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Doctor Who Scarf

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1642706949.jpg (326×500) 1480625_10152058240639647_1521115030_n.jpg (576×960) Costume : l’écharpe du 4ème Docteur. • Introduction L’écharpe ridiculement longue du Quatrième Docteur est l’un des éléments les plus emblématique de la série, après le TARDIS et le tournevis sonique.

Costume : l’écharpe du 4ème Docteur

Bien que porté uniquement par Tom Baker, cette écharpe sera sans cesse utilisée dans la culture pop, elle apparaîtras notamment sur toute les illustrations des romans édité en français par Garancière, alors même que sur les 8 romans seules 3 font intervenir le 4ème Docteur. De plus, elle réapparaîtra dans la nouvelle série au cou du personnage d’Osgood dans « The Day of the Doctor/Le jour du Docteur ». • Historique de l’écharpe Symbole emblématique du Quatrième Docteur, la longue écharpe multicolore a traversé les années dans l’imaginaire anglais au point de devenir un véritable mythe.

Vieux fans en parlent avec une nostalgie non-dissimulée… Mais revenons plutôt sur sa création et ses modifications tout au long des sept saisons de la période Tom Baker. Après avoir été raccourcie, elle est approuvée par l’équipe technique. Yarn Forward - Crochet Hook Conversion Chart. "Doctor Who" Scarf Patterns. The best way to get colors you like is to pick a photograph of the Doctor that includes all seven colors in the scarf and use it to compare.

"Doctor Who" Scarf Patterns

The later scarf (18th Season) is made of less colors and is in a different pattern. Don't take these patterns as gospel, however. The first scarf was made because somebody kept sending yarn to a knitter and she thought they wanted a long scarf. Any arrangement of colors and blocks can work, it is safe to be creative. 16 mustard Cast off The tassels are made from 1 foot lengths of wool. The original scarf was probably sport weight wool, but DK/light worsted and worsted will work, too.

"Worsted" is really a misnomer that yarn manufacturers often use to label the weight of the yarn, but all it really means is that the fibers were combed before being spun. The weight of so-called worsted actually varies quite a bit between brands. There is no reason to alter the pattern unless you knit rather loosely, quite tightly or want to use heavier yarn. If you must, choose the worsted or the aran pattern. These are calculated to the most common gauges suggested on the labels of manufacturers. The original scarf measured approximately 12 feet (blocked, not including tassels) for its screen debut. A stunt/duplicate version of the scarf was also created that was later used as the primary scarf and ultimately became half of the super-long scarf starting in Season 16. More about this will be added to the knitting tips section, but for now a little advice.

TO SLIP OR NOT TO SLIP? Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf Knit Patterns in Various Yarns. Originally knitted by Begonia Pope, this scarf was seen in its uncut state in only two episodes: Robot and The Sontaran Experiment.

Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf Knit Patterns in Various Yarns

These are my choices for yarns for this scarf. They are listed according to my personal preference in closeness of color match and weight to the original. Feel free to go to my ‘Color Matching’ page, get the color chips and find your own yarns. These patterns are subject to change as I find out more about the scarves and as yarn availability and colors change. Season Twelve in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Season Twelve in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted Season Twelve in Cascade 220 (worsted weight) Season Twelve in Stylecraft Special DK Plymouth Encore Worsted Season Twelve in Vanna’s Choice (aran weight) Text only versions of the above patterns (no graphics, in black and white only) Doctor Who S12 scarf finis. One down!

Doctor Who S12 scarf finis

Here are pics. Finished size was 7" wide. The length I measured yesterday was about 134". However, I didn't get down there (because I'd never get up again! LOL) and smooth out the wrinkles in it. My sofa seating area in the picture below is about 72". With all that in mind, I would suggest using an H hook rather than an I and yarn that supports that hook. As noted in previous posts, this is a Season 12 scarf, crocheted, using the inch counts at as best I could. The yarns I used were based on his suggestions and ended up being: Purple = Vanna’s Choice Burgundy Camel = I Love This Yarn light taupe Mustard = Bernat Waverly Gypsy Gold Rust = I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta Grey = Vanna’s Choice Taupe Greenish Brown = Bernat Waverly Bark Bronze = Vanna’s Choice Toffee The yarns were not exactly the same thickness, but they were all close enough not to be a bother.

My gauge was 13 sc and 16 rows = 4". I used less than 1 full skein of each color for the 7" width. Happy crocheting! Écharpe du quatrième docteur par TheDoctorWhoKnits.