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M.wikihow. EditSteps EditMethod One of Three:Pick Up Supplies 1Purchase three stretched and pre-made canvases.


The canvas size is up to you depending on the room you plan to display your artwork and how big you want it to end up being. 2Buy acrylic paint and paint brushes. You will need enough black or dark blue paint to completely cover all three canvases, yellow, red, orange, white and green paint. 3Pick up a string of white twinkle lights (the 100 light mini strand works very well) and a screwdriver. Www.buzzfeed. Danglingmouse. I remember reading a six word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway, it said, “For sale: Baby shoes.


Never worn.” And that started a curious wonder for sad six word stories. Although there really is no solid proof saying that Hemingway did write the story, it is believed that he wrote it to win a bet. He challenged a few writers that he could write a six-word story that could make people cry. How To: Make Origami Stars. Origami stars look tricky to make.

How To: Make Origami Stars

There are several steps to follow in order to make a cute mini origami star. Maybe in the first attempt you will fail, but you will get better on the second. They can be made from every kind of paper. You can make them from magazines, book paper, music sheet etc. Step 1: Cut 1 cm strip off a A4 sheet of paper. Step 2: Tighten knot and press flat. Step 3: Fold short - end of paper down towards center of the star. Step 4: Fold long - end of paper up. Step 5: Flip paper around so long - end of paper is pointing down again. Illustration by Iain Macarthur. Beautiful illustration by Iain Macarthur. Gorgeous Hand Drawn Illustrations by Si Scott. Here you have a series of illustrations called “animals” by Si Scott.

Gorgeous Hand Drawn Illustrations by Si Scott

Every design is hand drawn perfection! You can tell he has an incredible attention to detail. Enjoy! Mixed Media Art Card - Home Is Where The Heart Is. 99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know About and Use. September is Professional Development Month at The Muse!

99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know About and Use

Check in all month for ways to boost your skills, get ahead at work, and be the best professional you can possibly be. With an endless number of sites, tools, and resources out there, how do you know what’s worth your time? Contouring 101. So you want to get higher cheek bones and a stronger jawline? Here’s a really short tutorial on how to go about doing it. There are some products you should get if you dont already have: Foundation Concealer. 19 Foolproof Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Look Instantly Better in Photos. 1.

19 Foolproof Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Look Instantly Better in Photos

Apply your eye makeup first so stray eyeshadow doesn't mess up your foundation. "Doing your eye makeup before you apply your foundation allows your skin to look it's freshest, since you can wipe away any eye shadow or mascara residue that falls onto your cheeks without a trace," says Georgie Eisdell, who makes up the faces of Dianna Agron, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, just to name a few.

Peerless Drawings of Karla Mialynne. The artist Karla Mialynne lives and works in the United States.

Peerless Drawings of Karla Mialynne

In order to create highly realistic drawings, she uses colored pencils, acrylic paints and markers. Carl puts her illustrations on her Instagram account. You can see these wonderful paintings, along with pencils and markers that are needed to create the images. This Is What Happens When You Mix Soap, Oil & Ink Together.

Whilst you use ink in your stationary, oil for your bike and soap to wash yourself everyday, its rare that all three liquids come into contact with one another.

This Is What Happens When You Mix Soap, Oil & Ink Together

What would happen if they did? Would blending ink, soap and oil produce something similar? Or would they just cancel each other out into a soapy sludge? That's precisely what Russian visual artist Ruslan Khasanov was compelled to find out and so he decided to embark on a series of fun experiments to test his theory. His inspirations came whilst cooking one night, when he noticed the mixture of soy sauce and oil separating out into small black beads in his dish.

A Rose is a Rose? Here's a new one!

A Rose is a Rose?

When is a rose not a rose? When it is picnic spoons. Really! These are fun and amazing. No one will guess what this is made of. Materials: How to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)... Brown_betty asked for examples "to illustrate the exactly how and why female comic characters are illustrated differently than the male.

how to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)...

" And I thought, really, what's better to illustrate these things than the books teaching the style in the first place? A while ago I posted some scans from Wizard How To Draw series on drawing female superheroes (here and here), and I thought I'd post a bunch more from the first book of the series on "How To Draw: Heroic Anatomy". As everything, it starts with the basics, i.e. proportions. First the male superhero The female example is similar, but slightly different, notice how he stands firm and straight, wheras she stands with her hips cocked a little and the leg thrust forward? Also notice in the direct torso comparison below, how the male one is ramrod straight, but she curves and leans just a little bit in the same pose?

Now onwards to the chapter "Sultry Women". Next, Michael Turner explains "Sex Appeal". Explore Modern Art. How to draw faces: female. Here's a quick tutorial on how to draw a face. (Also see our male face tutorial). Please check out these tips before you read any further: Advertisement: Talented young artist from Yangon, Myanmar. How to Draw Eyes.

For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will go over the structure of the eye and detailed information on drawing the brow ridge, eyeball, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, cornea, and pupil. The Basic Forms The Eyeball The part of the eyeball that is visible (technical term is Sclera) is commonly called the ‘white of the eye’.

The biggest mistake you can make is to leave the ‘white of the eye’ white, when the entire eye is in shadow. The Iris, Cornea, and Pupil Structure of the Iris and Cornea The Pupil It’s important to remember that the pupil is on the iris, not the cornea. Making buildings in foamboard. Miniature building construction in foamboard by Emmanuel Nouaillier Emmanuel Nouaillier shows how to scratch build and age miniature structures. This is will introduce my personal approach and techniques for scratch building and ageing buildings, pertaining to the typical northern French urban landscape of the 1940s and early 50s. I believe that a proper rendition of textures and adequate weathering of the different elements is important when making a miniature scene, where the optimal development of each small detail of a diorama becomes more a necessity to modellers who want to show, with utmost realism, models that are better detailed and weathered I will explain stage by stage in future articles how to create peculiar materials and elements and how to give the models ‘life’ while employing generic methods.

Some of the ‘basic’ tools that I use to work the foam and give it some aspects and different alterations in scale. 20 Creative DIY Projects Done Successfully. Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. - StumbleUpon. Inuit Mythology Project. Artwork for the INUIT MYTHOLOGY PROJECT by Inhabit Media, Nunavut The Inuit Mythology Project was founded to collect and preserve the culture, the legends and the heroes of the Inuit for their children. Escape_art.jpg from with love.

Illustrator Drawing How To Design a Sweet Linework & Typography Combo Tutorial. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 31 Pics. Click. Make. Play. Secret Belgian Binding Instructions. The Secret Belgian Binding. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART.

8 Signs That You Were Meant to Be a Writer. What Can Writers Do at Thomas Barbèy's astounding surrealism. Today, everyone’s a photographer, grabbing their iPhones for a quick snap. 眼技_来自櫻桃小丸子的图片分享. 25 Ways To Fuck With Your Characters. 29 ways to stay creative. 12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape. Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial.

What you've all be waiting for... an ear cuff tutorial! I've been making ear cuffs for over a year, but unfortunately haven't had the time to make some of the insanely complicated designs I've dreamed up. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. 3D animated video instructions . Make a Peace crane, a flapping bird and a shirt. DIY Wrap Bracelet. Drab to fab! 5 DIY ideas for t-shirt remakes. Posted by on tisdag, juni 5, 2012 · 5 Comments With temperatures rising so is the annual epidemic of fashion fever, making many of us feverishly hit the high street (although our wardrobes are already stuffed full…).

This post celebrates the power of re-invention of a wardrobe staple – old t-shirts. DIY Braided Bead Bracelet. It’s been awhile since our last bracelet DIY. DIY Découpage Floral Bag. Bomomo. - StumbleUpon. How to use Transfer Paper for henna stencilsnavigationhow to links. Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card. Guides and References to Drawing Animated Facial Expressions. The psychedelic mind expresses coherence and plasticity with all that is. It unifies the spiritual and material with a cosmic glue that sticks and drips with a smiley smile. Super Sprayer. 23 super creative repurposed items. Drawings on the fridge. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Twobirds Bridesmaid. Creative Window Seat Ideas.


Sketch Swap. 17 Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Look Perfect. How to turn "water" into marbles. .: Tripographer - Powered By Marriott :. Drawing Board. 20 Amazing Eye Makeup Tutorials.