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Keto Chicken Yakitori Recipe. Oven Fried Keto Chicken Nuggets (Low Carb, Nut Free, Gluten Free) This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links.

Oven Fried Keto Chicken Nuggets (Low Carb, Nut Free, Gluten Free)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Oven Fried Keto Chicken Nuggets (Low Carb, Nut Free, Gluten Free) Паштет утиный. Куриный рулет. Chicken and zucchini shish kabobs. Turkey Meatloaf. Healthy turkey meatloaf stuffed with feta cheese and spinach and drizzled with a tangy cucumber dill sauce.

Turkey Meatloaf

It’s a delicious keto meal the whole family will love. And it’s remarkably easy to make. A nice light comfort food meal. Okay, you caught me. This turkey meatloaf recipe is not a new one. It’s easy and flavorful, and much lighter than traditional beef based meatloaf recipes. Bonus points that it’s stuffed with delicious feta cheese. When I think of comfort food, I don’t necessarily think of meatloaf. And yet, I love meatloaf and every time I have it, I wonder why I don’t have it more often. It gets a bit of a bad rap because everyone has had bad, dry, flavourless meatloaf at some point, but it shouldn’t be relegated to “only choke down under grandma’s watchful gaze” pile.

Turkey Meatloaf Inspiration A few weeks ago, my husband and I were kicking around ideas for dinner. We wanted something easy to put together, and the idea of a greek-inspired meatloaf just came to me. Ingredients. Chicken Nuggets (Baked or fried) Follow, Like, Share!

Chicken Nuggets (Baked or fried)

3K+Save By the looks of it alone, you might think that this crunch and tasty recipe is packed full of carbs, but you’d be wrong! This simple recipe adds unexpected flavor and tons of crunch that plain ole breaded chicken nuggets just simply can’t deliver. Whether you are eating keto or not this recipe will delight, because it is delicious! If you have been cooking keto for a while, you have probably come across some fried recipes that utilize pork rinds as the “breading”, and it is such a nifty substitution that it might even make the recipe better than the traditional one. Usually when you are looking at a recipe that has either a pan fried or a baked alternative you would feel inclined to think that the baked method would produce a more soggy result.

Ease of Preparation: Easy Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cooking Time: 10 Minutes Fried / 35-40 Minutes Baked Total Time: 20-50 Minutes Ingredients: Buttery Chili Lime Chicken Wings. Garlic Parmesan Wings. Can I confess how much I love these garlic parmesan wings?

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Truly crispy oven baked wings in a buttery garlic parmesan sauce. This low carb recipe will have you licking your fingers and asking for more. Get my trick for crispy oven baked chicken every time. Instructional video included. Why yes, I do already have a keto garlic parmesan wings recipe here on the blog. For one, my photography has vastly improved in the intervening 5 years from the time I published the original wing recipe. And finally, I had previously used some pre-packaged herb pastes which, while delicious, didn’t really make an already easy recipe any easier. Chicken Lazone. Chicken Tenders. Made these last night.

Chicken Tenders

They came out glorious. This is a quick and easy, baked, Keto Chicken Tenders recipe you can use as your go-to low carb breading. The breading sticks to the chicken and forms a solid outer shell, perfect for dipping or covering in buffalo sauce. Chicken Tenders. Chicken Tenders. Buffalo Wings. Share Have you been searching for the best keto buffalo wings?

Buffalo Wings

Well, here they are! Approximately 1 net carb in the whole batch if you use Franks, (the carb is for the garlic). Before going keto, I used to order buffalo wings at every restaurant I went to. Now I’m lucky if half the time they’re not breaded and that the other half of the time, they aren’t coming from the freezer pre-breaded. Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas. Chicken Enchilada. Follow, Like, Share!

Chicken Enchilada

4K+Save The other day I was thinking about what kind of Mexican style food I could make that would not only LOOK the part, but taste satisfying too. The idea hit me that if I melted cheese to JUST the right consistency I could roll it around some stuffing to make an Enchilada type of dish. Usually when it comes to traditional enchiladas I prefer cheese enchiladas with red sauce, but I thought that stuffing Cheese with Cheese might be overkill.

(Feel free to knock yourself out though if you want to try that cheese inception). I usually buy my Rotisserie Chickens from the store, and strip all of the meat off of them for various recipes, but you can feel free to use an air fryer to make your own bone-in Chicken Breast or Roasted Chicken if you want to. My wife and I both think that this dish not only satisfies all of our cravings for enchiladas, but it probably also tasted even better than the real thing. Ease of Preparation: Moderate.