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Kaava - #301 Vuokatti Pullover. Shelby Kaava #301 Vuokatti Pullover Instructions The Vuokatti Pullover is a basic pattern useful for all your layer 1 and layer 2 shirt needs.

Kaava - #301 Vuokatti Pullover

The raglan sleeve gives a sleek but functional look, and many combinations of collars can give variation. The pattern can also be used to make short sleeved T-shirts. Material: Any light to medium weight fabric with 50% stretch. Zipping on the roll - Nylon coil Zipping by the metre. HOMEMADE OUTDOOR GEAR. Feather Industries. DIY - Making and modifying your own kit. Some of the kit that you can buy is stupidly expensive for what it actually is.

DIY - Making and modifying your own kit

In America you will find some companies charging the large part of $200 for a rectangular 'Tarp' that is nothing more than a few square metres of sailcloth with edge reinforcements and loops. You can buy the cloth yourself for a lot less and then a few hours with a sewing machine will allow you to have a complete tarp. On this page I will write up some of the various projects that I have done in the hope that it might inspire you to get outdoors more, have more fun and save some cash. What's really useful is that by making your own kit you can work out what you REALLY want out of your equipment. When you are making stuff yourself a lot of 'features' that are 'essential' do not make it. Jim Wood's Base Camp. DIY Gear Supply - DIY Guides. SEW-lutions guidelines for sewing. DIY Page on Thru Hiker. Zen Backpacking Stoves - Home of the Alcohol Stove.