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"We are entering a new era of paranoiac warfare in which the greatest task will be to identify the enemy and his weapons." --Slavoj Žižek

In Search of a Lexicon for the Deep Core - Dark Mountain. The words the bread the child who reaches for the truths beyond the door the yearning to begin again together animals keen inside the parliament of the world the people in the room the people in the street the people hold everything dear –Gareth Evans ( title poem for Hold Everything Dear: Dispatches on Survival and Resistance by John Berger)

In Search of a Lexicon for the Deep Core - Dark Mountain

On Diwan: a Wind (banzufalemusycei.blogspot) Liquid Sky. “What connection can there possibly be between UFOs and heroin?”

Liquid Sky

Asks a character in Slava Tsukerman’s cult classic from 1982, Liquid Sky. It’s not really a question I pondered myself during my own years of addiction, but apparently enough people find it intriguing to attend screening after screening, in many countries, wearing makeup and outfits in homage to the specific style of the film, for the last 31 years. Before attending Friday’s screening at the BAM, I had a long talk with the director at his Manhattan apartment, where part of the movie was filmed back in those dark and distant 80’s.

A detail that struck me is that apparently it’s not just the hip and fashionable who enjoy Liquid Sky. Slava Tsukerman told me that during the August Putsch of 1991, when Gorbachev was held prisoner by KGB guards in the resort of Foros, in the Crimea, he was allowed to make an ‘entertainment’ order for himself and his wife Raisa. The plot, which deserves a quick re-telling, is unique. Thank You! S P Q R (1) (via @smallbeerpress via @KellyLink) "The art looks as if disasters have passed through it, but it also looks as if it had survived those disasters and as if the strewn pieces of it could be assembled into something quite superior.

S P Q R (1)

" --R A Lafferty Haraway and Jarmusch on my mind. What does it mean, all these mythical places, except that we have none--and our fragmentary epics furnish them? (R'lyeh.) Soft blue radiance. A future. Nota bene. Quotations of G.K. Chesterton. Another acronym. The 39th Root of 92. Blue Ruin: Totality and Acceleration. Bleak is the new red. Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. The shock of the anthropocene. In 2003 the Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the term solastalgia to mean a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change”.

the shock of the anthropocene

Albrecht was studying the effects of long-term drought and large-scale mining activity on communities in New South Wales, when he realised that no word existed to describe the unhappiness of people whose landscapes were being transformed about them by forces beyond their control. He proposed his new term to describe this distinctive kind of homesickness. The "Future" of "Poetry" [Joyelle gave this talk as part of a panel on "The Future of Poetry" at the Minnesota Book Festival this past fall.]

The "Future" of "Poetry"

The “Future” of “Poetry” 1. Becoming a mother made me a goth. Becoming a mother, and nearly dying in the process, and wondering for 10 months if the body inside me is alive or dead, and, concomitantly, if I would also kill myself if I learned it was dead, then holding it and realizing what a very minor and insubstantial gate a six pound infant is onto some kind of Hades—well, it rendered life on earth a kind of Hades.

A kind of vista on death. Desecration phrasebook. The Gauss Christmath Special. Ghost cities. Print Text smaller Text bigger Why is China constructing large, well-designed “ghost cities” that are completely devoid of people?

ghost cities

Now, the BBC reports a giant new Chinese-built city has been spotted in Africa in the outskirts of Angola’s capital Luanda. The city, Nova Cidade de Kilamba, was designed to hold up to a half million people and features 750 eight-story apartment buildings, 12 schools and more than 100 retail units, according to the report. State-owned China International Trust and Investment Corporation reportedly took less than three years to build the city at a cost of $3.5 billion. It covers 12,355 acres. BBC former Angola correspondent Louise Redvers reported that they discovered that the city’s buildings are completely empty. The empty cities aren’t only in Africa. Google image of China's empty roads. Sad satan. By Hannah Barton on October 25th, 2015.

3/18 "A student of game design and development at London South Bank University spent over six months crafting a dissertation on Sad Satan." – graywyvern
sad satan

Artists of #CassiniDiskus. 'I possess a dignity and a power founded on ignorance and credulity; I walk on the heads of men who lie prostrate at my feet; if they should rise and look me in the face, I am lost; I must bind them to the ground, therefore, with iron chains.

artists of #CassiniDiskus

Thus have reasoned the men whom centuries of bigotry have made powerful. They have other powerful men beneath them, and these have still others, who all enrich themselves with the spoils of the poor, grow fat on their blood, and laugh at their stupidity. Cassini periodical cicadas. The name Cassini periodical cicadas is used to group two closely related species of periodical cicadas: Magicicada cassini (Fisher, 1851), and Magicicada tredecassini (Alexander and Moore, 1962), a species essentially identical except for its 13-year lifecycle.

Cassini periodical cicadas

The 17-year species is not called Magicicada septencassini because it was named prior to the 1962 paper. The cassini males' courting behavior is unusual because large groups of cassini males may sing and fly together in synchrony: that is, bursts of sound, as thousands of males sing in unison, alternate with silence, as clouds of flying cicadas leave perches in unison, seeking a new perch before the next ensemble song.

Description[edit] All Magicicada species have a black dorsal thorax with red eyes and orange wing veins.[1] Cassini periodical cicadas are smaller than decim periodical cicadas. The abdomen is black except for occasional faint orange-yellow marks on the ventral surface seen in some location. Habitat[edit] The Language of Vampyr. A reply to: Brotherman You misunderstood my question.

While we're at it, this is ASL for 'vampire': – graywyvern

I did not ask "why" it is conveyed via sound, I asked if you could interpret it, which you can not.

The Language of Vampyr

You always say that you repeat yourself, but mostly what I see you repeating is that you've figured it all out and that you're sick of repeating yourself. Been doing that since, what, page 17, right? Interesting given your signature line.