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Ain’t nobody gunna break his stride. ( TikTok: Christhecockatoo ) Living my best life one massage at a time. □❤️□❤️□ #massagetherapy #weekendvibes #outdoordining @humorandanimals. I think it's obvious who won this battle (waterfrontgoldens IG) When you realise you have forgotten something but food is king.□ OMG they are so sweet! □ Why won't this catto play with me ? (tobiathegolden IG) I think everyone's goal in life should be to be as happy as this lab at the playground (viralhog)

Rudy goes to doggy school every day on a bus and he loves it (jukin copyright management) Third time is a charm □□ □: gaemungchi (IG) #mydogiscutest. This is toli, it's his birthday so he got to pick out a new toy (mikecantu7 IG) Playful □ The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs between 800 and 1,200 pounds. So cute. Blue-footed booby steps around and shows its unique feet.□□ Powerful much! □ Baby goats just can’t contain their happiness □ Full professors sitting in the first row of every seminar in history.

After more than 500 days at the shelter, Joey finally found his forever home (Niagara County SPCA via viralhog) Look at all these people here to see me (rockydagolden IG) We all have a friend like that. Woah □ □ I think mom's hand broke (nala_the_needy_rottie IG)


Adélie penguins tobogganing on the sea ice. Pool party □□ Look at his ears. Play time. I just thought everyone would need this right now. Cuteness overload. Who wants to hold me? □: arrowwoodretrievers (IG) #mydogiscutest. Cows are underrated! Meet little joey. Joey likes to rock around on the grooming table. (TikTok: Marinemammalrescue ) ❤️ Dear USA & Canada, Delighted to announce we’ve teamed up with @countrymanpress to get ‘Olive, Mabel & Me’ there. You can pre-order it here AND it will be in all dog-loving bookshops. As well as some who might not care for them at all. But they're. This is what happiness looks like (petersage007 IG) He's like, come on what's taking so long (viralhog) Every morning, gordon waits for his girls to get on the school bus safely (jukin copyright management)

Adorable □ Thank you □ Sometimes it’s best just to ignore all the news and lose yourself in Mabel snoring. The horse is like "Ay hooman We need some help over here". Abandoned pup spent his youth on the streets, this was his first night home. he's the bestest boy ❤ (ae21m IG) This cute little spaghetti squirrel popping up to say ‘hello'.

Spa Day□❤️ □ Sugar Glider flying right at you! Guess which dog has never seen the ocean (jukin copyright management) This is Mira. That’s her workout for the year. Happy you recorded it so she can improve her form next time. 14/10. We all have that one clingy friend (kelly_bove IG) There are two types of dogs in this world (Rachel Boudreau FB) LOVE. Germany: Dogs must be walked twice a day under new rule. The German agriculture minister has announced she will introduce a controversial new law that will require dog owners to walk their canine friends at least twice a day, for a total of at least one hour.

Germany: Dogs must be walked twice a day under new rule

The rules would also forbid owners from tying up dogs for long periods of time or leaving them alone all day. Around one in five German homes has a dog; over 9 million dogs are kept as pets in the country. "Pets are not cuddly toys — and their needs have to be considered," Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said Monday. She said her ministry was acting in accordance with "new scientific research about dogs' needs. " Read more: Puppy love: Canine loyalty, friendship and status explored in new exhibition 10 dog breeds that originated in GermanyGreat DaneNo, not Danish. 10 dog breeds that originated in GermanyGerman shepherdA dog named "Horand von Grafrath" is the pretentious first entry in the Breed Registry of the Club of German Shepherds in 1899.

Omg, they are so cute❤️ After a day of doing absolutely nothing □ Do it again ! do it again ! (pennyandboo1 IG) Omg, they are so cute❤️ I wanna pet kitty too □ "It's a whale dismantling building site". □☠□ The National Museum of Ireland is preparing for a unique challenge - dismantling two large whale skeletons suspended from the ceiling of the 'Dead Zoo' in Dublin. Golden retriever spotted, purposely laying in the middle of the sidewalk to get pets from strangers. very strategic (fridaygolden/sassthx IG) There are two ways to eat a carrot☝️ Burtie "Bouncing Baby" Boots!

(SOUND ON) just a good boy waiting for a snack (imgur) Cat prank □ This dog is friends with a crow and it's like a real life pixar movie (viralhog) When you forget your best friend in the car (otto_noah_goldenretriever IG) (ottonoahgoldenretriever : tiktok) There are two types of dogs in this world (Rachel Boudreau FB) We are coming. He made it □□□ Looks like our Oxford Forest pigs (also known as Oxford Sandy and Blacks) have found a way to keep cool on this sweltering day! □☀️□ Thank you for sharing this with us Andrew. This is caroline, she has found a way to put use to the spare baby bed (viralhog) □ Bobcat performs a beautiful jump!□□ □ An unlikely friendship □□ Get out of my way Doggo!!!□⁣

I’ll help you out little human.. ☺️□□ Albatross dance battle □️ Anybody home? Retriever level : expert (jukin copyright management) Amazing climbers. Slow feed bowl offers enrichment and learning for your dog (viralhog) Oh to be a stretchy bunny getting kisses. Capybaras often appreciate a good scratch.