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Danzig - Mother - StumbleUpon. Girl on her bed with a microphone will blow you away with her Michael Jackson cover. Your Official Road Trip Playlist: 150 Best Songs to Sing Along To. Chell in the Rain - The National - Exile Vilify. The Labyrinth of Genre. Headphones on. Eyes closed. Music: take me away. I’m in the mood to drunkenly dance to very loud music that I can sing to. Requested by Ellie · Compiled by Ilana 01. The Kingsmen - “Louie Louie” (Very Best: Kingsmen) 02. The Aquabats - “Pizza Day” (Don’t Be Scared) 03. I made you fall in love with me but now I’m not sure what I want.. Requested by VAN DA CURE · Compiled by katherinetucker Darling, this happens all the time. 01. It’s a cold autumn afternoon and I’m running away from home. Requested by kitty · Compiled by Rachel 01.

Being a Hipster is becoming so popular… I don’t think I want to be a Hipster anymore. Requested by Samantics · Compiled by Josua Castles 01. Songs To Clean a Gun To Requested by kUcInIch · Compiled by ivebeengoodtoolong SIDE A: 01. SIDE B: 01. I’m pretty sure my therapist is going to give up on me soon, and it’s my fault. Requested by James · Compiled by Joanna It’s unfortunate how qualified I feel to answer this one. 01. Songs for driving with the window down in October 01. 01. 01. Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. Click. Make. Play. Click. Make. Play. I Like Music cartoon by Stuart McMillen - Recombinant Records. This cartoon is dedicated to my number one resource for music discovery: you were into this cartoon, the book I quoted from, "Our Band Could Be Your Life" is well worth the price.

As are the music, concert tickets and merchandise of all bands in question.Much of this cartoon was drawn in "a world of books, and silent times in thought" - the UQ Social Sciences and Humanities library. Back to post / website. View/add comments for this article.I Like Muisc by Stuart McMillen. July 2009. I like music that is a collision of noise and melody. My Bloody Valentine recording "Soon", 1991. Musictonic - Music Video Awesomeness. Discovery. Fm. Mix 20 millions songs ! Music-Map - The tourist map of music. Listen to Music Curated by Music Experts.

DJ - Bon Iver - Re: Stacks. BallDroppings. - Nudge. Amazing street beatbox and voice loop. Fun Switcher. Instant Dance Party. 30 Albums That Define Cool.

Any album “list” is going to be incomplete. It’s going to be filled with albums you agree with, artists you hate and some sort of commentary that you probably disagree with. This list is no different. However, rather than ranking these in order of importance or influence, we decided to pick 30 Albums that Define Cool. It’s not a “Best of XXXX” list by any stretch of the imagination (because honestly, that would be presumptuous), just thirty albums that we think are cool. These things tend to spark huge debates, so feel free to let us have it in the comments.

London Calling – The Clash Long before Punk Rock was about frosted tips and dudes wearing eyeliner, there was The Clash. Legend – Bob Marley & The Wailers The likelihood of anyone reading this having heard of Reggae music without Bob Marley is unlikely. The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd Four words: The Wizard of Oz.

OK Computer / Kid A – Radiohead OK Computer: Amazon | iTunes Kid A: Amazon | iTunes Licensed to Ill – Beastie Boys. Play the Rings of a Tree Trunk Like a Record. Moodstream™ by Getty Images.


Binaural Beats – Wakeful SuperPower. Drug Inspired Music - Stereodose Radio. Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment for the psychedelic mind. Everyone's Mixtape.