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The when, why and how of PD for iPads. By Stephanie Tow January 7th, 2015 One teacher explains that collaboration is key to finding time, and resources, for teaching with iPads Type “professional development for teachers” into any search engine and numerous results fill the computer screen.

The when, why and how of PD for iPads

Type in “professional development for iPads” and the results are more narrow and, in my search anyway, not at all what I need. So how do educators find what they need when it comes to teaching with iPads, apps, and all that conjures up? In my case, I did what we all do. I’m very thankful that my students have iPads, and I love watching them become completely absorbed in learning while using them. I believe the general consensus among teachers is that if we had meaningful professional development for iPads we would be more comfortable using them in our classrooms. Pick one or two things and become proficient using those. (Next page: the when, why, and how) Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers. Michelle Luhtala/Edshelf With the thousands of educational apps vying for the attention of busy teachers, it can be hard to sift for the gold.

Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers

Michelle Luhtala, a savvy librarian from New Canaan High School in Connecticut has crowd-sourced the best, most extensive list of apps voted on by educators around the country. “I wanted to make sure we had some flexibility because there’s no one app that’s better than all the others,” Luhtala said. Photo Editing - 21 Things 4 iPads. How To Read Kindle Books In iBooks, And Keep Your Library In The Cloud [How-To. I love e-books.

How To Read Kindle Books In iBooks, And Keep Your Library In The Cloud [How-To

I love them so much that I’m considering buying a double-sided, sheet-feed scanner, chopping the spines of all my dead-treeware books and having an OCR frenzy on their asses. What I don’t like is DRM. Here’s How iOS 7 Promises to Make iPad Management Easier for Schools. Apple’s engineers are working hard towards meeting their Fall 2013 release date for iOS 7.

Here’s How iOS 7 Promises to Make iPad Management Easier for Schools

However, their PR department is also working hard to ensure that educators know the full extent of the changes that are coming, and how they will impact iPad management in the classroom. The full list of changes can be found here, but I discuss some of my favorites below and share why they are a good move for Apple to make…especially in light of the forthcoming Android Google Play for Education Store. 1. So, first up, App Store license management: “The App Store Volume Purchase Program now offers institutions the ability to assign apps to users while keeping full ownership and control over app licenses…Apps can be revoked at any time and reassigned to other students This makes so much sense and will save a lot of headaches. 99 times out of 100, the school is buying apps for students, so it makes sense that they should have more control over their purchases. 7 Tips for Managing Your iPad Classroom. Mobile Learning | Feature 7 Tips for Effectively Managing Your iPad Classroom.

7 Tips for Managing Your iPad Classroom

Export Video from the iPad to Dropbox. Mastering The iOS Keyboard On Your iPhone And iPad [Feature. The one part of your iPhone or iPad you use the most is the on screen keyboard, a fantastically complex little app in its own right that must meet your needs all the time, across a ton of different situations.

Mastering The iOS Keyboard On Your iPhone And iPad [Feature

Whether you’re typing an iMessage, a Note or Reminder, or an email to your family, you’re using the iOS Keyboard. Why not take the time to get to know it even better? Here’s a list of five great tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time with this ubiquitous bit of software at the center of your iOS experience. Enable (And Disable) Emoji With iOS 5, Apple included Emoji as a standard keyboard option, obviating the need for separate Emoji apps (previously the only way to get the cute characters on your iOS device). If you haven’t enabled Emoji yet, or you want to disable it for whatever reason, read on. Launch your iOS Settings app with a tap, and then tap on General. Voilà! Dock, Undock, And Split Your Keyboard On The iPad. Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Easily Add Special Symbols And Accents [iOS Tips. So, there you are, typing a long note on your iPhone or iPad, when you suddenly realize that you need–gasp–a special symbol or accented character.

Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Easily Add Special Symbols And Accents [iOS Tips

Perhaps you want to use the £ (British pound) symbol, or the é symbol when sending an email to a business associate or family member. No, you don’t have to use the Emoji keyboard (unless you want a copyright (©) symbol), but there is a bit of a trick to it. Here’s how. Study Smarter – Take Notes And Highlight Text Within iBooks [iOS Tips. Ebooks are all the rage these days, and your iPad is a perfect device for reading them.

Study Smarter – Take Notes And Highlight Text Within iBooks [iOS Tips

Textbooks, too, are becoming de riguer for many students in college and even high school, as educators, schools, and publishers find a greater demand for electronic instructional materials. But studying from a book requires interacting with the text at a greater level than just reading it, of course, as students need to keep track of specific passages, or comment on them as they relate to their learning or lecture notes. Most eReading apps, like Nook and Kindle, have these features as well, but iBooks definitely has the most well designed, so let’s take a look at how to use it to study with your electronic books.

- How Does iPad Workflow Fluency Look in Kindergarten. 3 Comments February 5, 2013 By: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano. 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) 7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an #iPad Classroom #staar. Next week, I'll be facilitating a short one-hour workshop on a topic that is deceptively simple on a computer, but can be complex on an iPad--how to get student work off an iPad in a place where the teacher can get to it in ONE place.

7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an #iPad Classroom #staar

This short blog entry tries to offer some solutions. Let me know what you think, ok? 50 Must-Download Apps For Lifelong Learners. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-13 Long after degrees have been conferred and careers have been launched, many folks just can’t seem to quit school. For them, life provides an overstuffed cornucopia of educational opportunities that don’t necessarily require hefty loans and navigating different professorial strategies. 15 Great Free iPad Apps for Professional Development. With the advance of mobile technology into our life, the notion of professional development has been radically reshaped.To grow professionally is no longer limited to a certain geographic setting with a predefined set of resources, we can now learn wherever we are and on the go.

No more boundaries and this is certainly one of the biggest advantages in embracing this kind of technology. To expand this professional development notion to your iPad , I have compiled a list of some of the best free apps that you as a teacher and educator, can install on your iOS device. The list is not exhaustive and there might be other important apps not mentioned here but the ones below are a great stepping stone into the world of self learning. Check them out. 1- Twitter This is Twitter official app that lets you follow your interests, instant updates from your friends, and many more. Top iPad Apps for Making Musical Slideshows and Videos.

By Juli | July 30, 2012 | No comment yet Are you the family photographer at events and gatherings?

Top iPad Apps for Making Musical Slideshows and Videos

Do you often take vacation photos and then share them with friends? Do you want to spice up your photo slideshows with music or record your own music videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at this list of slideshow and video apps that we compiled. You can use these apps to turn your photos and your videos from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Video Star (Free) – It’s easy to make fun videos with Video Star, you simply select a song from your music library, and then start shooting video. Alternative iPad Browsers with tricks Safari can’t do. Educational Flash web sites aside, the iPad is a great device for browsing the internet. At the heart of this is Apple’s flagship browser, Safari. Overall, Safari is a capable browser on the iPad but there is some functionality missing from the app when compared to its big brother on Macs.

10 Incredible iPad Apps for Education. Learning is rarely fun; it’s even less fun when being taught within the confines of a lecture hall or classroom. While this may be true, there’s no reason why you can’t make the process more entertaining and challenging. The tablet market has paved the way for educational resources in the form of slick, new apps, with text-books now being replaced by online downloadable versions of themselves. Pack for iPad: Our List of the Best iPad Apps. If you're an engineer/scientist type, grab GraphiX48 for an on-screen version of the HP48GX calculator.

Sure, buttons and RPN are old school, but if you long for the days when a calulator was a tool rather than an arithmetic short cut this is the app for you. Top 10 Video Apps for Teachers. I had a life changing experience about 6 months ago. No, not one that will live in infamy. 1:1 iPad Solutions: Evernote. The Top 17 Free Digital Stotytelling Apps for The iPad. 1-StoryKit. 15 Great Resources for Educational Apps for Teachers, Parents and Educators. Now that mobile learning is advancing in a quicker pace than we ever expected and that our students and kids are embracing more and more mobile devices in their life, we are left with no other alternative but to swim with the torrent.

10 Useful iPad Resources for Educators. Home » Education. One iPad in the Classroom? – Top 10 Apps. ( A Quick Guide To Managing A Classroom Full Of iPads. The following is a sponsored post by Datamation Systems, Inc. . 10 iPad tips every teacher should know. Over the last couple of months I have just about switched from my trusty old laptop to the iPad as my primary work computer. Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps. iPhone/iPad AppGuides by AppAdvice. iPaddiction. - AirPlay Mirroring to your Mac. iPad. 10 ways Evernote can help make students more productive « newtechtimeline. Technology Timesavers for Teachers - myTeachersLounge. 5 Awesome iPad Apps for Students with Special Needs. An iPad idea a day - A short daily tips and tricks podcast on using the iPad as a personal learning tool running from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012.

QR voice. How to Put a Wiki On Your iPad. 5th Graders Write, Illustrate, Publish Their Own iBook. 20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy. Gpaeanews. The 200 Best Special Education Apps.

Math apps

APPitic - 1,300+ EDUapps. 40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students. 18 Enlightening iPad Experiments in Education. 15 Top Apps for Today's Student: Technology & Education. Best Social Studies Apps for iPad - WSS Wiki. Best Science Apps for iPad - WSS Wiki. Calling Dropbox Fans who are iPad or iPhone Owners ?? Check This Out. Top 10 Graphic Design Apps for the iPad. Top 10 Apps for Digital Storytelling. 37 Teacher Favorite iPad Apps. Only 1 iPad in the Classroom? Top 20 Must-Have Educational iPhone & iPad Apps Used By Real Teachers in the Classroom - iPhone app article - Shara Karasic.

#iPadChat. 8 of the BEST Apps to Add to Your New iPad! Transforming Teaching and Learning with iPads. How to Make an iPad Textbook in Under Five Minutes. Collaborative Whiteboard Apps for the Classroom.