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The French eating habits the world should learn from. The French eat together, that's one thing we could learn from.

The French eating habits the world should learn from

Photo: AFP Apart from dunking croissants in coffee and eating every part of an animal's anatomy the French have some positive eating habits that everyone could learn from. Despite the invasion of American fast food chains and a youth culture that is more open to Anglo influences, the traditional French eating habits still live on, even though many have predicted their downfall.

France is still a country where eating is seen as pleasure rather than just giving the body what it needs to get through the day. Earthquake shakes the south east of France. An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 4.4 made the earth move in the south east of France on Friday morning.

Earthquake shakes the south east of France

Although it was minor, experts say a big one is due to hit the region. No, you weren’t dreaming. If you were in the south east of France, you may have felt the earth shake for a few moments on Friday morning. The earthquake measured 4.4 in magnitude according to France’s Central Office of Seismology, which wasn’t significant enough to cause any major damage. "I was going to work when I heard a kind of thud, followed by shaking. It was followed by several minor aftershocks. The epicentre of the tremor was near the town of Barcelonette, but the minor quake was felt as far away as Nice, around 100km away.

France to Lift Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood. PARIS — will lift a ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men starting next year, officials announced on Wednesday, joining a growing list of countries that have loosened or scrapped such restrictions, which many see as outdated vestiges of the 1980s crisis.

France to Lift Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood

“Giving one’s blood is an act of generosity and of civic responsibility that cannot be conditioned by sexual orientation,” the health minister, Marisol Touraine, said in a statement. “While respecting the absolute security of patients, it is a taboo, a discrimination that is being lifted today.” Ms. French president visits Athens as Greece seeks debt relief.

By DEREK GATOPOULOS, Associated Press ATHENS, Greece (AP) — French President Francois Hollande called Thursday for talks relieving Greece's crushing debt load and spurring investment, measures that could help the country recover as it imposes harsh austerity measures demanded by international creditors.

French president visits Athens as Greece seeks debt relief

"I am aware of all the efforts that the Greek people have had to undertake, and all the reforms that have been carried out for years — and voted on in recent months," Hollande said during a meeting with Greek President Procopis Pavlopoulos, at the start of a two-day visit to Athens. "And more will be required to achieve success. But I have also said that negotiations on the debt must be the next step. " After an expected dip back into recession this year, Greece's debt is expected to rise above 190 percent of its annual GDP in 2016. Greece's radical left-led government has laid on heavy security measures for the visit, mobilizing 2,500 police and blocking off parts of the city center.

France announces tighter security in Calais, more shelter for migrants. Calais (France) (AFP) - France's interior minister on Wednesday reinforced security in the port city of Calais and said women and children would be given heated tents as migrants and refugees in a makeshift camp face the bitter cold.

France announces tighter security in Calais, more shelter for migrants

The so-called "New Jungle" camp, which is around an hour away on foot from the centre of the northern French city, has swelled in size over recent months as more and more migrants arrive, wanting to cross over to Britain. Some 6,000 people are now camped out there in cold temperatures, and as winter approaches, aid groups fear that conditions in the area will deteriorate further. Bernard Cazeneuve, who visited Calais for the seventh time as the migrant crisis shows no sign of abating, said more police would be deployed in the area and that a centre that houses women and children would offer 400 places by the end of the year from the current 200. Commodity MarketsPolitics & Government.

France train hero stabbed outside US bar. One of the US servicemen hailed as a hero for tackling a gunman on a French train in August is in a serious condition after being stabbed outside a bar in California.

France train hero stabbed outside US bar

Spencer Stone, 23, was with friends early on Thursday when he was involved in a fight and stabbed multiple times in the upper body, Sacramento police says. The hospital's medical director, Dr J Douglas Kirk, says Stone has undergone surgery for three stab wounds and is expected to make a full recovery, ABC News reports. Police say they believe the stabbing was not a terrorist attack, instead characterising it as a "nightlife-related incident" that may have begun in a nearby nightclub.

Surveillance video posted to social media by police appears to show the stabbing during a fight with several men who police identified as "persons of interest" and asked for public help to find them. Garbage collector strike ends. Air France would not comment.

garbage collector strike ends

The government, which owns 17 percent of Air France, backs the restructuring plan and was embarrassed by the images of shirtless Air France executives circulating on social media and front pages. Politicians left and right condemned the violence, and unions joined in. Economy minister Macron told CNN that the incident "is not about France. It's about stupid people, and they will be condemned for that. " Macron is trying to loosen France's famously stringent labor protections , hoping that will encourage companies to hire and reduce 10 percent unemployment.

In a separate labor dispute that left Paris streets crowded with overflowing trash cans, city officials and waste workers' unions reached an agreement Thursday night, ending a four-day strike. France launches new air strike in Syria against IS: minister. PARIS (Reuters) - France launched a new air strike overnight in Syria against an Islamic State training camp and further strikes will follow, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Friday.

France launches new air strike in Syria against IS: minister

"France hit Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria last night in Raqqa... It is not the first time, nor will it be the last time," Le Drian said on Europe 1 radio. "French Rafale jets delivered bombs on this training camp and the targets were met," he added. "We struck because we know that in Syria, particularly around Raqqa, there are training camps for foreign fighters whose mission is not fight Daesh on the Levant but to come to France, in Europe to carry out attacks," he said.