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Greatest Optical Illusions Pictures. OK, this one really belongs in the Skytopia 3D stereoscopic gallery, but I just couldn't resist.

Greatest Optical Illusions Pictures.

If you can cross your eyes, so that both pictures slide 'into' each other - to form a third, 3D image between them, the effect you will see is truly stunning! Try focusing on something in between you and the monitor to help see the illusion. If you're still stuck and you really want to see the illusion, try this site to help practise seeing 3-D stereo. If you can't manage to see this cross eyed version below, then try the parallel version here.

Build your own kaleidoscope. RPG Personality Test. Planeswalkers. Learning Binary with Touhou Elements Part 1 by HTFCirno2000 on deviantART. Roll20: Web-based online virtual tabletop for all roleplaying games (RPGs) Cymatics. Theremin. This article is about the instrument.


For the inventor, see Léon Theremin. Grid Paper PDFs. Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs Downloadable and very printable, I find these PDFs extremely useful.

Grid Paper PDFs

Tip number one! Though I do return the correct header for a PDF, sometimes Explorer gets confused when downloading... So if you're running Windows, you may need to right-click a link and choose "Save link to disk". Otakuland CZ. Animeast Wallpapers. Anime Galleries. Shimeji English Enhanced. Shimeji is a Windows desktop mascot that freely wanders and plays around the screen.

Shimeji English Enhanced

The mascot is very configurable; its actions are defined through xml and its animations/images can be customized. Shimeji was originally created by Yuki Yamada of Group Finity ( This branch of the original Shimeji project not only translates the program/source to English, but aims to additionally enhance Shimeji as well. Find Downloads on the Download page. There are two versions, Calm and Mischievous. The only difference is their configuration files. Lyrics. Anime Lyrics dot Com - Riichi (Japanese Mahjong) Japanese Mahjong (Japanese: 麻雀, 麻将 or マージャン; mājan), also known as Rīchi Mahjong, is a variation of mahjong.

Riichi (Japanese Mahjong)

While the basic rules to the game are retained, the variation features a unique set of rules such as rīchi and the use of dora. The main mahjong article contains general terms, but only English and Japanese terms are used here. Terms like "chow," "pung," and "kong" are not used in this variation, yet their functions are still used.

Instead, they are referred to in Japanese as chī, pon, and kan. History[edit] In 1924, a soldier named Saburo Hirayama brought the game to Japan.[1] In Tokyo, he started a mahjong club, parlor, and school.[1] In the years after, the game dramatically increased in popularity. Mahjong, as of 2010, is the most popular table game in Japan.[3] As of 2008, there were approximately 7.6 million mahjong players and about 8,900 mahjong parlors in the country. Setup[edit] Japanese mahjong tiles, including season tiles which are used in variants Chī[edit] Český riichi mahjong blog. - první český portál hry Mahjong. Big list of Riichi terminology. Yo, this is UmaiKeiki once again.

Big list of Riichi terminology

This post comes at the request of MOUIKKAI who wanted some kind of glossary of basic game terms so we can translate stuff. Portable Apps. Double Commander home page. John’s Background Switcher. Stellarium. AutoHotkey: macro and automation Windows scripting language. Cherrytree « giuspen. Features : open several cherrytree files (notebooks) at the same time with tabs (all in the same window-single instance)cut copy and paste nodesoption to edit pictures with external editoruser defined text style (font, bold, color,…)option to set the max line length/max page widthspreadsheet nodeopportunity for a node to have columnsallow drag n drop of images and files to cherrytreeadd the word counter for a node/the whole treeallow to open a formatting tag for future textbetter table export to html (respect column width, text align, single line border)do not truncate codebox width in export to htmlexport to html: option to have different color background for the treeexport to html: option to have the nodes to collapse/expandnumbered lists: double space after one digit numbers to be aligned with 2 digits numbersoption to make text double-spacedsave datetime creation and last datetime modification for every node.

cherrytree « giuspen

Download last version 0.37.6 (October 24th, 2016 – changelog) : AllDup - Find Duplicate Music Files, Delete Duplicate Music Files. Here you can download the free software AllDup and free up your computer from duplicate files!

AllDup - Find Duplicate Music Files, Delete Duplicate Music Files

Setup File The setup file contains all of the files required to use the software under Windows. You can install the setup file over an existing version of the software. Your settings are automatically preserved. Update File The update file enables you to update an existing installation of the software. An executable Windows file; can be started by double-clicking on it.

To extract ZIP files you need the freeware 7-Zip or a similar software product. To view PDF files you need a PDF Reader software. jPdf Tweak - Swiss Army Knife for PDF files. Zint Barcode Generator. MKVToolNix – Matroska tools. Bulk Crap Uninstaller. Fantasy Flight Games. Zen Magnets. Cubemania. Four Pillars. Four Pillars and Feng Shui Calculator Gadgets for your site. 4P Charting.