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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 31 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 31 Pics

Contemporary Bedroom Design Small Space Loft Bed Couple « Interior Images, Photos and Pictures Gallery « DesignWagen 20 Awesome Products And Design Ideas September 2, 2011 | 48 Comments » | Topics: Design, Pics Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates As we all know, a new coffee table is quite expensive, so today will show a solution that with a little skill and creativity you can do it yourself. There are several options for materials, but depending on the table size, you can choose pallets or wine crates. If you choose wine crates follow the steps below … and belive me you can create a very atractive coffee table … What you will need: 4 Wooden Crates2 1x2x6 planks of recycled pallet4 Caster WheelsScrewsScrew DriverStain or Paint your choiceSatin Polyurethane How to make it: 1. Source : DIY Vintage Chic

tree tents by luminair nov 26, 2012 tree tents by luminair ‘tree tents’ by luminairall images courtesy of luminair the culmination of three years worth of research, these ‘tree tents’ by luminair are coming to forests near you. bringing awareness to the timber harvest and lifecycle, these suspended capsules bring comfortable and low impact retreats up in the canopies. the living spaces are contained by a sustainable structural frame enclosed with high density cotton canvas fabric. a combination of green ash wood and strong, lightweight hybrid aluminum sub-frame components are easily transported and assembled. steam-bent into a spherical shape, the form spreads loads across the structure to absorb movements of inhabitants. its 100% waterproof exterior is insulated with sheep wool, making the shelters perfect for year-round use and semi-permanent camps. it comes in olive green, red and natural. spherical tent suspended amidst tree trunks ladder leads into front door side window door entry fabric door rolled up bedroom

10 DIY iPhone docking stations If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone! This is a statement that accurately defines this Apple product. The features, the looks and the Apple logo makes this smart phone stand apart in the competition. This pretty amazing device which solves the purpose of your entertainment and communications of all sorts without a doubt must be your priced possession. 1. I wonder how rare creativity can be achieved with such small monetary resources. 2. Do you have an unused phone lying around which our grandpa must have used in his time? 3. You can buy a tree trunk docking station from the market for a reasonable price or instead be creative and make one of your own. 4. This is a fancy iPhone docking station made up of fine 20 gauge steel and custom painted. 5. Instead of having it in the breakfast, mold a piece of wheat bread and for extra stability use some hard flour to make it a stand. 6. Now that’s amazing. 7. This is indeed a veey creative way to place your iPhone. 8. 9.

Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places Standing lamps in corners often feel a bit like round pegs in square holes, not quite fitting the space in a way that would feel intentional. This flat-pack, fold-out solution from Well Well Designers is a low-cost and elegantly-designed approach that is minimalist in terms of both materials and appearance. The product packaging and typography are all comprehensively considered in form and function – this is not a typical in-the-box retail object, but a simple black (or blue or red) on white approach. “The Pop-up corner light is delivered in an envelope. The lamp is constructed from a sheet of polypropylene. The sheet is cut and incised, in such a way to produce a square, triangular or circular module when folded at a 90° angle.

Made from a Single Piece of Plywood, This Chair Redefines Simplicity Photo: Alex Davies At the Meet My Project design exposition in Paris this week, simplicity was a major theme: boiling down products to their basics to get the most out of the materials used to make them. That's especially true of the work presented by Naruse Inokuma Architects, a young Japanese design office. The process is to insert cuts into a sheet of plywood and carefully bend each strip to create the overall shape. The sculpture bit may be something of stretch, but the chair is surprisingly comfortable, elegant in its simplicity, and among the cooler bent plywood furniture we've seen. This time, the team jumped from a single sheet of plywood to five wooden poles. More cool yet simple furniture:Simple Transformer Furniture Has No Moving PartsSimple Transformer Furniture Has No Moving PartsReally Cool Chair from Reclaimed Window Blinds + Table and Benches from Recovered Materials

Genius Ideas For Hiding Eyesores In Your House & House Organization Ideas Keeping your house clean and tidy can do wonders for the mood of everyone that lives inside. Nothing is worse than wading through a disorganized pile as you’re trying to get through your house. Luckily, these genius tips will help cut back on the clutter. Whether your hiding eyesores or just trying to keep your electronics organized, these awesome tips will help you out. 1.) 2.) (Be careful not to block the airflow, though.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) Karl Zahn 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) 21.) 22.) (H/T Bored Panda) Keeping your house tidy is important, but keeping it tidy and impressing guests with your creativity is even better.

DIY Marbled Glassware When graphic designer and artist Joanna Bean Martin shared with us her technique for marbling the bottoms of glassware with nail polish, we couldn’t wait to try it ourselves. Who knew it would be such an easy way to add color and pattern to your next tablescape or party? Remember, the brighter and bolder colors you use, the more the glasses will radiate and glow. Have fun! You’ll need:flat bottomed glasswarevariety of colorful nail polishclear nail polisha disposable plastic containernail polish removerpainters tapetoothpicks Mask off the bottom of the glass with painters tape. Fill a disposable, plastic container with water. Layer the colors one on top of the other. Submerge the bottom of the glass into the polish. Allow to dry completely before applying a layer of clear polish. Once everything has dried, remove the painters tape and touch up with nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Your glowing glasses are finished! Bottoms up!

Jabón artesanal de lavanda - Zona Manualidades Me encanta el aroma de la lavanda, pero la verdad es que todavía no había hecho ningún jabón de esta planta, así que aquí os dejo la receta por si os apetece probar. 109 grs de aceite de coco. 480 grs macerado de lavanda en aceite de oliva. 93 grs de aceite de palma. 19 grs de cera de abeja. 234 grs de infusión de lavanda congelada. 89 grs de sosa caústica. 30 grs de aceite esencial de lavanda. Un poquito de colorante de uso cosmético para jabones de color morado. Antes de empezar a hacer el jabón deciros que tenemos que hacer previamente el macerado de lavanda. Yo lo hago de la siguiente manera: Suelo segar algo de lavanda en Julio, bueno lo hace mi marido, luego le corto los rabos y solo dejo la parte florida, lleno un tarro de cristal y relleno con aceite de oliva, le pongo etiqueta con fecha. Meto este bote en una bolsa de basura para preservarlo de la luz y lo saco al balcón para que le dé el calorcito. Si es invierno lo pongo encima de un radiador. Escrito por Aliena |

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