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Turbo: The speed of a single-page web application without having to write any JavaScript. Publish, ship, and install modern JavaScript for faster applications. Over 90% of browsers are capable of running modern JavaScript, but the prevalence of legacy JavaScript remains one of the biggest contributors to performance problems on the web today.

Publish, ship, and install modern JavaScript for faster applications is a simple web-based tool that calculates the size and performance improvement a site could achieve by delivering modern JavaScript syntax. The web today is limited by legacy JavaScript, and no single optimization will improve performance as much as writing, publishing, and shipping your web page or package using ES2017 syntax. Modern JavaScript # Modern JavaScript is not characterized as code written in a specific ECMAScript specification version, but rather in syntax that is supported by all modern browsers. Second-guessing the modern web - The emerging norm for web development is to build a React single-page application, with server rendering.

Second-guessing the modern web -

The two key elements of this architecture are something like: The main UI is built & updated in JavaScript using React or something similar.The backend is an API that that application makes requests against. This idea has really swept the internet. It started with a few major popular websites and has crept into corners like marketing sites and blogs. I’m increasingly skeptical of it. My website now loads in less than 2 sec! Here's how I did it! ⚡ Hi there!

My website now loads in less than 2 sec! Here's how I did it! ⚡

The reason why you're here is probably because you wanna know what I did to load my portfolio website in just 1.8 seconds and achieved a performance score of 94 on lighthouse. Link to my portfolio website is at the bottom. I will lay out all my tips and tricks over here, which I implemented to achieve this! Let's get this thing started! CS253 - Web Security. Fall 2019 This course is a comprehensive overview of web security.

CS253 - Web Security

The goal is to build an understanding of the most common web attacks and their countermeasures. Performance audits. Metrics. Fast load times. Learn Website Performance - Best Website Performance Tutorials (2019) Image Resizing Services. Responsive images are landing soon and many organizations are looking for ways to resize images.

Image Resizing Services

Thankfully, there are a number of startups, established companies, and open source solutions for image resizing. I’ve pulled together a spreadsheet of the image resizing services to make it easy for people to explore their options. Figuring out what to include and what to ignore was difficult. For example, GD and ImageMagick are available on many platforms and you could build your own service using them. Many CMS tools have built-in image resizing tools. I focused on services and software that provided a level of abstraction (e.g., you can ask for image resizing via a URL) or were specifically focused on responsive images.

Does the image resizer try to detect the correct image size and would that be desired? The spreadsheet has a column for detection to indicate whether or not the image resizer tries to automatically detect what size of image to request or deliver. Detection comes in two forms. Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags: what they do and when to use them · PerfPerfPerf. There’re multiple ways to improve web performance (see Web Performance 101 for a full overview).

Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags: what they do and when to use them · PerfPerfPerf

One of those ways is to preload content you’ll need later in advance. Prefetch a CSS file, prerender a full page, or resolve a domain ahead of time – and you won’t have to wait for it when it’s actually needed! Sounds cool. What’s even cooler is that browsers have a simple built-in way to do all these things. Exceptional Performance - Yahoo Developer Network. Yahoo!

Exceptional Performance - Yahoo Developer Network

's Exceptional Performance team promotes best practices for improving web page performance. They conduct research, build tools, write articles and blogs, and speak at conferences. Attention aux notes de performance comme PageSpeed, Yslow, Dareboost. Aujourd’hui, pour mesurer la performance d’un site web, une majorité des personnes utilisent (nous y compris) les services de notations de performances.

Attention aux notes de performance comme PageSpeed, Yslow, Dareboost

Dans cet article, nous allons voir pourquoi il n’est pas forcément pertinent de se fier à ces notes. Pour récupérer une note de performance, il existe plusieurs outils connus : Image and Video Upload, Storage, Optimization and CDN. Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools   Goal of tutorial This tutorial teaches you how to use Chrome DevTools to find ways to make your websites load faster.

Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools  

Read on, or watch the video version of this tutorial: Prerequisites You should have basic web development experience, similar to what's taught in this Introduction to Web Development class.You don't need to know anything about load performance. Analyse de site Web, Test de Performance et Audit qualité. > the 3 Billion (and still free) Image optimization API.! Astuces de création de pages HTML à affichage rapide - Guides pour développeurs Web. Sonarwhal's online scanner. Compressive Images Revisited - 2012 was a dark time for responsive images.

Compressive Images Revisited -

Standards work had begun, but there was no consensus and many angry people (myself included). Some remained unconvinced that responsive images were even a problem that needed to be solved. But there was still a glimmer of hope in these dark days. In July of that year, Daan Jobsis discovered a technique that the Filament Group would later dub “compressive images”.

The technique became pretty popular and worked quite well in lieu of an actual standard. Now, fast forward to today. What are compressive images? The compressive images technique relies on you sizing a JPG image to be larger than the size it ultimately is displayed at and then compressing it to an incredibly low-quality setting. The benefit in weight can be substantial. Yellow Lab Tools. Faire un beau site web, c’est gratifiant. Mais faire un site rapide, c’est indispensable. Voici un outil open-source, gratuit (et développé par un petit Français !) Qui pourrait bien sauver votre peau de développeur web. Il est accessible en ligne ici : Yellow Lab Tools. Sloppy - the slow proxy for dial-up modem speed simulation (slow down) YSlow - Official Open Source Project Website. Statistics Reveal Slow Loading Times Cost Sites Serious Money.

4 outils pour minifier des fichiers PHP, HTML, JS et CSS. Afin de rendre nos fichiers CSS et JS plus légers, il existe un procédé afin d'alléger le poids de ces fichiers, c'est la minification. Quand vous souhaitez télécharger Jquery, vous avez le choix entre deux versions, d'une part, celle qui est compressée avec l'extension min.js et d'autre part, non compressée avec l'extension js. La version non compréssée va etre utilisée, en phase de développement, en revanche, celle qui est compressée pour la mise en production de votre site. Selon le langage, la minification va supprimer les espaces inutiles, les sauts de ligne, optimiser votre code CSS... La minification entre, dans le process d'optimisation du chargement des pages et de leur poids. Avoir des fichers moins lourds, atténue le temps de chargement. Il existe, des outils en ligne, pour effectuer la minification de ses fichiers.

Tinyfier Tinifyer est un outil où on peut minifier ses fichiers HTML, CSS, JS et PHP. Compress My Code HTML Minifier Online JavaScript/CSS Compressor Conclusion. Website Performance Test.   Google Developers. PageSpeed Insights. Website speed test.   Tools for Web Developers  

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page, public or requiring authentication. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and more. You can run Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools, from the command line, or as a Node module. You give Lighthouse a URL to audit, it runs a series of audits against the page, and then it generates a report on how well the page did.

From there, use the failing audits as indicators on how to improve the page. 5 Free tools for testing your website’s speed online. 5 Free tools for testing your website’s speed 5 (100%) 7 votes Today’s internet world “speed” always has been and always will be important in terms of web development and web design. website’s speed is a very important role in website’s success. Even google has its own set of tools that users like you and me, can use to improve the website speed. In short, if you want to run an online personal, commercial business, then you need to make sure your website loads under two seconds. Why a website loads slowly? Make the Web Faster. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test. Website Speed and Performance Optimization. A Quick Guide to Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Why I Love Pingdom Tools – Writings of a Page Load Speed Geek. What is Minification? – Writings of a Page Load Speed Geek. What is Minification? Minification, which is also known as minimisation or minimization, removes unnecessary characters from source code in computer programming languages such as JavaScript. This removal does not alter the functionality of the code. Examples of unnecessary characters are white spaces, new line characters, block delimiters (used to make the code more readable but not required for the computer’s use), and comments. Removing these reduces the amount of data the computer must transfer, and it may also be used as obfuscation — which is not to be confused with false cryptography. Minified code can be reversed with a pretty-printer, unlike the false cryptography.