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Blog - cathy mazak. Faculty Diversity. Seven upgrade strategies for a problematic article or chapter – Medium. I guess every researcher and academic writer has often faced the task of trying to upgrade a piece of work that just will not come out right.

Seven upgrade strategies for a problematic article or chapter – Medium

Sometimes it’s clear what the problem is, and colleagues, friends or supervisors who read the article or chapter can make concrete suggestions for change. But often it’s not so clear-cut. Readers are cordial but obviously unenthused. There’s nothing massively wrong, but the piece feels thin or unconvincing in some diffuse way. Sometimes too the problem occurs well before you want anyone else to read your text. At times like these it is handy to have a set of standard things to try to improve matters — familiar strategies that you can frequently use, deploying them quickly because you’re deliberately not treating each article or chapter as sui generis or unique. Do one thing well. 2. In other fields, length limits are much less — e.g. just 3,000 words for medical journal articles.

The writing coach, Thomas Basboll, shrewdly remarked that : 3. 4. 5. How to be both a scholar and an activist (essay) Dear Kerry Ann, I’m a scholar-activist in my third year on the tenure track.

How to be both a scholar and an activist (essay)

Do you have any concrete tips on balancing the work that counts for tenure with the work that matters to me? I’m currently working all the time, my colleagues are avoiding me, I’m exhausted and my body is hitting the breaking point. I’m unwilling to compromise my identity, but I’m having trouble holding it all together. Sincerely, Tired Scholar-Activist Dear Tired,

Call for papers. CITI - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. How To Actually Be More Productive, By The Guy Who Designed Facebook's Productivity Tool. The Professor Is in: Tenure Expectations. I want to refute Max Kirsch's point very explicitly: there were absolute numerical expectations at all my departments, and we spoke of those, and applied them, explicitly.

The Professor Is in: Tenure Expectations

For the humanists (ie, the literature, religious studies, history, and cultural anthropology people) It was, without any ambiguity at all: 5 top level peer reviewed articles and a monograph with a university press, IN PRESS or published, for a slam dunk case. The linguists had a different, hybrid, somewhat more article-centric model. The bio anthropologists and archaeologists had a completely article-centric, science model.

(please recall I always had joint appointments in a multi-disciplinary East Asian Lang and Lit department and an Anthropology Dept, and was Head of the former in which capacity I handled 5 tenure cases, thus my knowledge of all these various fields' tenure expectations). I was given these instructions at my first tenure track job byboth the Dept Head and the Dean. A space for academics on the margins. Impact_of_Crossrace_Mentoring_Report_2011. The Professor Is In: How to Deliver a Halfway-Decent Job Talk. Want more advice from Karen Kelsky?

The Professor Is In: How to Deliver a Halfway-Decent Job Talk

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Workbook Forms. Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success Wendy Laura Belcher The workbook requires you to write information and answers in various boxes and forms in the book.

Workbook Forms

A few of those forms have been attached as pdfs below to enable you to use them repeatedly. To buy the workbook for your friends, go here! To sign up for the newsletter, go here! All forms are in pdf unless otherwise noted. Introduction Two-person group commitment form Multiple-person group commitment form Week 1: Designing Your Plan for Writing Twelve-week writing work plan calendar Weekly writing work plan calendar Twelve-week writing work plan calendar (MS Word) Weekly writing work plan calendar (MS Word) Week 4: Selecting a Journal Journal review worksheet Article submission log Week 5: Reviewing the Related Literature Analyzing the number and type of your citations Week 9: Giving, Getting, and Using Others' Feedback Form for Reviewing an Article and Giving Useful Feedback.

The Reality of Writing a Good Book Proposal - Do Your Job Better. By Rachel Toor Writing a book proposal may not be exactly like appearing on a reality-TV show, but thinking about it in that way might help to remind you what you're up against.

The Reality of Writing a Good Book Proposal - Do Your Job Better

In case you spend your Monday nights reading the pre-Socratic philosophers or sequencing genes and have missed the riveting TV series The Bachelor, here's how it works: One bachelor is pursued by 25 bachelorettes (or vice versa). All the contestants have been screened well and seem close enough to appropriate on first blush. During casting sessions, the staff culled hundreds (thousands?) Getting You Through Graduate School, The Job Market and Tenure… How to Prepare Your Academic Dossier. My dossier binder During a recent chat with some friends, I realized that it may be helpful for junior faculty to have some guidance in the gargantuan project of preparing a dossier for an academic review.

How to Prepare Your Academic Dossier

Putting together a dossier can be a stressful exercise, but it’s also very rewarding. My dossier preparation process was intellectually enlightening, and I really valued the opportunity for reflection.