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Flithy Rich Dream Wish List. One day if when I have entirely way too much money, after many generous donations to needy animals, here are some of the things I shall splurge on… Lazy river inside the house?

Flithy Rich Dream Wish List

Um, absolutely. Source. The boy with the lightning tattoo. People who are struck by lightning are sometimes left with tattoo-like markings called Lichtenberg figures or lightning flowers.

The boy with the lightning tattoo

Natural Relief for Upset Stomachs. Caraway This popular cooking spice native to Europe and western Asia has been used to treat gastrointestinal issues since as early as 1500 BC. Recent studies have shown that when taken with peppermint, as much as 95 percent of people suffering from dyspepsia experienced improvement in symptoms. MORE: The Science of Digestion. Top 10 Drugs and their Effects. Crime Drug abuse is a very common problem in most countries so it seemed like a good topic for a list.

Top 10 Drugs and their Effects

This is a list of ten of the most abused drugs and the effects they have on people. Your source of daily updated funny pictures and gifs. - StumbleUpon. Mind-Blowing Story: "Talking to God…". I met god the other day.

Mind-Blowing Story: "Talking to God…"

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell did you know it was god? Well, I’ll explain as we go along, but basically he convinced me by having all, and I do mean ALL, the answers. Have You Ever Been This Tired? 13 Things About Your Childhood You Never Realized That Will Blow Your Mind - StumbleUpon. Some paradoxes - an anthology - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Heading text[edit] The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) is a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help people better understand themselves and others.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

It was first introduced in the book Please Understand Me. It is one of the most widely used personality assessments in the world, and its user base consists of major employers including Bank of America, Allstate, the U.S. Air Force, IBM, 7-Eleven, Safeco, AT&T, and Coca-Cola.[1] The KTS is closely associated with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); however, there are significant practical and theoretical differences between the two personality questionnaires and their associated different descriptions.

Four temperaments[edit] David Keirsey expanded on the ancient study of temperament by Hippocrates and Plato. Creativity tied to mental illness - StumbleUpon. Irrelevance can make you mad By William J.

Creativity tied to mental illness - StumbleUpon

Cromie Harvard News Office Ignoring what seems irrelevant to your immediate needs may be good for your mental health but bad for creativity. Focusing on every sight, sound, and thought that enters your mind can drive a person crazy. It interferes with an animal's hunt for something to eat, or a busy person's efforts to sleep. - StumbleUpon. Dmitriy Samohin Tattoo Artist. Dmitriy Samohin April 18, 2011 | Posted by admin in Featured Artist - 75 Comments Dmitriy Samohin is from Odesa, Odes’Ka Oblast’, Ukraine.

Dmitriy Samohin Tattoo Artist

The amount of detail and artistic skill that is put into each piece is truly extraordinary. If you like his work as much as we do, please share below. Check out his Facebook page to see more of his work. French Tattoo Artist. Xoïl Tattoos January 16, 2012 | Posted by admin in Featured Artist - 16 Comments.

French Tattoo Artist

Best. Technical College. Ad. Ever. How To Make Rage Faces on Facebook Chat. Miss Centsible - StumbleUpon. LincolnFacebook.jpg from Monoface - StumbleUpon. The 6 Most Incredible Real World Beast Masters. Disney movies make hanging out with wild animals look like a walk in a fun, happy, completely predator-free park.

The 6 Most Incredible Real World Beast Masters

But in the real world, being around untamed wildlife isn't so much about carefree singing and dancing and monkeyshinin' as it is about running and screaming. Then coming back later to clean up the poop trail you inevitably left behind. Newest Items to make your life easier. Funny Pictures & Videos - StumbleUpon. The Worlds Smallest Chameleon Fits on a Fingertip. #tattoofriday - Tattoos & Tentacles.

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches For Kids and Adults. Be a healthy hero: Pack a daily lunch for yourself and your children.

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches For Kids and Adults

Not only will you give your diet a big nutrition boost, you’ll save money too. We’ve got ten expert-approved, easy-to-pack lunch ideas—five for kids, and five for adults—to get you started. College Baseball Rain Delay Jousting Video. Kid Parallel Parks from That Happened! - StumbleUpon. How Quantum Suicide Works&. ­­A man sits down before a gun, which is pointed at his head.

This is no ordinary gun; i­t's rigged to a machine that measures the spin of a quantum particle. Each time the trigger is pulled, the spin of the quantum particle -- or quark -- is measured. Depending on the measurement, the gun will either fire, or it won't. If the quantum particle is measured as spinning in a clockwise motion, the gun will fire.

13 Strange Highs from Around the World. Maybe it’s pessimistic, but when it comes to what people will do to exit their sober minds, I’m rarely surprised. Getting high is an ancient practice for humans, and it will always have a presence in society. At the height of desperation, there simply are no boundaries to the pursuit of inebriation. - Pondering the Big Questions - StumbleUpon. Points to ponder - StumbleUpon. LSD Inventor's Remarkable Letter to Steve Jobs. When Apple’s late guru, Steve Jobs, said in 2005 that "doing LSD was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life," he caught the attention of another guru and inventor who lived 6,000 miles away in Switzerland.

What Marijuana Leaves In Your Lungs. Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer Video - Video - StumbleUpon. Mufasa dat ass. Popular.