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Autres moyens de mesure environnemental

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Sobriété et performance de vos services numériques - Greenspector. L'impact carbone du Top 100 des sites web E-Commerce - Greenspector. Reading Time: < 1 minute Les ventes effectuées sur les sites e-commerce progressent chaque année, de plus en plus en mobilité ou depuis un smartphone à la maison.

L'impact carbone du Top 100 des sites web E-Commerce - Greenspector

Nous n’avons jamais autant consommé via ces plateformes web qu’aujourd’hui. Un débat persiste entre l’impact écologique du e-commerce en terme logistique en comparaison avec un achat effectué en magasin. Tout dépend de certains paramètres (temps de livraison, situation géographique du magasin, moyens logistiques utilisées…). Argos: Measure The Carbon Footprint Of Software, Improve Developer Practices. I'm super excited to share a preview of Argos, a tool that measures the environmental footprint of software.

Argos: Measure The Carbon Footprint Of Software, Improve Developer Practices

We've been working on building Argos for the past 6 months. We believe we've reached a point where Argos provides actionable metrics to improve development practices and help developers fight climate change. We're releasing the Argos code with an Open-Source license. This article will describe our journey in detail: Let's dive in! Metrics: The Key to Reducing The Environmental Impact of Digital Activity As we've explained in our series Developers Can Save The Planet, we're deeply concerned by the impact of our job on global warming. WebPageTest - Website Performance and Optimization Test. How is your website impacting the planet? PageSpeed Insights. Website Speed Test. Website Performance Testing and Monitoring.

What's New in Lighthouse 6.0. Today we're releasing Lighthouse 6.0!

What's New in Lighthouse 6.0

Lighthouse is an automated website auditing tool that helps developers with opportunities and diagnostics to improve the user experience of their sites. It's available in Chrome DevTools, npm (as a Node module and a CLI), or as a browser extension (in Chrome and Firefox). It powers many Google services, including and PageSpeed Insights. Lighthouse 6.0 is available immediately on npm and in Chrome Canary. Other Google services that leverage Lighthouse will get the update by the end of the month. To try the Lighthouse Node CLI, use the following commands: This version of Lighthouse comes with a large number of changes that are listed in the 6.0 changelog.

New metrics # Lighthouse 6.0 introduces three new metrics to the report. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) # Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a measurement of perceived loading experience. For more information, watch this deep-dive on LCP by Paul Irish. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) # Performance Budget Calculator. Lighthouse CI: Adding a Google Lighthouse Audit to Your CI CD Process. Mastering Web Performance Audits With Github Actions and LightHouse CI. Lighthouse-ci/ at main · GoogleChrome/lighthouse-ci. GoogleChrome/lighthouse: Automated auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for the web.

How to set a Page Weight Budget for a greener, faster website. Since I was in my teens I’ve been interested in both sustainability and design.

How to set a Page Weight Budget for a greener, faster website

When I co-founded Wholegrain Digital with Vineeta over a decade ago, it was natural that I wanted the business to embody my interests and values. Over the years we’ve built a team who care about good design and sustainability, and it’s led to us being a bit obsessed with efficiency. So much so that we refer to our design and development process as efficiency by design. In essence, our objective is to create solutions that do the most with the least. Efficiency by design means is figuring out how to achieve the client’s goals with the least amount of data. The best results are achieved when efficiency is prioritised from the beginning of a project, not as an afterthought. We learned about page weight budgets from Tim Frick over at Mightybytes in Chicago and it has been transformative in pushing our work to the next level. What is a page weight budget? It’s just like a project budget, but for your pages. SLI : un indicateur pour évaluer la durabilité des logiciels.

L’empreinte écologique des systèmes d’information est directement liée à la fabrication et la fin de vie des équipements.

SLI : un indicateur pour évaluer la durabilité des logiciels

Pour la réduire, il faut donc allonger au maximum la durée de vie active des équipements dans l’entreprise. Or, cette démarche dépend essentiellement des logiciels qui sont installés. Planned obsolescence / Made to Break. Philippe Bihouix. Conseil en performance économique responsable. Verdikt : la solution de performance écologique du numérique des entreprises. [CONTENU PARTENAIRE] La transition écologique est un véritable enjeu pour notre société.

Verdikt : la solution de performance écologique du numérique des entreprises

De nombreuses entreprises ont d’ailleurs pris à cœur le sujet en déployant différentes actions pour recycler, rationner leurs achats de consommables, réduire leur consommation énergétique, etc. Malgré tous leurs efforts, ces entreprises n’échappent pas à la pollution numérique. Mais concrètement, comment le numérique pollue-t-il ? Verdikt : Evaluer l'impact écologique de votre numérique. Hubblo-org/scaphandre: ⚡ Electrical power consumption metrology agent. Let scaph dive and bring back the metrics that will help you make your systems and applications more sustainable !

Scaphandre v0.1.1 - Power consumption monitoring agent to help make tech more sustainable : rust. Frug'Agile - Table ronde #GreenIT.