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United States CFTC & DOJ Filing. In response to reports of the U.S.

United States CFTC & DOJ Filing

Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Department of Justice’s decision to file charges against HDR Global Trading Limited and related parties, we have the following statement: “We strongly disagree with the U.S. government’s heavy-handed decision to bring these charges, and intend to defend the allegations vigorously. From our early days as a start-up, we have always sought to comply with applicable U.S. laws, as those laws were understood at the time and based on available guidance.”

In the meantime, the BitMEX platform is operating entirely as normal and all funds are safe. To allay any potential customer concerns, pending withdrawal requests were processed at 17:45 UTC, in line with our standard procedures. If you have any further enquiries, please contact Support. Important Notice Regarding BitMEX Zcash Futures This notice is meant to clarify common questions users have about the BitMEX 30 December 2016 Zcash / Bitcoin futures product.

BitMEX founder arrested for violation of US anti-money laundering laws. Insurance Fund: Your Questions Answered. We’ve had a number of questions from our traders over the past week about the role and performance of the Insurance Fund on 12 and 13 March.

Insurance Fund: Your Questions Answered

In this update, we explain more about how the Fund works, and what it’s used for. We also address questions including how we calculate an appropriate size for the Fund, and why it grew during this period. What does the Insurance Fund do? Before we begin, and now that the markets have settled, it’s important to put the role of the Insurance Fund into some context. For both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets, the 12 and 13 March brought unprecedented volatility. This is different from a traditional exchange, on which traders can lose more than the margin posted in their account. By contrast, on BitMEX, losing traders never owe more than the margin posted. So what doesn’t it do? The Insurance Fund exists to act as a last line of defence to prevent ADL. Chart One below shows a normal trade resulting in a profit or loss. Terms Bankruptcy Price. Email Privacy Issue: What Is Happening And How Can We Help.

We understand many of you are concerned about the email disclosure which happened over this weekend and no doubt have many questions.

Email Privacy Issue: What Is Happening And How Can We Help

Our teams across the world have been working around the clock to protect your account security and make sure we are back on course. Our support team has already assisted many of our users and we are continuing to establish contact with everyone. This is a staggered process, to ensure that the proper processes are all followed, the delivery is logistically smooth and that all underlying security concerns are appropriately covered.

If you have not yet heard from us already, you will do very soon. We would like to apologise unreservedly for the concern this has caused. On Friday, November 1 at 06:00 UTC, many of our users received an email which contained the email addresses of other users in the “To:” field. BitMEX is a global business that sends emails to many different email providers. Updated: Statement on the Email Privacy Issue Impacting Our Users. Earlier today, some of our users received an email which contained the email addresses of other users in the ‘to’ field.

Updated: Statement on the Email Privacy Issue Impacting Our Users

We apologise for the concern this communication may have caused. This was the result of a software error which has now been addressed. BitMEX takes the privacy and security of our users very seriously. Rest assured that in this instance, beyond email addresses, no other personal data or account information have been disclosed and no further emails have been sent. The error which has caused this has been identified and fixed, ensuring our usual high standards of privacy are upheld. We are continuing work to ensure this will not occur again in future, and will be introducing additional features to further protect our users. In the meantime, please find below some immediate guidance which should be observed in order to ensure the continued safety of your account: Please be aware of phishing attempts. Statement on Email Privacy Issue Impacting Our Users.

Crypto Margin Trading. How to Use the BitMEX Anti-Liquidation Tool. A BitMEX Anti-Liquidation tool is now available at

How to Use the BitMEX Anti-Liquidation Tool

It can be used to trade XBTUSD Swap and Futures, ETHUSD Swap, & ETHBTC Futures at BitMEX like a professional trader. It will improve your trading performance in these ways: Please keep an eye on the site as more functionality will be added soon. This includes a Position Calculator for the Deribit BTCUSD Swap & Futures. Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange: P2P Trading, Up To 100x Leverage.