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Fountain Pen Repair Restoration and Fountain Pens for Sale. - Pens, Pen Parts, Pen Tools & Pen Repair Master Classes. Basic Fountain Pen Restoration, Part I. Fountain Pen Repair & Restoration. Eraser Refills. Unfortunately, as with most writing things, erasers were not very standardized over the years, nor are they now!

Eraser Refills

However, there are a few common sizes that fit a good many of the pencils made. The easiest way to determine what size eraser you need for your mechanical pencil is to measure the diameter of your old eraser in millimeters. If the eraser is gone, take a measurement of the opening where the eraser goes. Rulers work fine for this, but if you have a caliper, it will work even better! If all else fails, and no erasers are the correct diameter for your pencil (yes, it happens!)

List of Mechanical Pencils and Eraser SizesClick Here. Forum anzeigen - Ersatzteile / Spare parts. Fountain Pen Guide Series, Session 1: Nibs, Feeds, and How They Come Together. Next Session: Filling Systems -> This is the first in a long list of guides all about fountain pens, ink, and everything that makes a fountain pen what it is.

Fountain Pen Guide Series, Session 1: Nibs, Feeds, and How They Come Together

Fountain pens are one of the most difficult writing instruments to get used to after coming from ballpoints or pencils, and maintaining them can sometimes be just as confusing. This series is designed to help you get the most out of your pens and become versed with what makes them tick. Fountain Pen Hospital. Fountain Pen Repair and Upkeep Material. Fountain Pen Repair Supplies, Sacs and Tools. Fountain Pen Sacs.Com. Henry Dreyfuss and the 20th Century Limited « Fountain Pen Restoration.

I love trains, especially old ones and there is a nice tie-in to fountain pens.

Henry Dreyfuss and the 20th Century Limited « Fountain Pen Restoration

Henry Dreyfuss, a noted industrial designer of the 20th century, actually assisted in the design of the Wahl / Eversharp Skyline. The Skyline was produced by Wahl in Chicago, IL. during the period 1941-1948. In 1945, it was the best selling pen in the US. Mr. Dreyfuss designed the 20th Century Ltd (shown below) in the late 1930s, prior to the 1940 design of the Skyline. New York Central – 20th Century Limited. Home Page. Ink Sacs for Wahl-Eversharp Pens. Main Street Pens - Quality Pen Repair. Pen Repair: Cheap Tools, Part I If you’re like most pen collectors, you’re long on desire, and short on money. So many pens, so little cash! That gap can widen further if you like to collect vintage fountain pens, but can’t afford to have all of them repaired by a professional restorer. That’s the reason why most collectors start doing their own repairs.

Nibs, Parts, and Supplies for Vintage Fountain Pens and Pencils. We offer only a limited selection of parts.

Nibs, Parts, and Supplies for Vintage Fountain Pens and Pencils

The main reason is simple: most vintage pen parts aren't interchangeable. They exhibit a maddening range of variations, and often as not even a correct original part must be hand-fitted. In most cases, it takes as much time to figure out what a do-it-yourself pen repairer actually needs as it would take to do the job ourselves, so please don't take it amiss when we ask you not to inquire about pen parts other than those listed.

Please make certain that the part you are ordering is the one you need -- returns of parts will not be accepted unless defective or not as described. Pen Sac Charts. Penbox: Fountain Pen Nibs for Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Pilot, Lamy and Pelikan Pens. Pendemonium - Fountain Pens, Pencils, Inkwells, Stationery, and other Writing Equipment for Fountain Pen Enthusiasts. Common pen repairs. Common fountain pen repairs and adjustments Typically, when you find a fountain pen "in the wild," it is going to require a bit of refurbishment (or at least a good cleaning and polish) to get it back into proper shape.

common pen repairs

Even newer pens sometimes fail or get damaged and have to be repaired. On this page I will describe a number of typical problems with pens and how they can be repaired or adjusted. Rebuilding fillers Refurbishing pen fillers is the most basic and frequent type of repair done on vintage pens. Basic sac fillers (levers, buttons, etc.) The majority of pens made before 1960 are sac fillers of one kind or another. You can check the sac by removing the barrel from the pen (the barrels are usually but not always press-fitted onto the section).

Sac pens are almost always easy to repair even for a novice; you can see my instructions elsewhere on the site. Piston filler pens Early piston-fill pens like the Pelikan 100 or early Montblancs used natural cork on the piston. Touchdown. Repairs. Services.html. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if I cannot fix your pen I will return it without charge.


All work guaranteed for quality. If the repairs on your pen fail to perform within 1 year of service return it for reworking at no charge. I do this work for the pens and friends, the money just helps me enlarge my collection. Order Form Packing Tips Restoration of your vintage fountain pens Lever and button fillers $ 15.00* Parker Vacs $ 20.00* Sheaffer Snorkels & TD’s $ 20.00* The Ink Flow. Fine Pen Collections Pens are for us, works of art. they are sometimes, made of precious metals and gems; others are inlaid with lacquer designs.

The Ink Flow

The Pen Sac Company. The Southern Scribe. Tools. Please note that the tools illustrated below were designed and hand made by me.


As with all hand made items, subsequent productions will not be identical to the originals and will likely incorporate improvements resulting from experience in use. I do not carry a large stock, so please enquire regarding delivery dates for specific items. All tools include instructions, and in some cases, a full repair manual is available. I am willing to quote for tools made up to your design specification.

If you wish to purchase, please e-mail me ( for availability, shipping cost and method of payment. Mabie Todd Swan Visofil VT tools. Nut tool £26 (including 8 page repair manual). Waterman Ink-Vu tools Small and large size dismantling tools £25 each: these tools provide a secure location on the sac nut. De La Rue Piston Filler Tools Conway Stewart cap tool Tool for removal of ‘nut and bolt’ type clip screws found mainly on the CS84, but occasionally on CS58/60. Band Clamp 2. Waterman Pens and Nibs. Waterman Safety Repair.

Up until now, restoration of Waterman safety pens has typically been categorized as advanced repair.

Waterman Safety Repair

No longer! The difficult part has always been cutting and fitting a new thin-walled cork seal, but now a pair of fluorocarbon rubber O-rings can be used instead. A few easily-made tools make installation a snap -- to the point that the most time-consuming operation becomes cleaning old ink from the pen's innards. Spiral, original cork seal, replacement O-ring seals First, uncap the pen and extend the nib by turning the end knob clockwise.

With the nib extended, grip the packing holder and unscrew it from the barrel. Take a pin punch made of some nonmarring material such as nylon or Delrin and drive out the center shaft from the end knob. Once the shaft has been driven free of the end knob, be careful not to lose the wedging pin. Put two greased O-rings into the packing housing, using a short section of metal tubing to push them into position. Wood Bin - Tools. Pen Turning. Sin-city2-eva-green-poster1.jpg (1382×2048)