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Travel. Retriever. Shopping. Wellbeing. Covid Info. Art and Music. Craft. Sent. Sent II. Sent III. Sent IV. Sent V. Sent VI. Sent VII. Heck, Why you copy me? Sound on.□□□□ Every dog owner would relate □❤ Digging out #StormARWEN. Smart puppy...□□□□ This..□ Sound on. Sometimes you have to do your own thing. □□□ Gentle giant.. □ They found the entrance to another world.. Dude, they're right there...□□□□

I would be happy too if someone put a giant Gyros in my yard. □□□ Marilyn Monrowl...□□□ Mom just put her foot down...□□□ “Why are you so far away?” Squeak and I will come to you. This made me smile.. Great share by @Yoda4ever □ Attack mode on. □□□□ I could watch this all day □□ The only sensible way to go down stairs. □□□ Roomba kidnapping a cat.. □ Honey, I shrunk the dog...□□□□ I'd pay to go watch these guys...□□□ Bodyguard.. Busted...□□‍♂️□□ Best friends.. □ Sleepy.. □ □□□□□ Good Morning from the Golden Retriever Channel. This kid shows us how to be a puppy and marching band all at once. Takes lots of audacity and adorableness. Have a great weekend. (The_moose_page IG) #Dogs #cutenessoverload. She only had one job… □□ The first kiss.. □ That little face.. □ Sorry, but this made me laugh.. “Stop copying me!” □❤️□ Mood.. □ The pup loves making the kids laugh. □□□

Not all heroes wear a cape.. Thank you! □ □ TT: mc.pic. Winner by 1st round knockout...□□□ Shower time! □□ It’s like a Slinky! □□□ Perseverance... Baby elephant having fun.. □ Nice shot. □□□□ Happybara.. I can’t even walk up and down the stairs without tripping. □□□□ Golden Retriever got his priorities straight.. □ New buddies...□□□□ Showing an old friend the sights...□□ Betcha didn’t know how satisfying it is to see elephants smashing massive pumpkins □ □ He just wants a higher education… □□ Well now what am I supposed to do...□□□‍♂️□ Come on...we're going for a walk. □□ Good Morning from the Golden Retriever Channel. "KIDS!! Your Mom asked me to pupper sit. I'm Uncle FRED□ She'll be back." (Via Goldenpupstory IG) #dogs #cutenessoverload #holyheck #GoodMorningTwitterWorld.

Please be asleep...please be asleep...please be asleep. □□□ And that's how you make a puppy burrito...□□□□□ Don't mind me, just gonna squeeze in here. Thank you twitterworld □ □ □ □ for your Rts, follows and likes □ □ □ □□□good night and sweet dreams □ □□□□□□ Take care and stay safe Please □ Who said that? □□□□ Hey bro....see anything? □□□ I told you...don't bother me while I'm taking a nap. □□□□ Did someone say...treat? □□□ The name is Bark...James Bark. □□ Pup really wants his toy to come out and play with him...□□ Watch this pittie become the best big brother...twice □ Thank you twitterworld □ □□□for your Rts, follows and likes □ □ □ □□□good night and sweet dreams □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Take care and stay safe Please □ Our fren Finley gets an ice pop from his Mom. Treat's that beat the heat in the waning days of summer. (□Fondly_Finley / IG) #Dogs #Icecream #Treatos #Cutenessoverload.

Doggo meets froggo. A face off or dance off? You be the judge (Daddyofdogs via Doglover_s IG) #dogs #cutenessOVERLOAD. Instant tail wag when he smells the puppy ... !!□ ( hollydoran_ Shopping this afternoon. If each member of the family carries a bag home, it lightens the load. I can do that (Samtawaba IG) #Dogs #shopping #Goodboy. He passed the vibe check with flying colours. (TikTok: yudithbazadua05 ) Nice try. That’s a mop. This is what happens when you bring an rc car to the dog park (jukin media) Are floofy tails propellers in hiding? What is you view? (Goldenretrieverhub IG) #Dogs #Dogcelebration #Cute.

Elixir for a ruff week... Watch□ #smilesoon #dogs (molsonandmaple TT) Good Morning from the Golden Retriever Channel. The kids are lounging after breakfast but one knows Friday. Playtime! Weekend is near.. (Mcintire_mountain_goldens IG]) #dogs #cute. □□ Video by: @ pearlsragdolls. Need to cool off and catch a drink of water? This is the recliner model personal fountain. (Bz_Goldenretrievers IG) #dogs #cutenessoverload #hydrate. That's water. Must do a fierce chomp to get some. Chomp... whoa flying chomp.... licks work too□□□ (BeaufortandBoone/ IG) #Dogs #Goodboy #Cutenessoverload. Good Evening from the Golden Retriever Channel. He wants hugs from Mum. Then bedtime Snoozles□□□□ (via Goldenretrieverrock IG) #GoodNightTwitterWorld #dogs #cutenessoverload.

Dumbo enters #Weekendsmiles #grc. Thank you twitterworld□□□□ for your Rts, follows and likes□□□□□□ Good night and sweet dreams□□□□□□□□ Take care and stay safe Please □ □□ Tucker has a new fren. It's his son, Todd. Time for pix: Sit,,,,, Sit!!...... really SIT ..... SITSITSIT! Hmm.. this isn't working. Tucker -have any advice? Treats... (Tuckerbudzyn IG) #Dogs #puppies #Cuteanimals. Good Morning from the Golden Retriever Channel. An AM frolick is always starts the day off right. On Sunday- even better (Waterfrontgoldens IG) #dogs #puppies #cute #Sundayvibes. Good morning my beautiful friends!□□ credit □winnielovesjack/IG.

Good Morning from the Golden Retriever Channel. Watch this boy as he launches off the runway for puppers into his backyard. Its going to be a beautiful day (Chief_the_yellow_lab IG) #Dogs #Cutenessoverload.