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Funny: Smart tips to make life easier. Lockout. Spinners3_clone - animaclock - StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. Mitch Hedberg. Mitch Hedberg (24 February 1968 – 30 March 2005) was an American stand-up comedian known for his odd subject matter, subdued delivery and memorable routines that often consisted of a string of one-line non sequiturs.

Mitch Hedberg

Sourced[edit] Strategic Grill Locations[edit] I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for the doughnut. I don't need a receipt for the doughnut. I'll just give you the money, and you give me the doughnut, end of transaction. Mitch All Together (2003)[edit] Squareeater - binaural audio and brainwave entrainment for the psychedelic mind - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Philosophy Timeline - StumbleUpon. Incredible one man Orchestra: Downtown Spokane Street Musician - Frequency - StumbleUpon. Awesome Husband Verbally Destroys Protesters for Harassing his Wife. Gingerbread Kama Sutra - StumbleUpon. Man With 4th Amendment Written On His Chest Sues The TSA.

Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon. Cano Cristales - Crystal River.

Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon

River of five colors, as the locals call it, originates in the south of the mountain chain Macarena, Colombia, and flows eastward to its confluence with the Guayabero river. In the Cano Cristales found five colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. All of them are waste product of many algae and, depending on time of year, color saturation, or weakened or strengthened. Share on Tumblr. - StumbleUpon. 40 Belief-Shaking Remarks From a Ruthless Nonconformist. If there’s one thing Friedrich Nietzsche did well, it’s obliterate feel-good beliefs people have about themselves. He has been criticized for being a misanthrope, a subvert, a cynic and a pessimist, but I think these assessments are off the mark. I believe he only wanted human beings to be more honest with themselves. - StumbleUpon.

How to Read Body Language to Reveal the Underlying Truth in Almost Any Situation - StumbleUpon. Kinja is in read-only mode.

How to Read Body Language to Reveal the Underlying Truth in Almost Any Situation - StumbleUpon

We are working to restore service. It's a holistic thing. If you see someone displaying several of these they might be lying. Just leaning away might be about comfort, but leaning away, looking away and giving too many details might indicate dishonesty. Maybe you find crossing your arms comfortable because it's a protective stance. Flagged Yeah I guess it's easier to claim we all fit into specific boxes and that if someone has there arms crossed they are protecting themselves from something or other.

Holistic as in a whole picture. This has already been discredited in the past so maybe you shouldn't fall for everything you read and be a little skeptical of this type of profiling. The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet. - StumbleUpon. I went to see tUnE-yArDs on Monday night with some friends, and as always we wanted to cook a meal that somehow related to the show we were heading to.

- StumbleUpon

Sometimes this is hard to do, but other times it seems to come naturally. Finding culinary inspiration in Merrill's lyrics seemed like it would be tough, but my sister knew what she wanted to make without hesitation. "How about something layered, because of all the vocal and instrument layering in the music? " From there we worked together to come up with this deep, colorful, and multi-flavored lasagna version of a timpano. If you are using words like deep, colorful, and multi-flavored to describe something inspired by tUnE-yArDs, you already know you got it right! Start by making a lasagna crust. Finally got it together. Now it's easy, just start building the layers! Alfredo sauce with some salami goes first.

After 3 alfredo layers, I switched to pesto. A cheese only layer, just for fun. Tomato sauce is last. All sealed up. Make your own Hitler video - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Makeup 101- Basic Makeup Techniques & Makeup Geek - Tips, Video Tutorials, Reviews, & More! - StumbleUpon. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries These cheesecake stuffed strawberries are the perfect dessert treat!

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Can I just say that I have died and gone to heaven. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries….how have I not made these before?! I’m serious. They are amazing! Making up the filling was a breeze too. Nude girls random facts - GPS devices are required to automatically shut down if the device detects itself moving faster than 1200 mph at an altitude of higher than 60,000 feet. This is to prevent it from being used to guide a missile. Explanation: How Brain Training Can Make You Significantly Smarter. Simen Johan - StumbleUpon.

BD Music News - [OMFG] A Trees Age Rings Converted Into Music Sounds Like A Horror Score. A different way to build a house: Adding secret passages and hidden rooms to a house - The Blogs at HowStuffWorks - StumbleUpon. By Marshall Brain | March 25, 2010 How cool would it be to have a secret passage or a secret room in your house?

A different way to build a house: Adding secret passages and hidden rooms to a house - The Blogs at HowStuffWorks - StumbleUpon

This video shows you several different options: There are several ways for you to do something like this: 1) Design in the passageway or the room when building a new house 2) Find a void in your existing house and convert it (many existing homes have voids under staircases, next to fireplaces, etc.) 3) Create a room or passage by adding a new wall 4) Hide an existing room by replacing its existing door with a disguised door, like a bookcase.

DIY is one option. 1) Example – the rotating fireplace: 2) 3) 4)


Cooking. Awesome. Consume. Philosophy. DIY Geneaology. 5 Great African Reggae CDs. Reggae music, though born in Jamaica, is deeply African in ancestry.

5 Great African Reggae CDs

From the thumping backbeat to the Rastafarian Panafrican-themed lyrics, the roots are clear. Thus, it's no real surprise that reggae is widely popular in African countries, nor that Africa has produced some of reggae's greatest musicians. Here, from the well-known to the obscure, are five African reggae CDs that would make an excellent addition to any music lover's collection.

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