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Craft Supplies - Stationery, Tape, Paper, Stamp, Sewing, Zakka, Sticker, Fabrics, Charms, Wholesale

Craft Supplies - Stationery, Tape, Paper, Stamp, Sewing, Zakka, Sticker, Fabrics, Charms, Wholesale

Clumsyplush - Home of Cute Kawaii Plush Toys and Cute Kawaii Accessories Vector Graphics Blog | Free Graphic Design Resources Kusudama Tutorial part 1 The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together. They were traditionally used as a ball for incense or potpourri but now we see them more for decoration or as a gift. Today I am showing you part 1 on how to make the Japanese traditional shape. There are many different patterns to make a kusudama ball but I find this the easiest pattern to get started. What you need for this tutorial is: 60 pieces of paper cut into squares. Below I will show you how to make the basic shape, you need to make 60 of these. Fold the bottom corner to the top. Fold the left and right corners up to the middle corner. Fold the same points down. Open up the flaps you have just created and flatten them. Fold the top triangles towards you so they are level with the edges of the paper. Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier and glue the outside triangles together. Now make 5 more of these petals and glue them all together.

Super Cute Kawaii!! » Advertising Rates Advertising Rates Super Cute Kawaii is now 4 years old and we have a loyal audience of kawaii-loving regular readers. We blog daily on weekdays and receive around 60,000 unique visitors per month. Information Pack Want to know more? Booking If you’d like to book an ad, you can do so directly via Passionfruit. Ads will display on the site as soon as we approve them – no more waiting for the 1st of the month! Ad Design See above for ad sizes. Project Wonderful We also offer advertising via Project Wonderful, which lets you test out your ad on our site for a much smaller fee. The Small Print Payment is by PayPal or credit card and charged in USD.

25 Best Photoshop Text Effects of All Times There is no denying that there are hundred and thousands of Photoshop Text tutorials and you will find atleast one Photoshop Text tutorial in every design related site. Choosing the best from this enormous resource can be very overwhelming and it can result into loss of your precious time and energy. To cut short your searching efforts, we have complied a list of 25 Top Photoshop Text Effects under one roof (post here). If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on 3D Text Photoshop Tutorials, Awesome Photoshop Effects, Icon Design Tutorials, and Matte Painting Tutorials. Advertisement Create An Underwater Typography Scene In this Design Tutorial we are going to be creating a custom typography piece. More Information on Create An Underwater Typography Scene Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop Create retro-looking text that seems like it’s constructed using folded strips of paper. Create Unique Sports-Themed Lettering Create A Scrapbook Alphabet

Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint - Martha Stewart Kids Thanks to paint that dries into a chalkboard finish, your board can be whatever size you desire and placed wherever you like. Store-bought formulas come in traditional green and black. But you can also follow our recipe to mix your own batch in any shade. Cleverly applied chalkboard paint means new places to track appointments, keep lists, and leave messages. Tip: Start with flat-finish latex paint in any shade. Wall Calendar A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Mudroom Mural The bottom half of a mudroom wall is just the right height for pint-size Picassos -- when coated with store-bought green chalkboard paint. Message Center Write-on paint needn't be applied only to walls. Pantry Reminder Covered with chalkboard paint, a pantry door serves as the perfect place to keep a running shopping list.

Super Cute Kawaii!! Shadow Files: The Basics | One Little Bird Designs | Blog As of May 2011 I finalized a self-paced project in cooperation with Big Picture Classes and The Daily Digi called “Me and My Shadow” which takes the basic techniques that I outline here to the next level – the next stratosphere, really! It’s this tutorial on steroids.This partnership gave me the opportunity to provide video demonstrations using a wide variety of elements as I build a page from the ground up, and it also includes printable reference guides. My blog tutorial here will continue to be offered free of charge, in perpetuity (that means forever!) – so don’t worry! The online course is the next step for those of you who really want to go “down the rabbit hole” with me and become a total geek for Drop Shadows. This is a post I’ve been working on for a while. I do have some jumping off points, though, and I’ll gladly share them (for free!) I’m no rocket scientist. I’m going to start with this sad little unshadowed flower on a piece of light kraft paper.

Make a DIY Bent Plywood Bicycle » Man Made DIY « Keywords: wood, bike, bent, bicycle Boy, do I love me some molded plywood. It gives my Eames lounge-ish chair its perfect shape, and is quite functional in my walnut magazine end table and this laptop riser I hacked from an IKEA stool. And, as some industrious design students figured out, you can create a bike frame at home by learning to laminate and mold your own plywood elements. Brilliant! Even if you're not digging on building a bike frame, this is a great tutorial for learning how to mold and bend plywood. After seeing this bike on a bicycle design blog I was inspired to build my own. Also I had some left over epoxy and fiberglass from a kayak I built and was just itching to find a project I could use it on (or maybe I was just itchy from all the fiberglass). The part of the design I liked was that the top and bottom parts of the frame are like leaf springs separated by the seat tube. Bent Plywood Bicycle [Instructables]