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Sweden figured out how to stop people from smoking. A chart published last month by the European Union as part of a survey about attitudes towards tobacco in Europe lists the percentage of daily smokers in 28 countries.

Sweden figured out how to stop people from smoking

At the top is Bulgaria, where 36 per cent of the population smokes daily. Greece and France are close behind, with 35 and 33 per cent respectively. Further down the list are Spain (26 per cent), Italy (24 per cent) and Germany (23 per cent). Near the bottom are Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark, all at 16 per cent. As of 2015, 15 per cent of Americans were smokers, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Flight Insight by momondo: A new cutting edge tool can help you find cheap flights.

The number of passengers travelling on aircraft in any particular month is a fair indication of what your seat is going to cost.

Flight Insight by momondo: A new cutting edge tool can help you find cheap flights

Travel in a less busy month and there is also a greater chance of seat availability for travellers looking to pay with airline loyalty points – but how do you know which are the cheap months? Comparison site has recently come up with data to show that passenger loadings on aircraft departing Australia are at their lowest in October, at 72 per cent, highest in December at 88 per cent. Drilling down further into the data, those figures vary with your destination. If it's Europe, June and December are the peak travel months. Come October and flight loadings drop by more than 20 per cent from September.


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