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Writer's Bloc - Clairefontaine Notepads, Rhodia, Unique Journals, LAMY, Noodlers Ink

Writer's Bloc - Clairefontaine Notepads, Rhodia, Unique Journals, LAMY, Noodlers Ink
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PensPlus His untitled DIYfish | Planning can be easy (part I) – Life Mapping Planner Planning can be easy (part I) – Life Mapping Planner I am a daughter, a wife, a mother of two boys (2 and 7), a freelancer and an online business owner. Life can be really busy sometimes. Here is how I manage my time and plan my projects. Use color codes and Index Page Marker Use Life Mapping Planner which includes MONTHLY EVENT SECTION Use only square boxes to represent eventsFill in color codes accordinglyMONTHLY OBJECTIVES SECTIONWEEKLY OBJECTIVES SECTIONWEEKLY EVENT PLANNER SECTION Use only square boxes to represent eventsFill in color codes accordinglyFill in dates, time or duration PROJECTS SCHEDULER SECTION Use only circles to represent projectsFill in color codes accordinglySchedule the project(s) as showed in the above imageDAILY PLANNER SECTION Each day includes 20 boxes.1 to 4 are for AM5 to 8 are for PMSquare boxes are for EVENTSCircles are for PROJECTS9 to 12 are a BUFFER spaceExamples “Event 2″ is my shopping time (10am to 1:30pm). Life Mapping - Get Organized, Get Creative

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Filofax Inserts (Downloads) | Planning with Printed Portal Sign up to our CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN Course for a wide range of assorted Filofax/Planner Inserts (both A4/A5 and Personal Sized). Only £7. Monthly CalendarsDaily Action PlanChristmas ChecklistGift IdeasGift BudgetOnline Shopping TrackerChristmas Stockings ListChristmas BudgetChristmas Card ListDecoration ListChristmas Menu PlannerShopping List (Food)Leftovers & RecipesChristmas Party Planner (host)Christmas Party Planner (guest)Resolutions 2015 Sign up to this course for a wide range of assorted Filofax/Planner Inserts. This Course is FREE to Printed Portal email subscribers. Our list provides printed portal news and updates, exclusive content and paper based organisational printables and inserts. Alternatively download one of the following direct: Organisation: Paper: Time Management: Like this: Like Loading...

La Couronne du Comte La Couronne du Comte, writing instruments, leather ware and accessories Founded in March 2008, La Couronne du Comte (French for “The Coronet of the Count”) is a young and passionate company specializing in luxury, stylish and functional writing instruments, leather ware and accessories. At La Couronne du Comte you will find only the best: products from companies like Omas, Visconti, Cross, Waterman, Mazzuoli, Signum, Ferrari da Varese and many more can be found here. Quality and exclusiveness are the key to our and your success, because we believe that a beautiful product should be used for years to come. All of our quality products are the perfect gift for yourself, a special person or your business-relation. I am happy to advise you on your choice of a precious gift and welcome you to the our store or online shop. Dennis van de Graaf, General Manager

Michel Perchin Designer Pens How to Create a Unique Dashboard for your Filofax | The Filofancy Way! TRUST me... this is going to be the most useful thing you create for your Filofax. Have you ever heard of such a thing as a Filofax dashboard? If you are an avid Filofax-fan blog-follower then you probably have because everybody is doing it. Most people tend to use the sticky-notes insert as their dashboard. Well, as usual I have an alternative and rather clever way of creating a dashboard for your Filofax that you will use forever! Firstly though...What is a Filofax Dashboard? It's your first port of call. Why do most people use the sticky-note insert? Quite simply because you can write some notes down, then tear it off and dispose of them when you are done. You can also tear them off and then stick them elsewhere in your Filofax, but that is about as far as this dashboard will take you. The Filofancy Dashboard... It's simple, affordable and reusable... And now you have a great little note-taking system. When you have finished with the note, take it out to reveal a fresh sheet of notepaper.