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Resources — Level Up!

Resources — Level Up!

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Photoshoplr A premium Photoshop plugin, that generates random relevant titles, leads, texts, dates and usernames. Currently supports English, Ukrainian and Russian text generation for three thematic categories: Technology, Economics and Politics. Relevant text generation Compositing in Photoshop Compositing in Photoshop Compositing Time Lapse - my work: © Gaetano Giordano introductionImportance of Observation PointChoosing images or shooting in the cameraColor temperature and white balanceUnderstand and emphasize the lightsPaint light and shadowBlending elements Introduction

Custom Color-Palettes from Images Creating Custom Color-Palettes From ImagesA Tutorial on How-To Convert Colors from Images to Custom Photoshop Swatches ConceptsOne of the first things I want to go over is nomenclature: Photoshop has a series of floating UIs, with different tools and attributes - Layers, Brushes, and yes, Swatches. In Photoshop they are called... you guest it, “Palettes,” so let’s not get confused. I will refer to a collection of color-swatches - those small squares of color as in the image above, as a color-Palette. So: How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation The idea behind this work was to create a fantasy world. You will learn how to work with a few images and create a really interesting photo manipulation. I would also like to thank Loredana for working with me on this one. Below is the image you will create in this tutorial.You can view the final image preview below or view a larger version here.

Digital Brushes “Just wanted to share some photoshop brush stuff. I hadn’t seen this anywhere, so I thought I’d post it. For those who don’t like to read, there’s a link to two brushes at the bottom :) I personally like painting with opacity set to pen pressure OFF and FLOW set to pen pressure most of the time. I like that it’s more direct, that the color is either right or wrong and I figure it out quickly without having to build opacity. Painting Perfect Skin Painting skin is one of the hardest tasks faced by every photorealistic painter, due to the number of factors that make up a final effect – colour choices, blending techniques, special brush usage and custom texturing are all equally important to achieve a truly realistic effect. It’s also crucial to remember that different types of skin require a different approach and therefore a different combination of these elements. A delicate porcelain skin tone will require a similar technique to the transparent skin typical for babies, but will drastically differ to darker skin rendition methods.

Step to Painting a Girl by Johannes Helgeson – ARTBREW ARTBREW Johannes is occasionally asked how he paint from imagination, and he has sometimes given demos to friends. He figure he had indulge and try to explain for everyone. Beware, text and pictures ahead! This process is designed for a reasonably fast and predictable result. It’s aimed at beginners who are familiar with photoshop primarily, but might be beneficial for more advanced users as well. It’s meant for painting from one’s own imagination, and he had reached this process through years of experiments and advice from more senior artists (Adam Fordand Sam Nielson have outlined similar approaches in the past).

Words of wisdom Some good advice by Gregory Manchess: 1. Draw Now.