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An Expert’s Guide To Spiritual Trespassing. Chaos magic gets fingered for a lot of crimes; superficiality, attention deficit disorder, handsomeness… But the biggest accusation is probably Grand Theft Mystico.

An Expert’s Guide To Spiritual Trespassing

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I think this is a bit unfair because it relies on a “few bad apples” analysis. In a post-digital world we are all spiritual trespassers to some extent. It was only a couple of generations ago that merely opening a magical book and accidentally reading some of it was believed to run the risk of unleashing demons. 10 Prosperity Magic Resources For Sorcerers and Possibly Method Actors. 8 Happiness Hacks To Get You Through January. 5 Steps To A Good Monthly Forecast. 3 Steps To Success Using Magic and Elephants. Shoaling: Making Sigil Magic More Awesome Since 2010. How To Enchant By A Thousand Paper Cuts. 5 Shoaling Examples To Improve Your Magical Results. 10 Things You Can Do This Weekend To Make Your Life Better.