Woods' based on a found verse (I think from an old hymn). If anyone knows who wrote this please let me know. I think God gave the woods to us, That we might steal away, Hannah Lamb: How to Float Words. Letting in the Light. I had some things to say - Green Glass. Tracemarks. Tracemarks. 28th Oct 2015 | 213 notes de-salva: THE BOOKS OF ANSELM KIEFER 1969-1990 / Gotz Adriani* 1991, NYC (via portermoto) 28th Oct 2015 | 184 notes.


Home / jessiechorley. Letting in the Light. I have just finished making a few small notebooks that are secured with an elastic when closed.

Letting in the Light

These soft covered notebooks are decorated front and back with hand decorated paper and my carved stamps. My thinking is that they would be perfect to tuck inside a purse or a bag for note taking. Voiles de peau Livres, objets de curiosité Tarlatane, soie, gaze de coton, papier, métal, mues, cheveux, filasse Broderie, couture, calligraphie, lettres imprimées Les textes sont de Henri Michaux.

Milliande Videos Art Tutorials for Mixed Media Art, Free Art Classes Online. Learning to Truly Love our Gay Son… You'd be Surprised. Enjoying a happy ending smoke, I suppose.

You'd be Surprised.

I joked, “If herpes was a color, it’d be that orangey-pink.” But my friend stayed quiet in the drivers seat. Stupidly, I kept talking, sharing my disgust for the scene outside my window, “You’ve gotta be some kind of desperate to pay for sex. Who does that, anyway? What kind of guy uses a hooker?!” “You’d be surprised…” is all he said. And I assumed he was talking about the mayor of San Francisco…or Kevin Bacon, or something. Ash Wednesday: The Hands that Hold the Ashes « The Painted Prayerbook.

Image: Blessing the Dust © Jan Richardson Readings for Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; Psalm 51:1-17; 2 Corinthians 5:20b – 6:10; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 (For the Ash Wednesday 2015 post, click Ash Wednesday: The Terrible, Marvelous Dust.) My husband’s ashes are in the keeping of my brother. Scott is holding onto them until the day I can bear to gather them up and release them. On that day, we will bury Gary’s ashes on the farm that has been in the Richardson family for more than a century; the farm where, on a bright spring day so recently, Gary and I were married.

Hermien Van Der Merwe. Fine Artist. Prophet of bloom. Fine Mess Pottery. Handmade Pottery Inspired by Nature. Robin Luciano Beaty. Art and design. An Attitude of Gratitude. New Challenge for July. Dear Bloggers and Friends, well, it looked a bit like the hot temperatures (and then maybe the terrible floodings) during the first half of June kept a lot of you away from their workdesks, since we only got few entries for our monthly challenge then (we already wondered if we chose a theme that wasn't up to your taste at all).

But then the second half of June has shown us that you are all still with us - THANK YOU all so much for the marvelous projects you have once more entered to our June challenge! You can guess that it will be hard to select the TOP 3 (as usual;) - which will be anounced within a week. So this month's challenge theme wants you to. Midori TN Free Inserts. In july 2013 I discovered the Midori style travelers notebook. I immediately fell in love with the ease and flexibility of the system and as I was on the lookout for a way to organize myself and declutter my mind, I figured I would give it a go. I made a trial version using scrap leather and sizes derived from my own file folder booklets and then, of course, I was hooked. It's a great system and so very versatile. Next I made some versions from an old suitcase.

A thrift store find, no longer fit for travel, but just right for a travelers notebook. My Handbound Books - Bookbinding Blog: November 2007. Yes and Amen Blog: j.j. (jesu, juva) J.J. Paint Spin Knit: August Workshop with India Flint. The afternoon of our third day with India brought us to the construction of our Wanderbooks. It was very quiet indeed as everyone pieced together the fruits of their labors over the course of the workshop.

Double Dutch Design Visual Journal. Dj pettitt - gentle whispering hues. Oak fragments — lotta helleberg. Little Birdie Blessings. Tread gently on the earth. Blog — Ecouture Textiles. Leslie Marsh. 365 Gratitude.