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Webs de Formación Profesional en Europa - TodoFP - Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional. EPSO To Release New Competitions. Don't get too complacent during the summer break, because EPSO has a whole line-up of competitions ready to be released starting September.

EPSO To Release New Competitions

In fact, two recently released competition have application deadlines by early September so make sure you don't miss out! Below you will find an overview of the many new opportunities coming up and how current competitions are progressing. EPSO CAST OpportunitiesNEW & Upcoming CompetitionsProgress of Ongoing Competitions EPSO CAST Opportunities The good news with these temporary contract positions is that there is no application deadline. In April a new CAST permanent category was added to the list of opportunities - Child Care Staff - FGII. EU Training offers simulated EPSO CAST exams:Click here to try out our Practice Test Packages. Want to join the conversation and talk to other candidates about this competition? EU Institutions: How to be an interview winner. What is the starting salary for contract agents? European Economic and Social Committee. Calls for tender. Jobs. Careers with the European Union. Job description Working under supervision, proofreaders in the publications office are expected to proofread manuscripts in their native language.

Careers with the European Union

This involves preparing manuscripts in terms of style and typography, proofreading printers' proofs, delivering the "passed for press" order, participating in the design of publications, and helping to organise and monitor the production processes involved in publication. Working at the General Secretariat.

Contract staff The GSC employs a limited number of contract agents, selected either from candidates registered in EPSO's CAST database or from reserve lists or databases compiled by other institutions.

Working at the General Secretariat

When looking for contract staff, the GSC's recruitment office contacts candidates whose profiles best match the job profile. We therefore recommend that you keep your CV up-to-date in the database you belong to. Temporary staff The GSC occasionally organises selection procedures for temporary agents. Spontaneous applications All contact with candidates is handled by the GSC recruitment office. List of notices of invitations to tender, calls for expressions of interest, and calls for proposals. In accordance with the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the European Parliament is required to put contracts for the purchase of goods and services out to public tender.

List of notices of invitations to tender, calls for expressions of interest, and calls for proposals

Below certain thresholds contracts may be put out to tender under non-public procedures among a limited number of suppliers selected following a call for expressions of interest. Translation Centre For the Bodies of the European Union. Tenders. The following single contract tenders and procurement opportunities are still open for participation.


If no tenders are listed none are open. Previous tenders and procurement opportunities can be found in the archive. Tenders: Goods or services required Contract Notice: ECB - Provision of general planning services Notice : Download Procedure : Negotiated Closing date : ECB: Contract Notice - Provision of translation services from Estonian, Finnish and Latvian into English (2017/S 180-367815) Download Open. CURIA - Direction générale de la Traduction - Traducteurs free-lance.

The translation service The institution’s legal translation service, with over 600 lawyer linguists, is responsible for translating the legal documents of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

CURIA - Direction générale de la Traduction - Traducteurs free-lance

It ensures the smooth and efficient running of the Court’s judicial proceedings and the multilingual dissemination of the Court’s decisions, thus giving all EU citizens access to justice and case-law at a European level, whatever their language. The service translates a wide variety of legal texts which vary according to a range of factors: nature of the case, subject area, document type (procedural documents, opinions of Advocates General, judgments, orders), language, style, length, legal background of the author, etc. eTendering - Data. Translation - tenders and contracts. Skip to main content.

Translation - tenders and contracts

TED. European Masters in Conference Interpreting. Interpreting for Europe. Freelance interpreters routinely work alongside staff interpreters in meetings served by the interpreting services of the European Institutions.

Interpreting for Europe

For freelance interpreters there is no nationality requirement and all languages may be considered. Accreditation as a freelance interpreter is obtained by passing an inter-institutional interpreting test. To be eligible for such a test, you must comply with the following criteria: How to apply You can find information regarding the current language profiles required by the EU interpreting services here. If you think you are eligible for a test, you should complete an on-line application form and also submit copies of your CV, degrees and/or diplomas giving details of marks obtained for each interpreting component, and, where relevant, proof of sufficient conference interpreting experience (experience as a court interpreter, liaison interpreter, or company interpreter will not be taken into account). Interpretation. The European Parliament has one of the largest interpreting services in the world.


Interpreters play an important role in ensuring effective communication in this unique institution which works every day in 24 languages. The original official languages of the European Communities were the four languages of the founding states: German, French, Dutch and Italian. At that time there were 12 possible language combinations. New languages were added with successive enlargements: 1973: English and Danish (plus Irish/Gaelic, but only for Ireland's act of accession and the basic texts), so 4 + 2 = 6 official languages and 30 language combinations. 1981: Greece = 7 official languages and 42 language combinations. 1986: Spanish and Portuguese = 9 official languages and 72 language combinations. European Parliament. IHE Bruxelles – Institut Des Hautes Etudes – Bruxelles.