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Quiet Books. Black Bird...(tunic) Jessica from Me Sew Crazy has put together a great series on her blog called Pattern Re-mix.

Black Bird...(tunic)

Packed full of some amazing guests and fantastic pattern re-mixes! We were pretty honored when she asked us to join in the fun. Jessica is so sweet and kind, and she has some of the most creative ideas and designs over on her blog, we just love being a part of the fun event. After a lot of thought and a lot of re-mixes I decided to remix one of the first tutorials I ever shared the circle top. It has been one of my favorite designs for some time and I thought it could use a little re-working. Black Bird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were always waiting for this moment to arise... It always makes me think of kids when they reach that point in their life where they learn independence (right around 2 for this little girl) They sprout their little wings and try to fly on their own. So good news first. There you have a nice and pretty neckline. Scallop shirt on Project Run and Play. Hey guys-head over to Project Run and Play to see the tutorial for what I call the Scallop Shirt.

scallop shirt on Project Run and Play

(my thought process on this name was very short, lol) Anyways, it’s simple and sweet, just my style. (luckily Sadie’s too, for now at least!) Can’t wait to see the designers stuff this week! Should be awesome! Free Pattern & Tutorial featuring Eiko by Craftiness Is Not Optional. We here at Birch Fabrics, have been incredibly blessed to work with Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional.

Free Pattern & Tutorial featuring Eiko by Craftiness Is Not Optional

Jess joins us here again, to bring you a ridiculously adorable reversible wrap top inspired by our Eiko collection by Jay-Cyn Designs. The japanese kimono style wrap, will be loved by moms for its effortless style, and loved by daughters for it's cuteness of course! Without further adieu, we are so honored to hand the reins over to Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional! Hey fellow fabric lovers! I'm Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional, and I'm so excited to share this top with you! My little gal LOVED that she got two tops in one-she seriously couldn't decide which was her favorite. DIY Summer Sunsuit from a T-shirt.

Tulip Hem. Tulip hem is being seen a lot in the dresses these days, especially for women.

Tulip Hem

Its an easy way to add some interest to a pattern with a simple bodice. It also gives more coverage while allowing ease of movement that dresses lack sometimes. I thought I will share how to sew tulip hem in a separate tutorial.Level: BeginnerTime: 15 - 30 mins for just the skirtMaterials: For kids up to 5 years we could make a decent tulip hem skirt in half yard, for kids 5 - 10 years 1 yard would be a good amount to begin with. Ric-Rac - 1.5 yards (optional)Sewing margins: Hemline : 1/4 inch Top edge: 3/8 inch Pattern: Pattern free/self drafted Construction: With the half yard fabric place it such that its shorter ends align. Cut out an arc on both layers. Turn the fabric inside 1/4 inch or as little as you can. If you want to finish it with a ric-rac, sew the ric-rac on the right side, otherwise just fold it one more time and sew, and you will have a finished hem. Tutorials. Craftiness Is Not Optional sewing, crafts, and parties Tutorials Archives Categories Return to top of page Copyright © 2014 · Blogger to WordPress Migration by Linauer Designs · Log in.


Proyectos de costura. Re-purposing: Reversible Boy’s Vest from Old Trousers. I read all of your comments and questions regarding the sewing tips post (found here).

Re-purposing: Reversible Boy’s Vest from Old Trousers

I will be answering some of the questions in upcoming “sewing tips” posts and will try and leave a comment back at the post to answer some others. Love the eagerness to tackle those sewing machines. Eeeeh. Oh, and some of you asked if I’d still be blogging here now that I use facebook and twitter. And the answer is yes, of course I will. I found a pair of trousers at the thrift store more than a year ago (back when we lived in Idaho) that I wanted to use for this project.

My memory is a fragile little thing. Hats made from Old Sweaters (nothing is safe from my scissors…ha! Remember how I put up a post last Friday about our little Denver meet-up?

Hats made from Old Sweaters (nothing is safe from my scissors…ha!

And then I said to check back later, because I had a post ready to go up? Yeah, sorry about that. Plans changed. My littlest one hasn’t been feeling well lately. And the second half of Friday turned into a fussy-bucket day. So that, my friends, is why Friday turned into a busy day. But here’s what I made. And guess what? Turns out, the striped hat kept my little baby’s ears nice and snuggly on our way to Urgent Care over the weekend. Super Simple Leggings: {only 2 fabric pieces} Chilly weather keeps creeping in.

Super Simple Leggings: {only 2 fabric pieces}

And what does that mean for my girl’s wardrobe? Leggings. Lots of them. Super Simple Leggings: {only 2 fabric pieces}