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Berkley The Bear Cub Loves To Play In Puddles, Flowers At Discovery Wildlife Park. Ah, to be young again.

Berkley The Bear Cub Loves To Play In Puddles, Flowers At Discovery Wildlife Park

Berkley the bear cub, who calls Innisfail, Alta.'s Discovery Wildlife Park home, is clearly making the most of her childhood if recent videos taken by park staff are any indication. A video released on the park's Facebook page last week shows the adorable baby dancing and splashing in a fresh mud puddle. This bear clearly loves water. In another video, she is overjoyed to be playing in the spray of a garden hose. And how about these flowers? What a great way to start the weekend! Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Also on HuffPost: Close Jason Bantle. 15 Adorable Photos That Prove Seals Are Basically The Puppies Of The Ocean. The border collie my dog some times looked at me like this... Red Pandas playing in the snow via Beautiful Amazing World SO adorable! Pinterest. Deer, Animals and Babies. Eyes, Seals and Sweet. Emotional Touch - Cats And Their Mini-Mes ♥ Facebook - Log In or Sign Up.

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Elephant Calmly Asks For Help After Living With Infected Bullet Lodged In Skull. TOO BIG FOR HIS BOOTS!!! Baby elephant charges car and throws tantrum, attacks trees & kicks up dust. Naughty Baby Elephant is Disciplined by Entire Herd! Too cute. This baby elephant is trying to cross the stream. Baby elephant throwing a tantrum. Angry baby Elephant practice to attack tourist car. Listen to the herd trumpeting. Adorable Elephant Charges Tourists...Then Chickens Out. Facebook. Wildlife Videos. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Wildography - Polar mum emerges from den with cubs after... Koko the Gorilla with Robin Williams.mp4. Metaspoon. This Military Dance-Off Is How The Border Between India And Pakistan Is Closed Every Evening. Dachshund Steals Toy from Black Lab. When This Baby Elephant Slips And Falls Onto His Back, His Mother's Reaction Is So Sweet. Facebook - Log In or Sign Up. Twitter.

33 Organizing small things ideas. 25 Home improvement ideas #2. Lily the Black Bear - Journal. Facebook - Log In or Sign Up. Facebook - Log In or Sign Up. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Rupno. Facebook. Craig Harnum - God Bless Fort Mac this picture is worth a... INSIDER - Tubing in the Hawaiian wilderness. Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial.

I did this project in my home (over concrete, no stain) and I am BEEEEEEEE-YOND excited with the outcome.

Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all of the people before me who did this and took the time to share what they learned. They were my supporters and encouragers and didn’t even know it. This has changed my whole outlook on my home, and yeah…carpet! If you ever have to pull up your own carpet, you’ll never put down more again. I join Jami on that carpet soap-box. Where to begin? Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Panda cub's adorable move with keeper will make your day. Huffingtonpost. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Bear, Lion And Tiger Brothers Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years (6 Pics) Twitter. Twitter. FX Networks. Pure Nature - On a scale of 1-10, how beautiful is this...

Facebook. Crowds Sing John Lennon's 'Imagine' in Brussels Following Attacks - Inside Edition. Hundreds of people gathered on the streets of Brussels in an act of solidarity to condemn the terror attacks that happened at the city’s airport earlier in the day by singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Crowds Sing John Lennon's 'Imagine' in Brussels Following Attacks - Inside Edition

Read: Adele Condemns Brussels Attackers: 'We're Better Than Them F***ers' The attacks, which killed 30 and wounded over 200, brought the city to a standstill. As the sunset on Tuesday to bring the dark day to a close, citizens gathered in the streets to light candles and sing Lennon’s hit. University of Leuven, Belgium’s oldest institute of higher learning, let their cathedral bells chime to “Imagine” as well. Read: Read: Brussels' Defiant Residents Cover Sidewalks With Chalk Messages as Tributes Pour In Citizens in the streets of the country’s capital wrote in chalk on the pavement to send messages of love and denounce hate.

Watch: Madonna Honors Victims of Paris Massacre By Singing 'Imagine' In the Streets. Facebook. Facebook. The Toronto Zoo - Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Tumbles in the Snow! Twitter. Twitter. Kinda spooky. Lily the Black Bear, Hope and Faith - Faith Adventures - May 10, 2011. Moments in Lily the Black Bear's life. Tim Kopra (@astro_tim) Storm clouds from above at #sunset . @Space_Station.

News about #YearInSpace. Twitter. Twitter. Devils Punchbowl Falls located along Arthur's Pass in New Zealand. Facebook.