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The Netherworld (UPDATED) There's "fiction" and then there's "nonfiction" and in between there is a netherworld of fiction/non/fiction that resonates on a level that neither truth nor lies can hope to equal.

The Netherworld (UPDATED)

There are all kinds of videos and images out there a lot of people dismiss as hoaxes, but seem to take on a reality unto themselves. Jesse Moynihan. From Steve Reich to rock: why 1976 was a big year for minimal music. If you can remember 1976, you will remember the summer: the hottest and driest in the UK since records began, with standpipes in the streets all over the country.

From Steve Reich to rock: why 1976 was a big year for minimal music

In the news there was the death of Mao and the end of the Cultural Revolution, the American Revolution Bicentennial, the Soweto uprising and the shock resignation of prime minister Harold Wilson. Less publicised, but ultimately just as significant, events that year included the setting up of Apple Computer Inc and the first reported case of a haemorrhagic fever virus found near a river called the Ebola in Zaire.

I was a 17-year-old leaving the small town in Lanarkshire where I’d grown up for university in Glasgow. I knew then it was a great year for music, but looking back – from Tallinn to Warsaw, from Amsterdam to New York – there really was something in the air. To start with there was punk. Jesse Moynihan. The Secret Sun: Unified Weird Theory: An Introduction. Hey, you wanted weird...

The Secret Sun: Unified Weird Theory: An Introduction

Food preparation is both an art and a science. It's a science because it's about taking certain elements (ingredients) and subjecting them to various processes of measurement and mixing and exposing these to carefully determined levels of heat (sometimes cold) at determined intervals in order to achieve a desired outcome. It's an art because there are all kinds of variables that cookbooks --or even training-- can't account for or predict. John Baines The Stellar Man Hermetic Philosophy book 2. The Secret Sun: Nightmares in Camelot, Part 3: Aliens and Alchemists. The pilot episode of The Outer Limits "The Galaxy Being" (originally titled "Please Stand By") stands along side Star Trek's pilot "The Cage" and the pilot for The X-Files as a definitive statement of intent as well as an indelible blueprint for what was to come.

The Secret Sun: Nightmares in Camelot, Part 3: Aliens and Alchemists

All three are self-contained works in and of themselves that stand alone as art; short feature films that stand alongside the best sci-fi cinema. Their relative short length is no handicap, no stain on their perfection. Unlike Chris Carter, Leslie Stevens and Gene Roddenberry both stood back from their creations, and let others take the reins- Joseph Stefano and Gene Coon, respectively. But their pilots were so complete, so perfect (and self-replicating, in a sense) that the new producers needed only to be faithful to the original vision.

What was so powerful about Stevens' script that it laid the foundations for generations of TV sci-fi to come? In his essay "John Dee and Edward Kelley: Sex, Lies, and Angels," P.T. The Elusive Companions: The Secret Commonwealth. We see the world through an extremely limited band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Elusive Companions: The Secret Commonwealth

The same goes for our hearing. We consciously process a remarkably tiny proportion of the limited sensory input we receive. We are only able to measure that which can perceive. And we still don't understand exactly how or why we process anything, other than to facilitate our survival on a purely reptilian level. The Secret Sun: Nightmares in Camelot, Part 1: The Outer Limits. In my previous post I'd mentioned how the prospect of doing The Outer Limits justice was too much for me at the moment, given my current responsibilities.

The Secret Sun: Nightmares in Camelot, Part 1: The Outer Limits

However, I also realize that some of you might not be familiar with the series or the esoteric topics I was going to examine it in the light of. This all demands a book-length treatment, but an ongoing series of blogposts would do nicely as well. There are several major issues that I would like to tackle with this series. The Secret Sun: Ockham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials. Ockham's Razor is one of those famous dictums that people use in arguments and often do so incorrectly.

The Secret Sun: Ockham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials

The whole story of it is pretty tangled and is better explained elsewhere, but for our purposes let's stick to the common distillation of it, being that the simplest answer to a problem is usually the correct one. "Skeptics" love Ockham's Razor, even if they don't always understand it. This is because "Skeptics" love-- no, that's not quite right-- they worship received authority and hate anything that challenges said authority.

If the Razor was good enough for their professors, it's good enough for them, even if they often misquote it. I've heard Ockham's Razor thrown around in UFO debates, with "Skeptics" gleefully oblivious to the fact that non-manmade aircraft is a much simpler solution to the problem than swamp gas, weather ballons, Venus, meteors, satellites, chinese lanterns, dirty lenses, low-lying clouds reflecting streetlights, and on and on and on and on and on ad infinitum. The Secret Sun: AstroGnostic: Moon-Machines and Mindbombs. The first installment of this series dealt with the plasticity of memory, centered on the fact that my most vivid memories from my childhood were either nightmares or hallucinations, many of which had strands of commonality with abduction experiences.

The Secret Sun: AstroGnostic: Moon-Machines and Mindbombs

The second part looked at weird strands of commonality within many classic abduction reports (which is to say, pre-Communion, pre-Intruders), many of which were not your typical nighttime visitation experience but were often daytime sightings followed by an encounter leading to some kind of beam emission which itself led to a bizarre experience which might include alien sex, a spin around the solar system and so on. Experiences almost tailor-made to make the witness seem foolish or fantasy-prone. But the kind of experiences (and sightings) seen in the post-war UFO literature are nothing new at all.

The Secret Sun: Wyrd New Jersey: ET Phone Home. Andre at The Alien Project links to another UFO story in the Telegraph, this time claiming "ET tracked down on Google Street View" with the sub-headline "UFO experts were left baffled after claims that ET was finally tracked down on Google Street View.

The Secret Sun: Wyrd New Jersey: ET Phone Home

" A misty shape, bearing a distinct similarity to the movie alien, was captured behind a bush next to a mysterious beam of light. The spooky snap was caught by Google image cameras in the town of Berkeley Heights in New Jersey. Some claim the image could be evidence of life in outer space while others point to a simple trick of the light.The 'ET' alien was photographed on Diamond Hill Road, a semi-rural location about eight miles from Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey and 30 miles from the bright lights of New York City.Malcolm Robinson, head of the Strange Phenomena Investigations, described the image as "the first of its kind".

How ironic that ET is snapped right near where phone technology is developed. Was the Heaven’s Gate Right? RANCHO SANTA FE, CA – Arizona Investigators say they have found a link between the 1997 Heaven’s Gate suicides, and the recent suicide of former cult member Walton Samuel Gayson, following his escape from ADX Florence last May.

Was the Heaven’s Gate Right?

In a recorded suicide confession, Gayson claims to have witnessed “extra-terrestrial beings” during the infamous “Phoenix Lights” over southern Arizona on March 13, 1997. Gayson allegedly contacted cult leader Marshall Applewhite in the days that followed the mass sighting in Phoenix, warning him about the encounter. Applewhite led 38 men and women in a suicide pact the following week in Rancho Santa Fe, 2 miles from where Gayson’s body was found. Many Interacting Worlds theory: Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds. Griffith University academics are challenging the foundations of quantum science with a radical new theory based on the existence of, and interactions between, parallel universes.

In a paper published in the prestigious journal Physical Review X, Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics, and Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, take interacting parallel worlds out of the realm of science fiction and into that of hard science. The team proposes that parallel universes really exist, and that they interact. That is, rather than evolving independently, nearby worlds influence one another by a subtle force of repulsion. They show that such an interaction could explain everything that is bizarre about quantum mechanics Quantum theory is needed to explain how the universe works at the microscopic scale, and is believed to apply to all matter. Professor Wiseman and his colleagues propose that: Memories Can Be Inherited, and Scientists May Have Just Figured out How. In Brief Our life experiences may be passed on to our children and our children's children - and now scientists report that they have discovered that this inheritance can be turned on or off.

What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in gene expression…changes that are inherited, but they are not inherent to our DNA. For instance, life experiences, which aren’t directly coded in human DNA, can actually be passed on to children. Studies have shown that survivors of traumatic events may have effects in subsequent generations. Liber 49 - The Book of Babalon. Sacred texts Thelema January 4 - March 4, 1946 E.V. This book contains the record of a magical experiment relating to the invocation of an elemental, the thereafter of the Goddess or Force called BABALON, and the results thereof. An appendix con- tains some details of the method, published for the first time. The contents should be clear enough to those who are prepared for understanding, and a little study and effort should make it so for those who desire understanding.

A few years in the Absolute Elsewhere: American History Hex Conclusion: freedom is a two-edged sword. You are in rude health, and yet you are hysterical; you are fascinated and subdued by all things weird and unusual, though to the world you hold yourself so high, proud, and passionate. You need love, it is true; so much you know yourself; and you know also that no common love attracts you; you need the sensational, the bizarre, the unique. But perhaps you do not understand what is at the root of that passion. I will tell you. You have an inexpressible hunger of the soul; you despise earth and its delusions; and you aspire unconsciously to a higher life than anything this planet can offer.The Moonchild, Aleister Crowley.

Whatever one is to make of the Babalon Working - an elaborate sex magick ritual undertaken by an eccentric rocket scientist and a mesmeric trickster soon to attain global infamy - the appearance of Marjorie Cameron in its midst remains a stunning serendipity. Cameron was born in Belle Plain, a sleepy rail-road town located two miles north of the Iowa River, in 1922. L.