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Room Escape Prop Manufacturer. GM7 Products. Master Control Unit This device is capable of controlling all new generation GM7 devices.

GM7 Products

It also is capable of running escape room programs. With it’s touchscreen or via web access it’s made easy for escape room owners to run the room.Starting @ EUR 1050,00 exVAT Time Bomb Game Time bomb games or time bomb props are the signature products of GM7. GM7 External Timer Module An external digital game timer to display the remaining or elapsed time.

Ambience Audio Module A compact module to bring CD-quality stereo sound effects into your escape room. Ambience Lighting Module A compact module to bring 24-bit color (+ 8-bit natural white)light in your escape room. Wireless End-Point Device (Props) Get notified when a player opens a box or solves a puzzle? Buy Escape Room Puzzles, Props, & Supply - Creative Escape Rooms. Escape Room Puzzles – Page 2 – Creative Escape Rooms. Exhibitor List - TransWorld's Room Escape Conference & Tour. Evilusions Escape Room Tool Peg Boards. _Sorted by Themes – Evilusions. Engineeringshock Electronics.      Engineeringshock                      Electronics - Engineeringshock Homepage. Escape Room -                     Paintball Props. PROPS. When people keep static for a while door will open automatically.


(you can set how long they need to keep static) When player put temperature sensor into specific temperature it will trigger the prop. When player put the compass on our prop and it will show the direction. They need to remember the directions and press corresponding buttons. When player use laser light to shine the scroll (or play the flute) it will open. When player runs for a time which you set it will trigger the prop. It is a laser door. When player control the metal ball inside the maze to and lead the ball drop to the right hole to trigger the prop. There are 4 buttons players need to choose N buttons(It can set up) Each buttons have different function. When player find the bulb and install on the lamp it will trriger the prop When player press the right color of the magic ball it will trigger the prop.

When player use magnet to absord the ball inside the maze . King Arthur's / Merlin's Room props kit - escape room supplier. Knock lock (Knocklock) - Knock To Unlock. This animation shows the interaction between the Knock Lock and the user.

Knock lock (Knocklock) - Knock To Unlock

The "combination" for this illustration is "5 - 2 - 4" where the hand knocks five times then two and finally four. This illustrates a 3-DIGIT code. The code is USER SETTABLE and can be set from a 1-DIGIT code to a SIX-DIGIT code. Each DIGIT can be from 1 KNOCK to 63 KNOCKS! The KnockLock is a secret knock detecting door device that is simple to use and capable of "sensing" a special and unique pattern of knocks. The Pickup Great Features! The KnockLock will hold TWO different combinations with each being from one knock to six groups of knocks. Dual power Input The KnockLock can run from four AA batteries or an external power source from 9 - 15 volts DC or BOTH (i.e. Accessory Ignition Input Terminal Used to keep the KnockLock from resetting until this input goes negative for a period of 20 seconds. Sensitivity adjustment for how "hard" of a knock is required to trigger the KnockLock. Escape Room designers and scenarios Directory – Nowescape.

Alibaba Group. Sablier géant de 60 minutes noir hauteur 30 cm. Sabliers 1 heure. Escape Room designers and scenarios Directory – Nowescape. All Seasons Entertainment are the ones to go to for all your seasonal event needsAll Seasons Entertainment. Brainy Lab. Escape Room Components. Interesting devices, props for escape rooms in details.

Puzzle "Scales" Players have to put metal ball into scale, the other scale will lift up.

Interesting devices, props for escape rooms in details

Under second scale there is a "code». Code — printed sigh, letter, number or print. Players move metal ball with help of magnet. Plastic box+ scales: 30*30*15cm (11.81*11.81*5.91in) Price: 220 USD Look how it works: Hanger with a key inside Plywood hanger (60*8*8cm, 23.62*3.15*3.15in) + painting. + 6 hooks Above one hook there is a key-holder.

Price: 200 USD Fallout station Our station has: - It has 8 sham devices. - 44 LED light - 2 stroboscopes - 1 louver - 3D radar with lighting (sham) - 8 three-way toggle When players put all 8 toggles in correct positions (the only one position), station turns down. Size: 140*120*60cm Mentioned item is an example, we can change logics, add some other hints or puzzles. Price: 500 USD Barcode scanner Box from plastic of plywood (20*20*10cm) with mounted inside bar code scanner (barcode). Побег Номер – Купить Побег Номер недорого из Китая на AliExpress. FrightProps Printed Catalog: Everything Else: Logo Merch -