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Baby Gear, Baby Stuff, Parenting Classes & Childbirth Education - Isis Parenting - Isis Highly Recommended. 25 Stunning Play Tents to Buy or DIY. By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Every kid loves a small space to call their own. I rounded up 25 of the most inspiring play tents for kids, many of which include tutorials for you to make your own. And for those of us that are not especially handy, I’ve included some surprisingly gorgeous play tents you can buy.

Check out 25 Stunning Play Tents to Buy or DIY… nggallery id=’121666′ Home Away from Home This tent is amazing with it's windows and tie back doors! A Frame Tent Love the floral tent! Kid’s Reading Nook This project from Ana White is simple yet totally customizable. Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful. 25 Adorable Nurseries That Inspire 10 Simple Items for Organization 16 Ways to Organize Kids’ Rooms 14 Super Cool Suitcase Upcycle Ideas! Image source. SLIME. Don't you LOVE it when your little one is over the moon about an activity you shared together?! I do!! This morning we made RAINBOW SLIME and Biscuit was beside herself with excitement.

There are a few ways to make slime, however I found this recipe works best ~ 1 1/2 cups of CLEAR glue and 1 1/2 cups of liquid starch. The liquid starch we used was the brand STA-FLO, you can find it at your local grocery store with the laundry detergent or you can purchase on amazon. You mix it all together, separate the slime into a few small bowls and add food coloring to each bowl. You only need a few drops of food coloring!!! Making her slime All ready to go! "Stretchy" "Eeeeeew. " "I squish it! " Deep in thought.... By the end there was just one big ball of slime. She played with this stuff for thirty minutes ~ uninterrupted. *High-fiving myself* Happy Playing & Exploring!! 4 Ways to Keep A Toddler Busy While Caring for a Newborn | Parenting Starts Here. Give your toddler their own cabinet to keep them busy in the kitchen. Anyone who has had a baby knows the many challenges a newborn can present. When the new baby is your second baby, you are faced with all those challenges again while simultaneously trying to meet the needs of an older sibling.

Arming yourself with some “go-to” activities that promote independence for a toddler will be key for not only surviving, but actually enjoying those first days as a parent of two. 1. Books on CD It will be common for your older child to crave your attention the most when you are spending time with your new baby, for instance during those first days of what feels like constant feedings. 2.

My own children are 3 and 4 ½ now and I can still remember the dread I would feel as the evening hours neared and I would have to attempt to make a family dinner with a newborn baby and a toddler. 3. 4. Healthy Children. DIY Birthday Pinata. Hey DIYers! It’s Chelsea, back from my hangout at Lovely Indeed to show you an extra fun project I recently created for my niece’s first birthday.

It’s perfect for any summer celebration, especially one with a little Mexican flavor. Today, we’re talking DIY pinatas! Here’s what you’ll need: some cardboard, an empty cereal box, tissue paper, masking tape, scissors, a glue stick, and pipe cleaners or thick twine. Start by cutting the shape of your pinata out of your cardboard. Cut out two identical pieces of your shape.

Next, cut out strips of your cereal box to use on the sides of your pinata. Next, prepare your tissue paper: leave paper folded as it comes in a fresh package, and cut of a two-inch-wide strip of folded tissue paper. Once all of your tissue is fringed, grab your glue stick and start applying the fringe to the pinata form, starting at the bottom and working your way up. After you’ve sealed the pinata, string it up and admire! {Photos by Lovely Indeed.} Calico: baby legs tutorial. So I've seen a ton of baby legstutorials on the web lately. It's such a cool alternative when you can get awesome socks for $2 a piece. And EASY! Seriously guys. Here we go: Home Page. Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe. 7.9K Flares4.0K643.8K120--×7.9K Flares I love doing fun things with my kids, but I don’t do stuff as often as I’d like because of time and the mess. The Lord knows I have enough messes to clean up as it is without purposefully adding to it! I look on Pinterest and see all those cute craft projects and ideas for kids.

I pin that glitter project that’s momentarily caught my eye and for a fleeting moment, I contemplate actually attempting it. How many of you do the same? If that’s you – or even if you are an amazing crafty mom (my hat’s off to you!) This is such an easy recipe for making homemade playdough. Click here for: Easy Homemade Playdough FAQ *Note: I get so many comments and questions that I can’t answer all of them. Scroll to the bottom for the printable recipe What you’ll need: 1 cup flour 1 cup water 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1/3 cup salt 1 tablespoon vegetable oil food coloring This recipe makes a large amount, probably equal to 2-3 containers from the store.

Stir that color in! Services and Treatments at Lulu's Family Cuts at Salon 2323. Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss. For a FUN time, here’s how to make sponge bombs! Begin by cutting up ordinary household sponges into thirds, and wrapping an “ouchless” hair elastic around them…. Tip — Here is a quick video tutorial to demo how QUICK & easy these are to make! Grab a friend and a couple of buckets — each person kneels in front of a bucket filled to the top with water.

The object of the game is to hurl the sponge bombs into each other’s buckets! You WILL get wet!!! Whoever gets the most in the other person’s bucket WINS!! Gather up all the sponge bombs and play again (and again)! This is a great way to beat the heat without using up a lot of water, and sponge bombs can be used and re-used all Summer long. Have fun!! Free Printable Want more fun craft ideas and activities?? Home. 5 Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers | Parenting Starts Here. A toddler paints bubble wrap in Isis Art Studio class. In early January an article in the New York Times reinforced what early childhood educators have known for years–play is important. This 2007 report from the American Academy of Pediatrics documents that play promotes not only behavioral development but brain growth as well. What is sensory play? Children use their five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting to gather information about their surroundings.

Children must explore to know. As caregivers we need to provide sensory-rich environments for our children so they can practice using all their senses. Try these sensory play ideas at home: 1. 2. Our favorite playdough recipe: 4 cups flour2 cups salt4 cups water6 tbsp vegetable oil8 tsp cream of tartarfood coloringMix all ingredients in a large pot. These ice cube paints are white for use on black paper. 3. 4. 5. Lisa Gatto Child Development Program Lead. Indoor Gross Motor Activities. Warm weather is already tapering off , rain has been pounding down in many areas but kids still need to move, burn off energy and have fun doing it! Over the years we’ve gathered many gross motor activities for preschoolers and all of these can be done rain or shine in your home.

The Easy Balance Beam shown above is as simple as can be but offers a million possibilities . We’ve been pirates, played Simon Says on the beam, even played statue while standing on one leg. This Musical Hearts Game is a wonderful and fun way to incorporate listening, reading and shapes into a gross motor activity. We played this often last winter and can’t wait to include my daughter in on the fun now that she is running and jumping too. What could be more fun than knocking down your brother or sister and not getting in trouble? This Family Bowling Game lets your kids have fun knocking down custom made bowling pins while they work on gross motor skills and coordination .

Local to you | Local information for families in NW Leics. 197 Netmums like this Explore your local Netmums site, whether you are looking for local Places to Go with your family in NW Leics, a great family event in NW Leics or the best baby & toddler group locally - we can help. The Netmums Nearly New boards are the place to buy, sell or giveaway. Get NW Leics deals with our special offers, plus get childcare sorted with Netmums. Places to go and Local activities in NW Leics Local to you Hello, I'm Jacqui the NW Leics editor, here's some useful local information for you: Local North West Leicestershire Meetup Groups Find out about the latest news and chat from your Local meetup groups on their Coffee House Group: Hinckley Meetups We're currently looking for a new volunteer to organise meetups in this area.

Kids labels | Baby labels | Clothing labels | Mabel's. Productive Parenting - Activity Library: Preschool Activities, Toddler Activities, Baby Development. Productive Parenting Activity Search Activity Library Activity Categories Skills Learned Activity Library Activities displayed: 124 Early One-Year Old Animal Search Animal Sounds Ball Drop Basket Ball Baster Big and Little Block Box Block Play Blocks Blowing Bubbles Body Art Body Paint Body Parts Box Building Box Car Box Pull Box's Box Build a Fort Building Boxes Cave Crave Cheerio Challenge Clapping Cleaning a Mirror Color Marker Art Colors Corn Starch Counting Crinkle and Crunch Cruising Doll Washing Dry and Wet Empty and Full Empty and Full Enjoying Jello Family Photos Fluorescent Paints Foam Brush and Paints Following Me Food Book Freeze Dance Frozen Toy Fun with Water Garden Animals Grocery Store Hat Parade Head to Toes Here I Am Hidden Mirror Hide and Seek House Sounds House Tour I Can Climb Juggling Game Kitchen Band Kleenex Kick Ladder Walk Lid Cymbals Lids and Pots Listen Game Mapping Friends Mirror, Mirror Mixing Colors Move to the Music Movie Maker Moving Around Music and Movement My Family Book Mystery Bag Nesting New Shapes Number Song Paper Play.

Smally Scover at Mini Jake Kids NY.