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Arte callejero. Productora Mutante. Street art. DALeast’s Unraveling Street Art. Chinese street artist DALeast studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began doing art on public space at 2004 under the alias DAL.

DALeast’s Unraveling Street Art

He is inspired by the way the material world revolves, how the spiritual world unfolds, life’s emotions and the infinite space around us. His massive murals resemble thousands of strands of yarn or thread that are continuously unraveling and coming together to create incredible sweeping imagery. (via) A Public Art Project Symbolically Reverses Detroit's 'White Flight' - Culture. The late artist Mike Kelley spent most of his career working in Los Angeles, but his origins lie in Westland, Michigan, a working-class town 16 miles outside Detroit.

A Public Art Project Symbolically Reverses Detroit's 'White Flight' - Culture

One of his final works before his suicide in January reconnects with those roots using a replica of the classic ranch-style home he grew up in in the 1950s. The public art piece, called "Mobile Homestead," toured through Detroit and surrounding towns on a flatbed truck to demonstrate a symbolic reversal of the "white flight" from a struggling city to its suburbs. The project began in 2005 when Artangel, a British organization that produces site-specific art, asked Kelley to create its first project in the United States. Kelley responded with the idea of transporting a model of his childhood home from downtown Detroit to his real-life home in the suburbs, then back again.

Now the project is about to find its final resting place. Es Baluard Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Palma. 13) - dOCUMENTA (13) A R T E A N D O. CHILE ESTYLE. HISTORIA DEL STREET ART CHILENO. Pablo Aravena, cineasta chileno, vive en Canadá desde los seis años, cuando su padre decidió emigrar para realizar sus estudios de postgrado. Volvió un par de veces a Chile, pero desde que tenía 12 años su familia se asentó en Montreal. Su trabajo audiovisual se centra en el graffiti y otras formas conexas de arte callejero. Artweeters = Contemporary Art + Social Media. Lessons - A01: Illustrated Glossary of Drawing Words and Terms. Street art.

Street art in Poland. Art & Design Usually artists work alone, but sometimes a collaboration works out well.

Street art in Poland

A good example is the street artists Chazme, Lump and Sepe. They worked together to make the streets of Poland look better. Art de rue: entre peinture 3D et effet d’optique (35 photos) La peinture 3D, c’est le nom moderne pour désigner ces dessins à la craie sur les sols ou plafonds.

Art de rue: entre peinture 3D et effet d’optique (35 photos)

L’idée est simple, créer de la perspective là où il n’y en a pas. The Google Street View Car Is a Repressed Artist. Browser not supported. Some amazing things are happening in Lisbon; this wall is just incredible, and Sam3 is getting in on the action too.

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Of course, Blu's bloated corporate figure sucking the world dry is very topical. Update: the eyes of the fat corporate guy are suspended from the roof, so move in the wind. so good. See more Blu + more Os Gémeos. Bodies in Urban Spaces. People of urban spaces, keep a lookout for mysterious figures in brightly coloured hoodies occupying corners you never knew your city had.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

We spoke to art director Willi Dorner who has been arranging faceless people in public places for seven years now. What is Bodies in Urban Spaces? BIUS started as a photo-project in July 2004. A French Hotel Room Half Covered in Graffiti. Internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt has just completed this eye-popping interior design work for the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.

A French Hotel Room Half Covered in Graffiti

The hotel has just five rooms that are annually reconceptualized by commissioned artists and designers, somewhat similar to NYC’s Carlton Arms. For this space entitled Panic Room (which might aptly describe your mental state after a few nights in this Willy Wonkaesque environment) Tilt divided the room perfectly down the middle, one half covered entirely in his trademark vibrant and bubbly graffiti and the other half left stark white.

See a sneak peek of all five concepts at Au Vieux Panier, including a room by Philippe Baudelocque who draws fantastic illustrations of animals using chalk. All in all, if I were checking in, Panic Room would be the clear choice. Photography above by the Big Addict. Corazón-street art. Banksy. Global Street Art. STREET ART. STREETS OF BEIGE. Posts Tagged ‘skount’ Street Art. Jonone. Mist. Mode 2 TCA CTK 93MC/NTM - The Writers Bench. Publié par Mr Potatomer 14 avr. 10 - 22:34Writers.

Mode 2 TCA CTK 93MC/NTM - The Writers Bench

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sidewalk chalk guy

Street art. Banksy. El grafiti, esa "violencia urbana"#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter. Negar que una pintada en una puerta sin permiso del vecino, o en un bloque de pisos recién rehabilitado, puede ser un acto incívico - y, por lo tanto, objeto de infracción - parece tan absurdo como asociar el grafiti, sin matices, con la “violencia”.

El grafiti, esa "violencia urbana"#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter#.T-FUNv12IiA.twitter

Por ello, las palabras del ministro del Interior de este lunes, en una conferencia en Tribuna Barcelona, han sorprendido a muchos. Jorge Fernández Díaz aseguró, literalmente, que la “violencia urbana adopta formas muy diversas. Un grafiti, por ejemplo, representa una forma elemental de violencia, ya que intenta imponer mensajes en el espacio público”. No hace falta ser un experto en arte contemporáneo para comprender que el grafiti ha sido (y es) fundamental para el lenguaje visual de finales del siglo XX y principios del XXI.

¿Quiere decir ello que todo el mundo puede arrojar pintura allá donde le plazca? Lo que es absolutamente cierto, y no se puede negar, es que el grafiti intenta ofrecer “un mensaje en el espacio público”. STREETSY. Hype and street art. Street art. The 50 Best Street Art Work Selected in 2011. Looking for street arts? Then have a look at these best selected street artists of the year. With one of the most authoritative resource… for 2011. Street art is an awesome way to represent anything which can be a type of visual art, many artists today have a keen interest in street art as it’s the most profound and it can be used to serve many purposes.

Like in Wikipedia street art is usually refers to unsanctioned art, as opposed to government sponsored initiative. Anyways I love what has been done to the streets and it looks amazing in every sense. Stencil Mossgraffiti. The Urban Speaker: Call it Today - Culture.

Street Art. ART DE RUE. Best Street Art of 2011. December 27, 2011 | 72 Comments » | Topics: Art, Pics Hot Stories From Around The Web. Mark Jenkins // Street Installations. Besançon Rome Rio de Janeiro Tudela London. Street art. Street art. Dessiner Paris, depuis le trottoir ou dans une rame de métro. Dessiner Paris, depuis le trottoir ou dans une rame de métro Dessiner à Paris gratuitement et hors des cours de dessins classiques, c'est possible. Rencontre avec ces passionnés qui ont lancé une nouvelle mode en dessinant la ville autrement : son architecture, ses habitants, son patrimoine, mais aussi ses salles de concerts ou encore son métro. Quel est le point commun entre les Urban Sketchers, ces dessinateurs de rue et les croqueurs du métro du site De lignes en ligne ? La rapidité avec lesquels ces passionnés, confirmés ou amateurs dégainent leurs carnets et leur crayons pour saisir un peu de Paris dans un dessin.

Street art. (ill)egal graffiti. Street Art. Banksy -The man, the myth, the legend. Yarn Bombing / Guerrilla Crochet – A Collection. More info. More info. More info. The death of Banksy. Photo by eddiedangerous Can Banksy die? I’ve got no doubt that the man who was writing the name Banksy on Bristol’s walls in the 1990′s can and will, at some point, die. That’s not what I’m wondering though. Keith Haring has been dead for more than 20 years, but you can still buy new products with his imagery. Similarly, Basquiat’s estate released prints after his death. While he is anonymous, Banksy is publicly portrayed as being one person. Street art. LA community group calls for thieves to return work done by Banksy during Oscars. By Amy Oliver Updated: 02:48 GMT, 23 March 2011 An original painting by elusive street artist Banksy is a serious investment.

So serious some are using drastic - and even illegal - measures to obtain one. A number of new works attributed to the artist, which sprang up during the run up to the Oscars in Los Angeles last month, have since been defaced or stolen. Now one LA community group is calling for them to be returned. Sidewalk chalk guy. Curbs and Stoops. Please join us in supporting: Spray Paint: The Fine Art of Chor Boogie. A Documentary by Sarah Fisher. Spray Paint will be a provocative documentary film that engages viewers by allowing them to witness first hand the unique techniques of renowned spraypaint artist, Chor Boogie. As one of the worlds premier urban artists, Chor Boogies characters and style innovations are legendary, his indefatigable work ethic is an inspiration, and his commitment to spreading a spiritual message in his art is truly admirable. While many urban artists focus on realistic cityscapes, the culture that surrounds them, or typical graffiti letters- Chor Boogie stands out amongst the crowd.

Skate peinture. Quelle est la meilleure façon de peindre une piscine? Basé à Londres, l’artiste D*Face a tout simplement attaché des bombes de peinture sous des skates et a laisser les skateurs faire le reste. Street Art. Street art. Street ART. Art. Paris Street Art. Artist Book Series + Daily Art & Design Blog.

I couldn’t help but direct everyone to fellow public art loving blog Street Art Utopia as they have compiled a pretty decent list of the best street art of 2011. If you are just getting into the wonderful world of pasting, spraying or making the streets a more creative place, this list is a great place to start (short of Wall and Piece). One of the best things about this genre is it’s diversity – you can decided what you find gimmicky/twee or meaningful and awe-inspiring. Best Street Art of 2011. Just some awesome street art. 20 awesome examples of street art. Banksy versus bristol museum. A few years ago i attended an uh-mazing banksy exhibition in downtown los angeles and have been eagerly awaiting the elusive graffiti artist's return. alas, mr. bansky choose instead to set up his latest wares in new york and bristol. on june 13th, banksy's largest exhibition entitled "banksy versus bristol museum" was unveiled at the bristol city museum. it features more than 100 of banksy's works mixed amongst the museum's permanent collection (including a mouse with a backpack tucked inside of a natural history case. someone, please send me a picture!

Check out the mouse here. thanks, matt, more the picture!). On opening day, a line of eager fans snaked around the corner, waiting more than an hour for admission. 10 Street Artists You Should Know. 1.) Above. Wooster Collective. Street artists see the city as their canvas. Photo: Allison SamuelsOne night in June, a young artist in cutoff jeans and paint-spattered Nike high-tops was walking down Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. In his hand, he carried one of the main tools of his trade: a bucket brimming with wallpaper adhesive. He planned to use the stuff to affix a giant copy of one of his linoleum-cut prints to a nearby building. Suddenly, up drives one of New York City’s finest, lights flashing and sirens blaring. “I told him I was going to my studio,” says the artist, who works under the pseudonym Gaia.

“But he knew what I was up to — I mean, why the fuck else would I be walking around with five gallons of glue? In New York, graffiti has been a code word for vandalism since the 1970s, when city hall kicked off a campaign to scrub the place clean of “style writing.” Street art. Best Street Art of 2011 - StumbleUpon. Banksy. Activist Arts. Graffiti Is A FUN Crime. Street Art. Street Art, Graffiti, Urbanism. Impressive Graffiti by Shok 1.

Leggi sui muri. Open your eyes to art in Buenos Aires. Street Art. Street_art. Street Art. (ill)egal graffiti. Graffiti. Photos des arts urbains. Urban Art. Street Art.