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IELTS Writing Tutor. IELTS. Free IELTS Tutorials Free IELTS Practice Tests IELTS Test Information IELTS Test Preparation IELTS Test Scores Terms and Conditions Information published in is provided for informational and educational purpose alone for deserving students, researchers and academicians.


Research Education Academic purposes No permission is required to link any of the web page with educational information available in this web site from your web site or web page. IELTS Speaking Questions & Answers. Study English - IELTS Preparation. Stories: Behind the News. Learning English - 6 Minute English. Resources. Practice Test. By Margaret Matthews Choose a paper.

Practice Test

Academic reading Choose a Reading passage to download. Reading passage 1 (PDF, 217KB) Reading passage 2 (PDF, 178KB) Reading passage 3 (PDF, 210KB) Reading passage answers (PDF, 129KB) Listening Choose a Listening section to download. Listening section 1 (PDF, 208KB) | audio (MP3, 1758KB) answers and tapescript (PDF, 152KB) Listening section 2 (PDF, 202KB) | audio (MP3, 1757KB) answers and tapescript (PDF, 167KB) Listening section 3 (PDF, 130KB) | audio (MP3, 1789KB) answers and tapescript (PDF, 152KB) Listening section 4 (PDF, 130KB) | audio (MP3, 1793KB) answers and tapescript (PDF, 150KB) Speaking. IELTS - the International English Language Testing System - Exam English. IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is used as the language of communication.

IELTS - the International English Language Testing System - Exam English

IELTS is required for entry to university in the UK and other countries. Who is it for? IELTS is recognised by universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is also recognised by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. More than 1.4 million people a year take the test. What is the IELTS test like? You can choose between the Academic or General Training versions of the test.

Level and scores Multi-level. Please click here to see an explanation of IELTS Band Scores. Click here to see a comparison of IELTS scores with other exams. CB IELTS Listening Practice test. Online Practice Test for IELTS Academic - Free Sample. IELTS Blended. IELTS Revision and Practice Tests. IELTS Practice Tests. iPass IELTS online training courses. Are you one of the following people who needs IELTS?

iPass IELTS online training courses

A non-EU trained health professional applying to register with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council)? An international medical graduate taking the PLAB test to register with the GMC (General Medical Council)? A qualified pharmacist taking the KAPS test to register for the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand or Australia? Do you need at least Band 7 in each module with an overall minimum of 7 or 7.5? At iPass, we know how frustrating and tough that can be, which is why our team of experienced IELTS professionals are fully trained to help you achieve that goal! Why choose iPass IELTS? iPass has many unique features, making it the most professional and affordable online IELTS course available: Don't just take our word for it, read the success stories of the students around the world who have achieved higher IELTS scores with iPass.

IELTS Writing Test - free sample lessons. IELTS Listening Test. IELTS Writing Test - free sample lessons. Here is my story with IELTS which I have successfully passed with overall band of (8) Listening: 8.5, Reading: 8.5, Writing:7 and Speaking:7 After multiple unsuccessful trials of IELTS for achieving a minimum of band 7 in each section, I have found this wealthy website.

IELTS Writing Test - free sample lessons

Then, I decided to retake the test. You must have the inner and continuous motive to succeed when considering passing any hard obstacle like IELTS. Persistent training and guidance is a must for an investable victory. Jenny and Nigel are so professional tutors who can guide you to achieve the band that you need for your academic career especially at the writing and speaking sections. Personally speaking, writing had been always my weak point and I am thankful for Jenny and Nigel for the continuous and efficient instructions as well as their way of giving the feedback.

Thanks to both of you and for your cost-effective website! Free IELTS Practice Tests. IELTS Practice tests. IELTS Practice Exams.