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FrontPage. For the Call for Participation for EVO2017 (Jan. 8 - Feb. 12, 2017), please click here.


The Call for Proposals for EVO 2018 will be available in June, 2017. Since 2000, the Electronic Village Online (EVO), has been offering free professional development workshops for English language educators around the world. Organized by volunteer coordinators, with five-week sessions conceived and facilitated by teams of volunteer moderators, the EVO is open to anyone (TESOL members and non-members alike) with a computer or smart phone and an internet connection. Lucy Mangan: sitting exams is a game, and the game is rigged. Interview: Elizabeth Green, Author Of 'Building A Better Teacher' Teacher effectiveness is a hot topic in education circles right now.

Interview: Elizabeth Green, Author Of 'Building A Better Teacher'

How do you measure it, and how can you improve it? What type of teachers should schools keep, and who should they let go? Elizabeth Green says that it's not, as some people assume, a question of personality or charisma. Great teachers are not born, they're made, she says — and there's much more to teaching than being "good" or "bad" at it. Her book, Building a Better Teacher, explores teaching as a craft and shows just how complicated that craft can be.

Green studied teaching methods in both American and Japanese classrooms over the span of six years. Interview Highlights On teaching math in the United States versus in Japan One of the differences is the number of problems in a single class period. On the importance of mentorship Another thing that holds our country back is that we have this culture of privacy around teaching. Elizabeth Green is the cofounder of Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news site that covers education.

ICT4ELT. A group for language teachers who want to integrate information communication technology into their classes.


ICT4ELT (Information and Communication Technology for English Language Teachers) is a session for teachers who want to explore how computers could be useful in their teaching but do not know where to start. It can also help more experienced teachers who want to know more about new ICT tools. Designed by a team of long standing "Becoming a Webhead" (BaW) moderators and co-moderators (BaW was an Electronic Village Online (EVO) session that ran successfully for ten consecutive years), ICT4ELT is an entry level session that does not require prior knowledge of ICT tools to complete the course.

If you want to liven up your classroom with technology, come and join us! At the end of the 5 weeks, participants, collaboratively and hands on, will have... All the participants productions during the course will be stored in a wiki page. Index. April 9, 2014: Click HERE to view a PowerPoint presentation featuring photographs from this year's conference!


March 27, 2014: The TALGS Conference was a big success!


ARC's Suggested Reading List - American Refugee Committee. The following is a list of books and resources relevant to ARC's mission to serve refugees and displaced people.

ARC's Suggested Reading List - American Refugee Committee

This list was compiled based on recommendations from ARC supporters, members of the ARC Board of Directors, and staff. Learn more about refugees and the work of ARC and share what you learn with friends. Shop for these books online or at your local bookseller. UNHCR's State of the World's Refugees - 2012We Shared the Peeled Orange: The Letters of “Papa Louis” from the Thai-Cambodian Border, 1981-1993. -by Louis Braile Read More The Turbulent Decade: Confronting the Refugee Crises of the 1990s.


INTERLINK. English Language Teacher Training. About MIIS. Our students come to the Monterey Institute from around the world.

About MIIS

Mission Statement The Monterey Institute of International Studies, a graduate school of Middlebury College, provides international professional education in areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing global community, including international policy and management, translation and interpretation, language teaching, sustainable development, and non-proliferation. We prepare students from all over the world to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields through degree programs characterized by immersive and collaborative learning, and opportunities to acquire and apply practical professional skills. Our students are emerging leaders capable of bridging cultural, organizational, and language divides to produce sustainable, equitable solutions to a variety of global challenges.

History In 2010, the Institute became a graduate school of Middlebury College. The Institute Today. About Search Associates. In the last 23 years, Search Associates has helped close to 22,000 primary and secondary administrators, teachers, Counselors, Librarians and interns find exciting positions in international schools around the world.

About Search Associates

In 2012-2013 we set a record by helping 2,925 candidates secure positions abroad, making us by far the most successful International School recruitment organization. We believe that our success stems from the decentralized nature of our organization which permits us to give personal attention and support to both candidates and schools. Exceeding Expectations in Every Respect Search Associates was founded in 1990 by John F. Magagna, an experienced teacher and school head in independent schools in both the U.S. and abroad.

Although our size is impressive, it is our highly personalized approach to schools and candidates that we wish to emphasize. Our personal approach.


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