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Education of Boys

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Data Exclusive: 75 Percent of Black California Boys Don't Meet State Reading Standards. Three of four African-American boys in California classrooms failed to meet reading and writing standards on the most recent round of testing, according to data obtained from the state Department of Education and analyzed by CALmatters.

Data Exclusive: 75 Percent of Black California Boys Don't Meet State Reading Standards

More than half of black boys scored in the lowest category on the English portion of the test, trailing their female counterparts. The disparity reflects a stubbornly persistent gender gap in reading and writing scores that stretches across ethnic groups. Posted below, the data provide a unique glimpse of how gender interacts with race and class in mastery of basic reading, writing and listening skills tested on state exams. While California publishes separate figures on the performance of various ethnic and economic groups, it does not make public a more detailed breakdown of how boys and girls are performing within those groups. State officials say they do not sort the data that way because of complexity, cost and time constraints.

Sax APA 2001. Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School. Last week, my high school alma mater in the prosperous Montgomery County suburbs of Philadelphia went viral.

Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School

A video of a student brawl injuring four security officers and eight teachers appeared on YouTube, bolstering long-whispered rumors of the district’s decline. Four students were taken into custody; one of them, 18 and charged as an adult for four counts of aggravated assault, is still in jail as I write. All four of the students were black females. I haven’t visited Cheltenham High since I graduated in the faraway American Graffiti era, but I ventured back for a packed emergency community meeting about the May 4 events.

In addition to memories, I found a stark illustration of the nation’s evasions about racial gaps in education. It became clear almost immediately that the brawl was no one-off. There was no way to chalk up these complaints to adolescent theatrics. Today, the district is 53 percent black, though the demographics defy easy generalization. Why Boys Are Failing in an Educational System Stacked Against Them. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang that we should teach our children well and feed them of our dreams, but for millions of parents of sons, dreams are only that, and boys are falling behind educationally at an alarming rate in this country.

Why Boys Are Failing in an Educational System Stacked Against Them

Richard Whitmire, author of Why Boys Fail, Michael Gurian, author of The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and in Life, and many other authors and educational experts proclaim that we have a crisis in the education of boys in this country. The media attention to this topic has been extensive in recent years, yet I do not see the systemic changes that are needed. What Do the Experts Say? According to Whitmire, children are forced to use literacy skills much earlier than in the past, and boys develop these skills later than girls. Why does no one care when boys fail at school and middle-aged men kill themselves? The second grim finding was that working-class white boys are not only the lowest-attaining of all educational groups, but they are falling further behind than ever.

Why does no one care when boys fail at school and middle-aged men kill themselves?

At every educational level, girls now outperform boys, and to our eternal shame impoverished, white boys are faring the worst of all ethnic groups. Just 28.3 per cent of white boys on free school meals achieved at least five GCSEs at A* to C in England in 2012-13. In contrast, Chinese pupils perform exceptionally regardless of wealth, with 76.8 per cent of those on free school meals achieving the GCSE threshold. Only 26 per cent of white British boys on free school meals gained five A*-C GCSE grades Photo: PA Many of us have previously written on the shockingly poor educational attainment of poor white boys, yet there has been no governmental enquiry nor emergency think-tank set up. MPs Philip Davies and Jess Phillips Photo: SWNS. Study finds boys from low income families move less. April 3 (UPI) -- A study from the University of Eastern Finland suggests parents with low education and income levels were associated with less physical activity levels and increased screen time in their children, especially in boys.

Study finds boys from low income families move less

Researchers analyzed physical activity levels and sedentary behavior in children and the link to parents' income and education levels based on questionnaires on 238 girls and 248 boys ages 6 to 8 years old. Children from families with the lowest income and education levels were two times less likely to take part in a supervised physical activity compared to children from higher income and education levels. Our Attitudes Towards Gender Inequality in Education are Excluding the Issues of Men and Boys – The University Times. Much has been said in recent times about the need for gender equality education in Ireland.

Our Attitudes Towards Gender Inequality in Education are Excluding the Issues of Men and Boys – The University Times

For third-level institutions, the discussion tends to focus on the dearth of women and girls in technical fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and their underrepresentation in the upper echelons of universities. The Athena Scientific Women’s Academic Network (SWAN) charter, first established in the UK in 2005 to increase representation of women in these fields, was recently extended to Ireland with the backing of the Higher Education Authority (HEA). The initiative includes an awards scheme and progress seems to have been made, as evidenced by Trinity winning a Bronze Athena Swan award in 2015 for advancing gender equality in higher education and research. Why Is Male Suicide Increasing, And Why Are Boys Failing School? - Acculturated. One stormy day last February, I watched a few of my former raving pals wobble their way across a waterlogged field near Brighton, carrying a wicker coffin with my mate Nobby inside.

Why Is Male Suicide Increasing, And Why Are Boys Failing School? - Acculturated

Smiling, beautiful, gentle Nobby was gone. Barely 40, a husband, dad-of-three and a teaching assistant, he’d long suffered from depression and one evening, he decided he just couldn’t take it any more. For those of us left behind, it was a wake-up call. The grim reality of male suicide until then mercifully hadn’t touched my life. But once I started talking about it, it turned out, almost everybody I knew had in some way been touched by its dark shadow. Tragically, it’s on the rise.

This announcement came days after a touchingly raw BBC3 TV show “Suicide & Me” in which rapper Professor Green explored the ‘silent epidemic’ of male suicide, and tearfully poured out his heart over the suicide of his father. School Gender Gap Crisis: Boys 'Twice as Likely To Fall Behind Girls' Boys are almost twice as likely to struggle with mastering English language skills than girls by the time they start school.

School Gender Gap Crisis: Boys 'Twice as Likely To Fall Behind Girls'

A report published on Monday by international children's charity Save the Children revealed that in the last academic year alone, a quarter of boys aged five in England—an estimated 80,000—started school unable to speak a full sentence with ease or follow basic instructions. Boys Who Sit Still Have a Harder Time Learning to Read. Our education system must stop ignoring its bias against boys  6 Crucial Pieces Of Advice for Boys Growing Up in Harsh Circumstances - National Coalition For Men (NCFM) Most teachers are women.

National Coalition For Men (NCFM)

Nothing is being done to change the imbalance. Boys have few role models in schools. Most teachers are women. Nothing is being done to change that imbalance. Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates. This study uses a widely respected method to calculate public high school graduation rates for the nation, for each state, and for the 100 largest school districts in the United States.

Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates

We calculate graduation rates overall, by race, and by gender, using the most recent available data (the class of 2003). Among our key findings: The overall national public high school graduation rate for the class of 2003 was 70 percent.There is a wide disparity in the public high school graduation rates of white and minority students.Nationally, the graduation rate for white students was 78 percent, compared with 72 percent for Asian students, 55 percent for African-American students, and 53 percent for Hispanic students.Female students graduate high school at a higher rate than male students. Nationally, 72 percent of female students graduated, compared with 65 percent of male students.The gender gap in graduation rates is particularly large for minority students.

Muse.jhu. Why Are Boys Now Less Motivated Than Girls? Poor boys are falling behind poor girls, and it’s deeply troubling. (Butch Dill/AP) It’s become a fact of American life that girls are better than boys at school. They get better grades. They’re suspended less. For every generation since the boomers, women have been more likely than men to earn high school and college diplomas. In fact, girls are pretty much the only reason the high school graduation rate went up in past 40 years, according to calculations by Harvard economist Richard Murnane. The dangers of brainwashing our children - Relating To Men.

This week an image was shared with me that had been posted elsewhere on Facebook. It was a slide presentation given to boys in an Australian school as part of the new government initiative of “respectful relationships”. While we all agree that respectful relationships are imperative, the manner in which this is being delivered is unscrupulous and is nothing more than brainwashing of our children, both boys and girls. My Facebook feed erupted when I shared this image posted earlier that day. Not only does this text in this portray an outright lie, it’s sending a damaging message to boys about themselves and the men in their lives. Typical of feminist methodology, this claim is an expanded fabrication at very best. Middle Tennessee mother fights boys-only corporal punishment policy.

Lawrence High School LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. — A Middle Tennessee mother is fighting a corporal punishment policy at her son’s high school. She said it’s not the hitting she’s concerned with, but who is receiving the punishment. Misty Kilburn said her son came home from Lawrence County High School with a letter stating the teacher in his construction trade class was going to reinstate corporal punishment due to misbehavior. Racial Profiling in Preschool. Photo That black adolescents receive harsher disciplinary punishments at school than their white peers for the same offenses is troubling enough. But federal data showing that even at the preschool level black students are nearly four times as likely to be suspended as their white peers is especially shocking.

SARAH VINE says the feminisation of society and schools is to blame for boys falling behind. The numbers are unequivocal. In every respect, today's girls seem to have the advantage over boys. Boys are less likely to go to university. If they do get there, they are statistically much more likely to drop out. And all but the most high-flying have fewer job prospects when they leave. The stark evidence comes in a report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute. The Futurist: The Misandry Bubble. A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls. University Gender Gap Reaches Record High.

The gender gap between female and male students attending university is at a record level and "needs addressing", according to the head of the university admissions body. Women currently outnumber men in almost two-thirds of degree subjects in the UK, and females are now 35% more likely to go to university than their male counterparts, widening the gender gap to a record level. Title IX helps girls, but leaves boys behind, women's advocate contends. An official for a national women’s advocacy group claims that Title IX is used “almost exclusively as a tool for advancing women’s interests,” rather than for promoting true gender equality.

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) Managing Director Carrie Lukas argues in a recent op-ed for Acculturated that an excessive focus on the areas in which males outperform females has led society to overlook the many areas in which the opposite imbalance holds sway. Are violent video games associated with more civic behaviors among youth? Whether violent video games influence the behavior of youth has been a debate that has split the academic community for years.

The Trouble with Boys. The Trouble with Boys. Boys not the Problem; Schools Treating Boys Like Girls Is the Problem. Boys nearly twice as likely to fall behind girls by the time they start school. U.K.: Boys Lagging Girls in Early Education. To Boys and Young Men in School: "You're Not Welcome" BYU research finds link between father absences and declining male college enrollment. Absent dads may be contributing to the growing male gender gap in higher education, according to research published by a professor at Brigham Young University. Brian Willoughby, an assistant professor in the School of Family Life, was one of three authors that recently published a study in the journal “Family Relations” looking at whether the declining rate of males enrolling in college has been influenced by nonmarital birth rates and father absences. What they found was that the gender gap opened up about 18 years after family structure changes in the late 1960s.

“I think we need to continue to talk about fathers and talk about their importance in our culture as we get more and more messages that they don’t matter,” Willoughby said. Men now make up 43 percent of postsecondary enrollment, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Loaded: 0% Our education system must stop ignoring its bias against boys  Forbes Welcome. Discrimination in Punishment by Schools Against Boys Increases Education Gap. June 27, 2016 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization Yesterday I dealt with an article in the National Review by Mona Charen. She discussed why men’s participation in the workforce is declining and rightly pinned much of the blame on being raised by single mothers.

'There will be no mercy for you': A mother's sobering warning to her four sons before college. An increasing portion of the college experience for men is staying on top of the ever-shifting expectations of behavior toward women, through the curriculum, seminars and campus activism. Ignore all of it and watch your back. That’s the clear-eyed and urgent message from Tina McCormick, the Danish-born publisher of NewBostonPost and Harvard Ph.D., in an open letter to her four sons who will be “off to college in a snap.” A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls. Boys to Men. 'I know it can seem a bit alien to be campaigning for boys as a disadvantaged group, but...'

When you think of campaigning for equality, what comes to mind? Equal rights for women, an end to discrimination against ethnic minority groups, opposing homophobic bullying? Probably all of the above – and they should, rightly, be priorities – but an equally pressing priority when it comes to educational achievement is campaigning to improve the performance of boys, particularly white boys from disadvantaged communities. David Willetts first put his finger on the problem, in his role as universities minister, in an interview with The Independent four years ago. When it came to widening participation in higher education, he argued, white working-class boys should be treated as a disadvantaged group.

The evidence is incontrovertable, and growing with time. In a foreword, Mary Curnock Cook, head of Ucas, argues: "Boys are performing worse than girls across primary, secondary and higher education... and the situation is getting worse. Obama's next project should be fatherhood: Column. “By almost every measure, the group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century in this country are boys and young men of color,” President Obama said in 2014 when he launched My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative to help black and Latino boys. The president went on to note that compared with young white men, young minority males are less likely to graduate from high school, less likely to be gainfully employed and more likely to be poor. A new round of social science confirms the president’s observations and indicates they apply not just to young men of color but also to young men from lower-income homes generally.

Indeed, what is striking about today’s trends is that poor boys, as well as Latino and African-American boys, are often doing worse than their female peers when it comes to a range of outcomes in young adulthood, from educational attainment to incarceration to employment as young adults. Why Boys Are Failing in an Educational System Stacked Against Them. Women and Girls May Be Rising, but Boys Are Not. Where the boys aren’t: A look at the ratios of males to females on campus.

Report reveals girls born this year will be 75% more likely to go to university  Poor boys are falling behind poor girls, and it’s deeply troubling. The REAL gender gap scandal: Why boys are the true victims of discrimination. Do Teachers Really Discriminate Against Boys? Robot learning companion offers custom-tailored tutoring: New social robot from MIT helps students learn through personalized interactions.

Why does no one care when boys fail at school and middle-aged men kill themselves? Why schools are failing our boys. Educational Equity for Male Students - AVfM Reference Wiki. Lavy j.public.e 10.2008 gender steriotypes. Boys and Girls Learn Differently, and That’s OK. Can Kids Learn More When They Exercise During Lessons? A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls. Men's Rights News & Info. It's no surprise if men decide university isn't for them. Feminism has gone TOO FAR and we now need to help boys more, says uni admission boss.

Our education system must stop ignoring its bias against boys  Study: Boys Affected More Than Girls By ‘Family Disadvantages’ What does a boy-friendly school look like? No boys allowed: Bainbridge Island teacher imposes ban on popular activity - Dori Monson. Fatherless Households Mean Lower Male Enrollment. A War on College Men » SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments.

Why Johnny Can't Read: Schools Favor Girls. Boys left behind girls at school from just age five. McCallie School to create National Center for the Development of Boys. The eradication of boyhood. Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn, study says. Study: Math Teachers Give Girls Higher Grades Over Boys For Same Answers. Girls, boys, and reading. The Drugging of the American Boy. Untitled. A Tipping Point: We've Finally Noticed Boys' Struggles. Pjmedia. A landmark new study: overall, girls get better grades than boys at all ages, in all subjects, all over the world. In Swedish education, the problem is the absence of a male-norm for boys. Gender, education and work: The weaker sex. Are female teachers biased against boys? Are male math teachers just better? Let’s look at some research. Why schools are failing our boys.