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Construction Techniques

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Sheer Seams and Edges. 20 Ways to Improve Your Sewing - Threads. Sewing with Stretch Wovens   CreatingBra Strap Guards   How to sew a mitred v-neck with bias facing & an easier bias facing method. How To Do Japanese Boro Stitching. Traditional Japanese boro cloths have a beauty like no other.

How To Do Japanese Boro Stitching

Each cloth tells a unique story of its journey through life with patches carefully sewed on and reinforced with stitching, often over generations of a single family. Boro is my antidote to the fast fashion world. The cloths can be viewed to embrace the concept of 'wabi sabi', that sees beauty in an object's impermanence and imperfection. Making a feature of garment repairs is an alternative to the art of invisible mending. Dot pattern system by Laura Schaefer. Understitching, edgestitching, and topstitching   Katie Whittle Katie teaches new skills through in-depth tutorials, sewalongs, and articles for Seamwork Magazine and The Colette Blog.

Understitching, edgestitching, and topstitching  

She's all about encouraging sewers to try new techniques and create a personalized wardrobe that makes them feel great! All posts by Katie More about our writers. Sewing Terms Translated by Real Sewists. Video: How to Sew Piping to a Curve. Ad-enabled single clip widescreen player Produced by: Evamarie Gomez and Stephani Miller; Videographer: Jeff Roos Better Piping: Sew Piping to a Curved Edge If you've ever sewed piping to a curve using pins, you may have come across a common problem.

Video: How to Sew Piping to a Curve

Scientific Sewing and Garment Cutting. Hand sewing lessons; a graded course for school...

Japanese Sewing Patterns (& kimono sites)

15 Bad Sewing Habits You Need To Quit Doing - Bella Sunshine Designs. Bad sewing habits.

15 Bad Sewing Habits You Need To Quit Doing - Bella Sunshine Designs

We all have them. I compiled a list of 15 bad sewing habits that you need to quit doing. Some of them I never commit. Some I am super guilty of doing all the time. Facings & Lining. Lingerie and Swimwear Techniques. Pleats, Gathers and Darts. Pockets and Welts. Plackets and Insertions. Knit Fabrics. Hems and Seam. Zippers, Buttonholes and other closures. Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning : Lewis, Dora S. 1955 public domain high school sewing/home economics textbook.

Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning : Lewis, Dora S.

"PREFACE Every girl wants to be attractive. In this book we have capitalized on this motivation to help girls develop skills of lasting value to themselves and to their families. Starting with simple grooming procedures and the art of choosing becoming lines, textures, and colors, we have gone on to show how to choose clothes and accessories that create harmonious costumes. Most families have limited funds for clothing, and girls must be resourceful and intelligent in meeting their clothing needs. Dritz Education. How to Flatline a Bodice. Cutting the Underlining Flatlining.

How to Flatline a Bodice

No it’s not dying in pursuit of that ultimate dream costume. Neither is it the process of killing your bodice to make it work. Ha! (Although, it feels like it kills us sometimes!) Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning : Lewis, Dora S. Professional sewing techniques for designers julie christine cole, … Best Free Patterns & Dressmaking Websites. Important Notes & Mini Glossary I'm just going to list the options you have for some important clothing parts here, plus information on different terms.

Best Free Patterns & Dressmaking Websites

I hope it's useful. - Neckline options: Sweetheart, V-neck, square, scoop, U-neck, keyhole, bandeau, cowl, high-neck, halter, jewel, crew, asymmetrical, one-shouldered, off-the-shoulder or boat. Necklines sometimes are created with thin straps such as spaghetti straps rather than solid areas of fabric, or the clothing can even be strapless. On the back of the top, you can cut out shapes like hearts, use a neckline listed above, use cross-over straps, a racer back design, add lace or other embellishments, or just have it plain.

Click here for a useful guide to necklines, dress shapes, collars and sleeves. 10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade - Sewing, Alterations for Plus Size Women. Handmade clothing is good.

10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade - Sewing, Alterations for Plus Size Women

Clothes that look homemade-not so much. Why? Because in sewing the word homemade is usually associated with poor quality. It can refer to the way the garment is sewn or a poor choice in fabric, to the way the garment fits. SEW-lutions guidelines for sewing. Bloglovin. Sewing Tutorials. How to Embroider Wool + Fur. 6 Weeks of LOVE for Softies is packed full of tips, tricks, patterns, free downloads and lots of tutorials.

How to Embroider Wool + Fur

Here’s a springtime treat for you from Carley Biblin of Making It Up as I Sew Along… Sheep! Carley shows you how to embroider wool or fur, a technique that can be applied to any number of softie animals. In this post she uses a pattern from Stuffed Animals by Abby Glassenberg. Learn more about Carley in her introduction, and if you want to try this embroidery technique on a free softie pattern you could try our Baa Baa Black Sheep, also designed by Abby. The materials and instructions below are written using the Ram softie pattern designed by Abby Glassenberg and published in her book Stuffed Animals.

Materials: ¼”-wide roll of fusible webOsnaburg fabric Lightweight cotton fabric (such as muslin) Fabric marker or sharpie Large tapestry needle One skein Lion Brand Alpine Wool yarn Instructions: How to Use a Seam Ripper Properly. Menswear Sewing Patterns. The Art of Garment Making Chap XI: Make-Up of a Lady's Jacket - Women's Cutter and Tailor - The Cutter and Tailor. How to Match Plaid on a Curved-edge Lapel. 4 Steps to Tiny Bias Tubes. In "Airy Rouleau," Threads #177 (February/March 2015), Jane Conlon shared her techniques for embellishing garments with tiny bias tubes that are held together in curved designs by decorative stitching.

4 Steps to Tiny Bias Tubes

Now, you can learn how to create the tiny bias strips featured in the story. You'll need at least two bias tubes to make spaghetti straps for a dress, and more to create decorative straps. It's easier to achieve uniform results if you complete each step for all of the tubes before moving to the next step. 2. Fold a bias strip in half, right sides together. Armani Jackets: The Inside Story. By Marcy Tiltonfrom Threads #83, pp. 40-45 Just as contemporary chefs are lightening up classic recipes, modern couture's most celebrated tailor, Giorgio Armani, is continually reinventing the traditional techniques of his craft.

I've closely examined Armani jackets over the years, and I've discovered many techniques that we home sewers can adapt. In the April/May 1999 issue of Threads (#82), I explored a few current Armani styles that could be emulated with commercial patterns. But virtually all of my favorite Armani-inspired construction techniques can be applied to any jacket pattern you think worthy of a technical upgrade. In this article, I'll describe interfacing approaches for the entire jacket and then go layer by layer through an Armani shoulder and sleeve structure. Learn To Sew - Useful links. Share this: Sponsored by Vivebooks - Craft e-books with video There are a huge amount of useful sewing tutorials and sewing guides on blogs, sewing websites and on social media for almost anything you could want to know sewing wise.

However, it does take a lot time to find them so to help you out I have collected together around 100 of the best below. These useful posts should help you get to grips with your sewing machine, difficult fabrics and make sense of sewing patterns. I've split them into the following topics, click the links to go straight to the section you want and then keep scrolling downwards: And Now, a Word from the Pressinatrix.

Kids, listen up. It’s time for a little tough love. A few years back, I wrote an article for Threads titled, “Pressing Matters” and I think it’s time to revisit that. I’m so thrilled to see what seems to be a resurgence in sewing. The Pressinatrix Has A Sad… Oh kittens. Dear, dear kittens. I, your beloved Pressinatrix (go with me on this one) am draped over my fainting couch, fanning myself, in dire need of chocolate to keep me from falling into a deep and enduring malaise. 10 reasons why your clothes look home made. Free download: How to match plaids and stripes   I wrote these instructions for making Dahlia or other garments in plaid or stripes for this blog post before deciding to also create the free download.

If you don’t have them already, click the button at the end of this post to get the download. They’re helpful for all kinds of plaid and stripe situations. When we designed Dahlia, one of the features that excited me most was how great it would look in plaids and stripes. The use of small gathers instead of darts, the raglan sleeve, and the inset waist all really enhance the effect of plaids and would look equally awesome in striped fabric. BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns: Tejidos transparentes (Tutorial costura).- Los tejidos transparentes (gasa, georgette, chifón...) requieren bordes de costura estrechos para lograr un buen aspecto de la costura tanto interior como exteriormente. También interesa obtener un tipo de costura flexible, que se adapte al montado de piezas en partes al biés, hilo o contrahilo de la tela. Un tipo de costura muy popular y utilizado para estos tejidos es la costura "francesa", que funciona muy bien para costuras rectas, pero que es imposible de aplicar en esquinas, costuras curvas, etc., y que también tiene el "defecto" de la acumulación de capas de tejidos que suman rigidez a la costura terminada.

Personalmente, descubrí este tipo de costura en los vestidos de Alta-Costura del Maestro "Pedro Rodriguez" y de otros contemporáneos, y me llamó la atención la facilidad y la simplicidad de la misma. Women's Cutter and Tailor - The Cutter and Tailor. SEW-lutions guidelines for sewing. Part 21 – Flowered Pillow Cover. My heart broke while reading of the Sullenger family and the events going on in their life right now. The Midvale Cottage Post. 21 Sewing Myths Debunked. A Few Threads Loose. Design-It-Yourself handbags. Sabrina - Student Designer: Presser Feet Cheat Sheet. Back in the 20s and such times when sewing machines only sewed a straight stitch, they came with a selection of attachments instead.

A few words about Sammy cami. With the Sammy cami downloads in many hundreds, it’s time I posted something about it. Millie Motts: before you make your garment. Experience BERNINA. Tip: Make Your Own Silicone Tape. Thé à la rose. 10 Good Sewing Tips and Tricks. The Midvale Cottage Post. 15 things home sewers can learn from industrial sewing   Today, we have a very special guest post from local sewing legend, Sharon Blair. Video: DIY Faux-Velvet Board. Pressing velvet is tricky. Отделка изделия оборками и воланами. Štepalica: Tutorials & Sewalongs. Sewing Techniques & Tutorials. Elegance & Elephants: tutorials. Compagnie-M. Pattern Markings Made Easier.