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An Expert’s Guide To Spiritual Trespassing. Chaos magic gets fingered for a lot of crimes; superficiality, attention deficit disorder, handsomeness… But the biggest accusation is probably Grand Theft Mystico.

An Expert’s Guide To Spiritual Trespassing

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I think this is a bit unfair because it relies on a “few bad apples” analysis. In a post-digital world we are all spiritual trespassers to some extent. It was only a couple of generations ago that merely opening a magical book and accidentally reading some of it was believed to run the risk of unleashing demons. Now I have (mostly) instant access the majority of history’s most notorious occult books on my phone. 10 Prosperity Magic Resources For Sorcerers and Possibly Method Actors. There are two reasons why I shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses as I walk into the restaurant.

10 Prosperity Magic Resources For Sorcerers and Possibly Method Actors

The first is that it is raining and the second is that I can’t see all that far without wearing my prescription glasses which will make it difficult to spot my potential business partner. But I am wearing sunglasses because I have been pulling a suitcase over cobbled streets in the rain (damned cobbled Europe!) Which tends to make my face all shiny and I’m also a little self conscious because the new haircut has started out very badly. (Who tries out a drastic new hair style mere hours before a presentation at one of the world’s leading media companies??) The waiter takes me to the table. This all happens in the space of about ninety seconds and rather than listen attentively to the Important Man I suddenly and inappropriately recall Crowley. Success is a head game.

8 Happiness Hacks To Get You Through January. Smile...

8 Happiness Hacks To Get You Through January

Now hold it... Hold it. 5 Steps To A Good Monthly Forecast. July, huh?

5 Steps To A Good Monthly Forecast

Holy crap. Who let that happen so fast? No matter, I’ve quite enjoyed these last three month beginnings because I have been experimenting with a little forecasting. The idea came to me because my previous employer was obsessed with forecasting and reforecasting. There was the annual forecast, the quarterly forecast, the annual reforecast revised quarterly, the quarterly forecast revised monthly. None of them were ever right, hence the constant fiddling with numbers. More than once in these meetings I thought to myself “we’d actually get much more accurate results if we all just admitted forecasting doesn’t work, called in a couple of diviners and waited to see.” 3 Steps To Success Using Magic and Elephants.

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

3 Steps To Success Using Magic and Elephants

This thought occurs to me now having read some of the comments from my previous post on money magic. You ever felt magically “blocked”? Shoaling: Making Sigil Magic More Awesome Since 2010. How To Enchant By A Thousand Paper Cuts. Check out Kekremsi on Flickr for more brilliant origami It looks like a few of my sigils may be coming down off the mirror soon as the -possibly semi self-inflicted- star storm abates and gives me my first clear view of what this new adventure could look like.

How To Enchant By A Thousand Paper Cuts

What. A. Ride. These last two months are what we can call the Proof of Concept for shoaling. Sure, we have been playing with the concept for the better part of a year but this has been the first real campaign in which it has been deployed. And like all well-managed (ha!) Consider them shared. The universe knows better than you So leave it some wriggle room. 5 Shoaling Examples To Improve Your Magical Results. If I had a resurrection ship I would park it at home and shoot myself at the end of every workday.

5 Shoaling Examples To Improve Your Magical Results

Adama (senior) says a number of times during Battlestar Galactica “sometimes you gotta roll the hard six.” Most of the time, however, you don’t. Most of the time, the 5/6 chance will do just fine. Because unless your race is battling for survival against an unlimited supply of killer robots you were foolish enough to create in the first place then you can just keep rolling those dice and adding the results up to six. The easiest way to walk through a wall is to use the door. We are talking probability again. Enchantment enhances the probability that a desired event will occur. 10 Things You Can Do This Weekend To Make Your Life Better. Remember that story about how Crowley took Rose into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and impressed her by conjuring up all those spirit lights.

10 Things You Can Do This Weekend To Make Your Life Better

And then how he asked (paraphrasing) “Yeah, but what’s the point of it?” There is a personal lesson in this and it is one that took me years to learn. Not that this is unusual for me, of course. With all the blog talk (and a bit of misunderstanding) around core magical practices recently, I have settled on my own (current) personal view about this: It’s different for everybody otherwise magic would be standardised like breast cancer screenings.It can (and will) change many times in your life.Mine is currently ‘integration’.

Integration -in this capacity- means taking magical learnings and achievements and then applying them in how you live every single moment in your life. This is quite different to treating everything that happens as a direct communication between God and your soul.