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How To Make Rage Faces on Facebook Chat

How To Make Rage Faces on Facebook Chat

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How to Totally Troll someones Computer [pic] Email If you have ever wanted to carry out the ultimate practical joke using someone’s computer as your tool then this guide on how to troll a persons computer is something that you must read. For more hints, tips, news and all things technology and geek related please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our feed. [via - neatoroma] Photographer Martin Klimas Paints Like Pollock With Sound How do you paint with sound? It’s a good question and the answer comes from German photographer Martin Klimas. He starts by putting different colored paint on top of a speaker over some translucent material, then cranks up the volume. The vibrations of the speaker shoot the paint into the air creating beautiful patterns and sculptural forms, and Klimas snaps them with his camera while in flight. We’re used to seeing audiovisual collaborations, like those explored by Quayola and Jamie XX, but they’re usually animated using computer software, whereas this is a much more analogue affair. Miles Davis – “Pharaoh’s Dance”

The Best Of The Forever Alone Meme We’ve all had moments where we’ve pondered if we are fated to go through the duration of life on Earth accompanied only by our shadow. Sad, sure. But it seems really funny when it involves someone else. [CAPTIONS] EFF you Monday Tagged as: 99 problems, blunt and weed costume, canadian protesters, darth vader, english fail, funny text, how an imac is born, nordic women, plastic surgery, text prank, yellow traffic light Warning: Missing argument 1 for BaseDD::BaseDD(), called in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-manual.php on line 123 and defined in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-class.php on line 97 Warning: Missing argument 2 for BaseDD::BaseDD(), called in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-manual.php on line 123 and defined in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-class.php on line 97 Warning: Missing argument 3 for BaseDD::BaseDD(), called in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-manual.php on line 123 and defined in /home/content/83/8164383/html/wp-content/plugins/digg-digg/include/dd-class.php on line 97

Building Blog Cob Fireplace Inspiration... Read more... New building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPVs blend almost seamlessly with traditional roofing materials. Read more... Amusing, but kind of weird quotes... A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother. What is a committee? A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary. -- Richard Harkness, The New York Times, 1960 An Amazing Tattoo Artist – Peter Aurisch Peter Aurisch, a tattoo artist based out of Berlin, Germany, creates amazing one of a kind works of art that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Each piece mirrors Peter’s signature style, merging a whimsical aesthetic with an overall edgy and visually enticing demeanor. His tattoos are exploding with creativity, as he intermingles a vast array of subjects and figures into his works, somehow they all come together to create an overall brilliant cohesive design. Want to see more? Be sure to check out his Facebook page to view his extensive collection.

Photo &A Splash of Rose& by Anthony Chang - StumbleUpon Now THIS is the reason why I bought that glass rose! This photo is actually going to be used for one of my assignments at school, but you know I would have done this either way because its such a cool idea hahaha. Now this is something I'm really happy about, I like the way it turned out, though just like a lot of things this ain't an original idea, I'm not that creative hahaha. This is my atempt at a photo someone else did on Flickr. I saw it a few days ago while looking for a good example for my assignment and knew I had to try it out myself.

The Internets Best Photo Captions! Vol.9 - 46 Photos Photos are made 100% more hilarious with an appropriate caption. When there is something so hilarious that exists in the world, there is only one thing to do, and that’s make a gallery with it. More hilarity after the click… National Geographic photographer’s unbelievable encounter with vicious predator in Antarctica (VIDEO) by Dan Havlik posted Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 5:29 PM EDT We've posted quite a few amazing underwater photography videos here before but this story might be the most unbelievable yet. Rowing in a lake of milk: Artist uses miniature models to recreate everyday life in food scenes By Tom Goodenough Published: 08:44 GMT, 19 May 2012 | Updated: 11:43 GMT, 19 May 2012 It is not worth crying over spilt milk, goes the old expression. But for one artist, milk being spilt presents a unique opportunity, as these stunning photographs show. And the tiny figurines depicted rowing carefully across the lake of milk seem to be making the most of the chance for some leisure time. Setting sail: the new series by Christopher Boffoli depicts miniature-sized figures in a number of imaginative scenes

bedtime paradox A couple of things today! One, a sort of un-announcement? I never really announced that I would be at the Calgary Expo cus I was never sure if I could make it!

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