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World Health

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Global health governance – the next political revolution. Global Health - Global Health Security - Why It Matters. Disease Threats Can Spread Faster and More Unpredictably Than Ever Before People are traveling more.

Global Health - Global Health Security - Why It Matters

Food and medical product supply chains stretch across the globe. Biological threats (such as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV) and drug-resistant illnesses pose a growing danger to people everywhere, whether diseases are naturally occurring, intentionally produced, or the result of a laboratory accident. Data Center - Population, Health, and Society. Global Health Facts. Public health practitioner. Public health practitioners can have a huge influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and populations.

Public health practitioner

Working life The term “public health practitioner” is used to describe about 10,000 members of the core public health workforce who work in various areas of public health, including health improvement, health protection, and health and wellbeing. Although they work in different areas, what public health practitioners have in common is the level of public health skill and knowledge that they possess. Public health practitioners work in many places and in many specialty areas of public health. They may support healthy lifestyle programmes, for example helping individuals and groups to stop smoking and take more exercise.