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Ma’s stew chicken with coconut rice and peas. Carrot And Coriander Soup Recipe. Salmon traybake with soy and sesame dressing recipe. Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe. Middle Eastern-style brussels sprout salad. Turkey, sprout and stuffing pasties. Moroccan shish sesame skewers - delicious. magazine. Frisinsal - delicious. magazine. Double-baked old winchester soufflés - delicious. magazine. Cabbage and potato cakes with poached eggs - delicious. magazine. Chilli cheesy courgette chips.

Quick Thai yellow fish curry. Light Thai green curry recipe. Mushroom and chickpea ragoût. Cheese & spinach penne with walnut crumble recipe. Lamb fricassée. Antonio Carluccio’s caponata Siciliana (Sicilian vegetable stew) Riander and pomegranate lamb cutlets with jersey royals. Pork chops baked in chorizo and black olive tomato sauce. Breaded pork chops. Vegetable antipasti. Vietnamese-style chicken salad.

Easy noodle soup. Peri-peri roast chicken. Prawn, fennel and tomato pilaf with feta, parsley and mint. Chicken Fajitas Recipe. Pork chops baked in chorizo and black olive tomato sauce. Lebanese kofte. Roasted pepper, aubergine and sweet potato with garlic and sumac yogurt. Tomato, olive and mozzarella rice. Chicken and Paprika Goulash Recipe. Stuffed chicken breasts with stir-fried kale and hazelnuts. Clams With Chorizo And Beer - olive magazine. Eggs benedict – video. Psari a la spetsiota (Greek-style fish) Lamb kofta curry. Smoky bean and sweet potato tortillas with lime-pickled onions.

Fried kale with black bean chilli and guacamole. Vegetable curry with lime rice. Minty yogurt lamb with nutty couscous. BBQ chicken pizza recipe. Butterflied leg of lamb with samphire and lentils - delicious. magazine. Turkish lentils with chicken and carrots - delicious. magazine. Roast leg of lamb stuffed with herbs, macadamia nuts and lemon. Crispy crushed potatoes with fennel and garlic - delicious. magazine. Tomato, caramelised onion and mascarpone tart - delicious. magazine. Sali boti (Parsi braised lamb) Spinach, tomato, prawn and salmon curry. Tagliatelle with grilled chicken & tomatoes recipe.

African chicken, sweet potato and peanut curry recipe - olive. Slow cooker chilli con carne. Conut spiced prawns with crisp rice triangles. Chorizo and scrambled eggs. Jersey royal, smoked cheddar and spring onion cakes. Beer mac 'n' cheese. Puff pastry tart with smoked bacon, onion and potato. Potato, cabbage and sausage soup recipe. Adding potato to soups makes them creamy and wonderful INGREDIENTS 3 tbsp oil 400g/14oz high-quality Italian sausages, skins removed 1 onion, finely chopped 1 head of fennel, finely chopped 2 sticks of celery, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 tbsp fennel seeds 500g/1lb floury potatoes, peeled and finely chopped 800ml/1 ¼ fl oz hot chicken stock ½ savoy cabbage, core discarded, finely shredded 200ml/7oz double cream METHOD Heat the oil in a large, heavy saucepan and once hot, add the sausages, breaking them up into small bits with your spoon.

Potato, cabbage and sausage soup recipe

Fry for a few moments until they just begin to colour, then remove half and put to one side for a moment. Tangy turkey sloppy joes with celeriac slaw recipe. Coriander Chicken Thighs with Miso-Glazed Root Vegetables recipe. Chicken schnitzel open sandwiches. Thai sea bass recipe. Herby chicken thighs with pea and mushroom lentils. Pomegranate chicken with giant couscous salad. Roasted aubergines with buttermilk dressing and jewelled Persian rice. Quick Thai red prawn curry.

Beetroot falafel, dukkah and mint salad. Smoky bacon & leek risotto. Quick steak fajitas with pickled red onions. Roast grape & goat’s cheese toasts. Broad bean and pea toasts  Spicy leek and white bean stew. Spicy Merguez And Cod Tray Roast - olivemagazine. The only 4 spaghetti recipes you'll ever need. Spaghetti four ways These spaghettis are not just convenient, quick and easy dishes; they can also be seductively brilliant, a perfect example of how a dish can be so much more than a sum of its parts.

The only 4 spaghetti recipes you'll ever need

Each recipe makes enough for six. With the exception of the cacio e pepe, allow 1 litre of water to every 100g of pasta, and add a teaspoon of salt per litre of water. The quantity of pasta we seem to have settled on these days is around 70g per person, but anywhere between 70g and 100g is about right for these spaghettis, depending on how hungry you are and if you are eating anything else to follow. 1 Aglio, olio e peperoncino (garlic, oil and chilli) Don’t be scared to add three, four or five sliced cloves of garlic per person, and don’t be shy with the chilli either; I would use a Scotch bonnet, seeds and all, but how hot you make it is up to you. You need around 200ml of good extra virgin olive oil, but start with a little of it, cold, in the pan. 2 Carbonara. Rocket pesto-filled mushrooms with Camembert. Ginger Chicken Stir Fry Recipe. Squid with romesco sauce.

Veggie pea, herb and chickpea burgers. Escalopes of salmon with sorrel sauce. Sausage & bean casserole recipe. Leek, potato and gorgonzola tart. Seared steak with lentils and veg. Rice and Kale with Burrata and Beetroot Salad Recipe - olive magazine. Roasted beetroot tart with thyme, olives and Parmesan recipe. Meanwhile, slice the beetroots into ½cm-thick rounds.

Roasted beetroot tart with thyme, olives and Parmesan recipe

Place in a bowl with the garlic, thyme and bay and season well. Add a few generous glugs of oil and mix well with your hands. Cover a baking tray in foil and lightly oil. Spread out the beetroot in an even layer, then add a few splashes of water, then place in the oven for 10 minutes until just cooked.

Place the beetroot leaves in a pan with a few splashes of water, cover with a lid and cook over a medium heat until wilted, then scoop out and leave to cool and drain on kitchen paper. Remove the pastry from the fridge and on a lightly dusted surface, roll it out to a thickness of ½cm – the edges can be quite rough. Special kedgeree. A Tuscan menu of easy pasta and creamy chicken from Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi.

Light chicken korma. Pancetta and rocket pizza. Tortellini In A Leek And Herb Broth - olive. Leek and ham hock gratin with rösti topping. Quick and easy spiced fish finger sandwich. Egg and Cheese Breakfast Bagel - olive magazine. Spinach and onion tortilla. Easy fish pie. Lamb kofte tagine. Two-potato, pancetta and parmesan hash. Classic moussaka. What to cook for dinner tonight: Aubergine Curry - The i newspaper online iNews. Ginger chicken dumpling soup recipe - olive. Easy oven-baked bacon, pea and watercress risotto. Kashmiri paneer masala in a tomato, ginger & fennel gravy.