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What Could I Possibly Learn From a Mentor Half My Age? Plenty. Photo How on earth did I become an “older worker?”

What Could I Possibly Learn From a Mentor Half My Age? Plenty

It was only a few years ago, it seems, that I set out to climb the ladder in my chosen field. That field happens to be journalism, but it shares many attributes with countless other workplaces. For instance, back when I was one of the youngest people in the room, I was helped by experienced elders who taught me the ropes. Now, shockingly, I’m one of the elders. Wait, isn’t that backward? Not at all. I sought a mentor to help me develop a specific new skill — and something entirely outside my comfort zone — namely, how to use Snapchat, the smartphone-based photo and video service that is popular among teenagers and young adults.

I didn’t need to look far to find my mentor: Last year The Times’s resident Snapchat expert, Talya Minsberg, 27, moved into a cubicle just a few rows from mine. “My job didn’t exist five years ago,” Talya pointed out. National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. Case Studies in International Affairs – Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University. Essay on how to be a good faculty mentor to junior professors. "Transformative," "career-changing" and "life-altering.

Essay on how to be a good faculty mentor to junior professors

" I’m curious: Are these words that tenure-track faculty members in your department use to describe the mentoring they receive? Well that’s how people frequently describe our faculty mentoring programs. I’m not saying that to brag, but by taking a fundamentally different approach than most campus programs, the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity has become the largest faculty development center in the U.S. Fall 2016 FLC Modules. “Justice and Peacebuilding are at the heart of what CRS does”.

Fall 2016 FLC Modules

CRS University, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and the Catholic Peacebuilding Network have forged a dynamic partnership this fall to develop a comprehensive selection of academically rigorous course modules for the CRS Faculty Learning Commons program. Software that Supports Multilingual Dialogue.

If you are reading this, chances are, you understand English.

Software that Supports Multilingual Dialogue

Do we realize how much of our online interactions are in English, and how much we are missing of who and what lives on the internet that is not speaking/writing English? I had a recent interaction on Twitter with Juan Domingo Farnos (@Juandoming) and a few other people, in which Juan responded to all of our English tweets in Spanish, and Twitter on my phone had a quick translate link (this uses Bing). This conversation was a little slower than my routine Twitter interactions, obviously, because you can’t just scroll through your stream smoothly; but I was actually able to have a conversation over something like 3 days. There were instances where the translations made no sense and I would have to ask for clarification or try Google translate (yes, it provides different translations from Bing) or even try to read the thing myself, hoping that my moderate knowledge of French might help me understand the Spanish or detect typos.

Oer project - OER finding aids. DYSON COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Showcase Your Faculty Achievements Online Thank you for being part of this exciting initiative to showcase Dyson faculty achievements online using Digital Measures.


The key benefits of this new program are: Digital Measures Has Been Preloaded with Banner Information To make it easier, the software has be preloaded with some of your information. These areas you will not be able to update in Digital Measures. To update your contact information: You can update your own online faculty profile You can showcase your scholarly accomplishments for the world (and especially prospective students) to see on the Dyson website You can generate detailed information related to your teaching, scholarship/research and service/curriculum vitae, etc. Learn How to Update Your Profile: Digital Measures. Home - CampsGuides - Beta Videos - CampusGuides Home at St. John's University. Community Site. Adventures in higher education. 2015 Top 10 IT Issues Resources. St. John's University. BioDigital Human: Anatomy and Health Conditions in Interactive 3D.

Science Education > General Laboratory Techniques. QuIRK. Association of American Colleges & Universities. A Brief Overview Excerpt from High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter, by George D.

Association of American Colleges & Universities

Kuh (AAC&U, 2008) Chart of High-Impact Practices (pdf) High-Impact Educational Practices: A Brief Overview. ProfHacker. [This is a guest post by Stephanie Kingsley.


She holds a Master's in English literature from the University of Virginia, where she specialized in 19th-century American literature and textual studies. Beyond Mapping: Compilation of 25 Years of Essays and Activities about GIS. The Beyond Mapping Compilation Series of the 25-year run of the “Beyond Mapping” column by Dr.

Beyond Mapping: Compilation of 25 Years of Essays and Activities about GIS

Joseph K. Berry in GeoWorld is finally “soup.” The nearly 1000 pages and more than 750 figures in the Series provide a comprehensive and longitudinal perspective of the underlying concepts, considerations, issues and evolutionary development of modern geotechnology, including remote sensing, GIS, and GPS. Beyond Mapping: Compilation of Essays and Activities in Geotechnologies. The Series is organized into four online books (with hard copy options), each containing an Introduction, Ten Topics, Epilogue, and Further Readings with links to online support materials including additional online readings, color graphics files, instructor materials, and software for “hands-on” exercises that are cross-referenced to the topics. Book IV — GIS Modeling: Applying Map Analysis Tools and Techniques (columns from 2007 to 2014).

How to Write a Great Research Paper. JITP CUNY The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy — Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Quantitative Literacy

How do I download Mobile Learn? Blackboard On Demand Learning Center. Tech.