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Free Photos - Free Images - Free Stock Photos. Developing Great Teaching - Northern Rocks 2015. DIY Teaching CPD: Introduction. How we teach is a complex mix of our values, context and emotions.

DIY Teaching CPD: Introduction

It is deeply influenced by our knowledge, understanding and beliefs about pedagogy, our subject and what is of value to learn. No two teachers are likely to be the same. Front Cover of the New Improving Teaching Resource: What’s Your Next Step I’m deeply passionate about the education of both young people and teachers. I now spend a lot of my time educating the latter after fifteen years in the classroom. Paradigm Stick & Shift I’ve spent part of the summer writing a resource for a voluntary professional development programme I will be leading across the trust’s academies. Last year’s professional development programme was genuinely collaborative and collegiate but the language was inspectorial.

The original table that I used as a route map for last year’s journey is below. I’ve since revised the table but retained some of the original structure and ideas. Microcosm of the Classroom The Programme. Pivotal Podcast – Managing Behaviour – get practical advice on managing behaviour in your classroom. Contemporary educational ideas all my staff should know about. Key ideas from different sources.

Contemporary educational ideas all my staff should know about

As I look ahead to starting my new job at Highbury Grove, I’m thinking about all the conversations we are going to have about learning. To a large degree I want my teachers to be as up-to-date as possible within their own subject domains. They should know the latest OfSTED position ( eg with Moving English Forward or Mathematics: made to measure ) and be up to speed with exam specifications and assessment requirements. Subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogical knowledge are going to be key drivers of everything we do.

Documentary%20teacher%20notes. Demo: The Movie follows science teacher Alom Shaha on his summer holiday as he muses on and discusses the use of demonstrations in the classroom.

“Beautiful & thought-provoking” — Andrea Sella, UCL; Everyone who teaches science should watch this” — Tony Ryan, University of Sheffield; “You really should watch this in your next department meeting” — Jonathon Lisseman, Hammersmith Academy; “A celebration of the art & theatre of the Science demo. Superb film” — Wellington College; “Even if you’re not a teacher, WATCH THIS. So good” — Ben Lillie, StoryCollider; “All science teachers should watch” — Tom Sherrington; “the best use of Jenga I have ever seen” — Anna Starkey. Alom and Mary Whitehouse of the University of York (who also appears in the film) have put together some discussion notes for teachers and teacher trainers. Behaviour management strategies videos. Should any student ever be an exception to the rules?

Behaviour management strategies videos

Find tips to ensure consistency in your behaviour management. Whether you identify as male or female, teacher gender should not be a factor in whether your behaviour management is good. A key moment in any lesson is making sure your class is silent when you need them to be. Get tips on waiting for silence. This is an outline of how any teacher -- regardless of experience -- can control a class effectively from the first day onwards.

Make sure your students are in the best position possible to learn and build relationships early with the help of a seating plan. Behaviour strategies to deal with individual children who are wilfully and persistently disrupting their own and others' learning. Discover tips and advice to help ensure that a detention acts as an effective deterrent against future bad behaviour. Parents are a vital part of any behaviour-management strategy. #5MinPlan series. As teachers, I cannot imagine you’ll disagree with me when I say that we are all pushed for time.

#5MinPlan series

The demands placed on educators in any type of classroom, plus the expectation for planning to meet the needs of all students; or the expectations placed upon teachers from systems and management, can create unnecessary bureaucracy. The original 5 Minute Lesson Plan was designed to reduce planning time.


The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit. To Outstanding with #OutstandingIn10+10. Over the past few weeks I’ve been blogging about outstanding lessons and what makes them different.

To Outstanding with #OutstandingIn10+10

My starting point was Ross McGill’s (@TeacherToolkit) blog post #GoodinTen – Requires Improvement CPD Programme and with his permission I’ve “borrowed” the approach. Can Coaching Help Transform Teacher Quality? In the last week Michael Gove has challenged teachers about the setting of the highest standards in our schools.

Can Coaching Help Transform Teacher Quality?

Beyond the Mr Men debate, there is a truth that we should all be seeking the highest standards of teaching and learning possible. In my experience there have been very few teachers who don’t agree with Gove on this, or who do not attempt to challenge students and inspire curiosity with the highest of expectations on a daily basis. Rather than focus upon pointless political point scoring I want focus upon some practical solutions to help raise standards and I would hope Gove lessens his point scoring politicking to do the same. This post aims to explore how we can improve Continuous Professional Development in our schools, thereby improving teacher quality – the singularly most important factor impacting upon standards in our schools.

YouTube - Twitter As CPD. Connecting Performance Review to CPD: The KEGS Departmental Review.