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Keep You, a doctor who fanfic. Title: Keep You Summary: And this was how it was going to be for the Doctor and the Master.

Keep You, a doctor who fanfic

It hurt, but the Doctor didn't really mind. He needed to be controlled as much as the Master needed to be in control. Author's Note: I wrote this on a bus today. Quite pleased with it. The man in the mirror was crying. The Doctor took a deep steadying breath and the man in the mirror breathed with him. It scared him even more because he knew he was simply looking at his own reflection. Suddenly, he flinched when he felt strong arms snake around his waist.

They were words of possession and ownership, not so much love and kindness and the Doctor knew that but he somehow felt he needed that. It was more than just for selfish reasons that the Doctor stayed though. And that's what he had done. Quietly, the Doctor opened his eyes and stared into the mirror that his reflection now shared.

The Master laughed slightly but it was bitter and mirthless. "What do you mean? " And that's how it was going to be. Forever, a doctor who fanfic. Opening the door to the TARDIS I felt a sigh of relief come over me.

Forever, a doctor who fanfic

I had been traveling with the Doctor for three years now and I was living my life to the fullest. "Rose, could you come in here please! " the Doctor's voice echoed through the lonely halls of the TARDIS. "Yeah I'll be right there! But Doctor? " Bad Girl, a doctor who fanfic. Blink To The Future. 10 Terrifying Images Of Daleks Invading London.

New "Doctor Who" Trailer And Posters Hint At Clara's Identity. 7 Year Olds Doctor Who Fan Art Is As Cute As You'd Expect. Jenna Gives A Spoiler For "The Name Of The Doctor" Strangers in the Night, a doctor who fanfic. "Did it hurt?

Strangers in the Night, a doctor who fanfic

" a warm voice inquired. "Excuse me? " Clara laughed, glancing sidewise at the incredibly handsome man who'd just sat down beside her. "When you fell from heaven. " Clara slapped a hand over her mouth, trying in vain to stifle her giggles. "Sorry. "You've no idea," Clara replied, taking a sip of the local equivalent of a Shirley Temple that the Doctor had procured for her, and wondering where on Earth (or off it, in this case) he'd gotten to. The handsome stranger gave her a look that stopped just shy of being a leer. The Mind of Death, a doctor who fanfic. The Mind of Death by AstroGirl The Master's laughter echoed through the halls of the Gallifreyan Capitol as his TARDIS vanished from the planet.

The Mind of Death, a doctor who fanfic

It was true that he had not gained what he'd hoped, but he'd still made fools of them all, escaping from under their noses again. And it would only be a matter of time before he achieved his ultimate success: an escape from death itself. Appliance Violence, a doctor who fanfic. Author's Note: I wrote this fic about 8 years ago during the 8th Doctor series.

Appliance Violence, a doctor who fanfic

It's a silly little fic focused on Rose/Nine banter (they had brilliant banter). Appliance Violence "Huh. Softly, Quietly, Desperately, a doctor who fanfic. Cataclysmic Chapter 2, a doctor who fanfic. Doctor who and the chavs, a doctor who fanfic. Dr who and the chavs The Doctor is walking down a street when he spots a bunch of chavs hanging around.

Doctor who and the chavs, a doctor who fanfic

Doctor:Excuse me,but do you know where the local cafe is? Chav-1:woz zat yo said to me? Doctor;do you know where the cafe is? Chav-1:i ain't teling you where no cafe is,now sling ya hook. chav-2:yeah sling ya hook. Funny Dr who stories Chapter 24: Educating daleks, a doctor who fanfic. Educating Daleks The Daleks were all sat in a classroom type area and they were waiting for the Supreme Dalek to come along an educated them on world domination because these were only trainee Daleks.

funny Dr who stories Chapter 24: Educating daleks, a doctor who fanfic

Half an hour had passed when a gold and silver Dalek came rolling in. "I AM SOR-RY TO SAY THAT THE SU-PREME DA-LEK CAN-NOT MAKE IT TO-DAY BE-CAUSE HE HAS TRAGICALLY BEEN DES-TROYED SO SAY HEL-LO TO YOUR NEW TEAC-HER". Doctor Who - Crackpot Theory: Is Clara Oswald actually Romana IV?! Been a while.

Doctor Who - Crackpot Theory: Is Clara Oswald actually Romana IV?!

What with these sporadic mid-series breaks in the show (don’t get me started), DOCTOR WHO news has been slow to leak out. However, we have had two; count ‘em, two episodes which feature (versions) of the new companion Clara Oswald (played exquisitely by Jenna Louise-Coleman). The first of which was in the Series 7 opener ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS, in which she was the disembodied consciousness of someone who was once called Oswin Oswald (whom had once worked aboard a starship) and had since been mutated and turned into a Dalek…but had no idea what she is and had been placed in the Asylum’s (by presumably the Dalek high Command) “Intensive Care” unit, where the Daleks who survived great battles reside, weaponless.

Doctor Who Hilarious Stuff Chapter 5: The 10 Invasion, a doctor who fanfic. Hello Everyone!

Doctor Who Hilarious Stuff Chapter 5: The 10 Invasion, a doctor who fanfic

Here is Chapter 4 inspired by my older brother: Otokage, and it is also dedicated to him! Here it is Chapter 4! If a movie theater were ever filled with zombies then these secret agents would kill them there own ways. James Bond: Go total Commando on them! Holding Jellybabies Hostage, a doctor who fanfic. He had faced many monsters.

Holding Jellybabies Hostage, a doctor who fanfic

Looked them straight on the eye or eyes, sometimes just their noses. And every time, he responded in the same way: "Would you like a jellybaby? " He would say, flicking part of his ridiculous scarf over his shoulder and thrusting a white paper bag in the beast's general direction. The Stereotypeinator, a doctor who fanfic. DISCLAIMER: I wanted it for Christmas, but I got a remote control dalek instead. Talk about being cheap! ;) This is what happens when I see all the angst/drama/badfic out there. Sorry, folks, but if you are going to write fanfiction, be serious about it.

Don't act like it is something you can throw around. Play That Funky Music White Boy, a doctor who fanfic. Title: Play That Funky Music White Boy Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel Summary: The Doctor finds himself sharing a cell with the Master. It goes downhill from there. Setting: After Series Three sometime, ignoring Series Four. Author notes: Very mild slash warning. The Sound of Novelty Songs, a doctor who fanfic. The Master smirked at the Doctor as he sat strapped into the chair in his torture room. He had managed to ambush him and spirit him away to his hideout before Rose or Jack could do anything to save him.

Now his greatest enemy was at his mercy and he had just the thing to drive him insane forever. "You won't get away with this, Master. " The Doctor snarled as he tried to fight the restraints. "How do you know? Don't Pass the Salt, a doctor who fanfic. Title: Don't Pass the SaltRating: PG (for Captain Jack Harkness-ness)Characters: Nine, Jack, Rose near the endSpoilers: NoneAuthor's notes: Written for someone and my journal who asked for Nine and Jack in a holding cell, bickering. So, I therefore present: Nine and Jack in a holding cell, bickering. "What did I say before we left the TARDIS? " The Doctor snapped at Jack as the door to their prison cell was slammed shut. "Go to the bathroom now because we're not stopping? " Jack guessed. Pranks, a doctor who fanfic.

A/N: Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who, I think I would order a fluff only episode with lots and lots and lots of dancing penguins play kazooz and didgeridoos dressed in tutus. Wow, that rhymed. Another weird fluffy funny random oneshot fic. Includes Jack. Just pretend he wandered in randomly after the Doctor regenerated. Wouldn't we all love that:D The Doctor was grinning manically to himself, bounding majestically down the corridor to the TARDIS kitchen with hands dug deep in pockets, whilst whistling a happy tune, mainly about daisies.

He skipped in through the already open door, acknowledging the half-asleep Rose sitting at the kitchen table with a half-sketched wave, before immediately bouncing over to the fridge and wrenching open the door. The Tardis Arcade, a doctor who fanfic. Hello everyone! Dalek_Who here saying… Summer is here! Angels Chapter 4: Authurs note, a Doctor Who + NCIS Crossover fanfic. Upside Down Chapter Two — The Dinner, a Doctor Who + Supernatural Crossover fanfic. — The Dinner — Hermione Jean Pond Song Time Lady Chapter 5: Quick AN PLEASE DONT KILL ME!, a Doctor Who + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic. Chapter 5 (Idea from Mrs. Doom of the Daleks Chapter 3: Apology, a Doctor Who + Invader Zim Crossover fanfic. Raping Granger, a Doctor Who + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic. Hermione fled through the corridors, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her dress fluttering rapidly, her bracelets and necklace jittering. Cousins?, a StarTrek: The Original Series + Doctor Who Crossover fanfic. The Sherlock Complex Chapter 24, a Doctor Who + Sherlock Crossover fanfic. Chapter 24 Sherlock whipped his whole body around at the sound of Amy's voice, he was utterly and completely baffled and the expression on his face showed it, "What the hell are you doing here?

The Time Lady of Hogwarts Chapter 6, a Doctor Who + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic. Well...Um, I'm back? *Ducks to avoid various projectiles* Sorry for the wait. Rose and The Doctor's Kinky Desires, a doctor who fanfic. Rose dimmed the lights of the Tardis and removed her clothing.She approached the Doctor in a seductive manner, and pushed him onto a chair. From there, she straddled him, then pressed her bare breasts onto him, still fully clothed in his suit. The Doctor winked, then slowly withdrew his Sonic Screwdriver. Goodbye Brigadier, a doctor who fanfic. RIP Nicholas Courtney. This one is for you, sir.

The Only One Mad Enough, a doctor who fanfic. You're late. You have been late. You will be late. The Doctor's Secret Chapter 3, a doctor who fanfic. Just as Amy was about to call out for him again, she was stopped by a hand, holding a cloth over her mouth. She struggled, but only to maintain the impression that she was a scared, isolated little girl for him to manipulate, there was no way she wanted to get free from the doctors harsh, hard grasp. The Doctor's Secret Chapter 1: The note, a doctor who fanfic. It Takes Danger To Realize Love, a doctor who fanfic. Pregnant Chapter 2: Acceptance, a doctor who fanfic. Little Ballerina, a doctor who fanfic. Psychiatrist Number Five, a doctor who fanfic. 10 Obscure Facts You Never Knew. The Day I Met The Doctor, a doctor who fanfic. Blushing and Biscuits Chapter 5, a doctor who fanfic.

[mirrored] Futurama - Doctor Who. Doctor Who - Cast & Crew Special - Tennant's Wrap Party. Doctor Who On Family Guy (Complete) Simpsons Daleks. Excellent OC Stories. Pregnant, a doctor who fanfic. Science Fiction - Who? doctor who fanfic Who? about Clara. Clara Oswin Oswald Fan Club (Doctor Who) I've Stopped Waiting, Raggedy Man, a doctor who fanfic. Drumbeats Chapter 5: Missing, a doctor who fanfic. Of Buses and Birmingham, a doctor who fanfic. Dilemma of a Doctor Who Addict, a doctor who fanfic. [Doctor Who] Ten/Amy. What if Clara was Jack's daughter? Chapter 2: The Bell's of St Johns, a doctor who fanfic.

The Portrait Room, a doctor who fanfic. Don't be alone, Doctor. *AU* (Clara + Ponds + Eleven) [MVT - R2] Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten - Cant Get along without you. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Filming. Tension, a doctor who fanfic. Time Has Gone By Chapter 5, a doctor who fanfic. Doctor Who Digital Shorts. Complications of Takeout, a doctor who fanfic. The Wedding of Rose Marion Tyler Chapter 13: All Hell Breaks Loose, a doctor who fanfic. Every Star, Every Planet, a doctor who fanfic. Fezzes, a doctor who fanfic. Doctor Who Fan Fiction. How Beatles Music Came to be Appreciated in the Alpha Centauri System. The Captain's Daughter Chapter 5, a doctor who fanfic. Amazing in Red, a doctor who fanfic. A Blast From The Past, a doctor who fanfic. Revelation in Red, a doctor who fanfic. Can I Have It?, a doctor who fanfic. Can You Top This?, a doctor who fanfic.

Dig Deep For Victory! (The High Explosives Mix), a doctor who fanfic. Immortal Beloved: a Jack/Ten Friendship and slash archive. Boy Love: A Trio of ElevenRory Slash Fics Chapter 1: The Kiss of A Madman, a doctor who fanfic. Random JackDoctor slash, a doctor who fanfic. He's Always There Chapter 7: Ace, a doctor who fanfic. Doctor/Donna 'Waking Up in Vegas' Doctor Who: The Master (Every Incarnation Of The Master 1963 - 2010) The Doctor's Confession, a doctor who fanfic. Old Girlfriends 3: Romana Chapter 1: Coffee Klatch, a doctor who fanfic. Ace of Diamonds Chapter 9, a doctor who fanfic. Written in the stars rose/10th doctor. Doctor Who: Regeneration (All The Doctor's Regenerations 1963 - 2010) Memories, a doctor who fanfic. Before The Truth Has A Chance To Put Its Pants On, a doctor who fanfic.

The Power Of Threesome, a doctor who fanfic. Dominus, a doctor who fanfic. Confutatis Maledictis, a doctor who fanfic. De Profundis, a doctor who fanfic. A Muppet and a Madman, a doctor who fanfic. Doctor Who (1963) - Original Theme music video. Theta and Koschei. Doctor Who - Ten - Quirky moments. You Know You're a Fan Of Doctor Who When....