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Videos : Governance and Political Science

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The Great Jewish Mask - Nick Spero and Jan From South Africa. My journey started when was encouraged to Divorce #WalkAway. "Maduro's regime is at war with us" - Venezuelan citizen. Episode 008 The History of War - Owen Benjamin. The New Lie "UFO", The Old Lie Military Nazi Las Vegas Casino Area 51 Money Complex Elon Musk Joke. Educating Dangerously: How History is Being Mistaught in US Universities. - Black Op Radio with John Armstrong and Len Osanic. Remembering Fletcher Prouty. Blackopradio. Videos Archives. FANG Lies and Corruption Exposed. Rice a Roni Bellwether Phone Call. Horowitz and Happenings. Hollywood is a Collapsing Covert Operation - Jay Dyer Campaign for Liberty Speech. Allen Roth Interviews Raheem Kassam. Morgan Freeman Stars in Neo-McCarthy Propaganda Ad Plus Senate Approves 700 Billion Defense Budget.

What's in the newly released JFK files? - Rex Bradford. Best Show Of 2017 Ex CIA Officer Reveals All On Shadow Government And Deep State. 9-11 Veritas @ Harvard University : "The Fictional Basis of the War on Terror" 9-11 in the Academic Community. Tom Fitton discusses Court Battle on Clinton Draft Indictment, Obama Wiretaps Trump(?), Deep State P. Aldo details the recent street prayer in Paris. Dr. Jordan Peterson - Lesson on political history everyone should hear! Gary Johnson Is a Buffoon: As Are Most Libertarians. HOW TO DESTROY CULTURES – Women, Hordes of Young Men & The New Anti-Semitism.

Vlad Tepesblog. LEFT VS RIGHT – The Two-Headed Snake – CHAINSMOKE SERIES. Intermarium - The coming Eastern European Union. 2017/01/22: Pt 1: Freedom Of Speech/Political Correctness: Dr. Norman Doidge. What is Duginism and why it matters. The Illusion of Activism. The Delusion of Change. Trump Exposes Trump. TRUMP and his Rothschild cabinet, Full length. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould on “History of Neocon Takeover of the USA”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio. Coming Up Sunday, May 14th — Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 16:00 GMT.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould on “History of Neocon Takeover of the USA”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Invisible History Blog » Videos. The Arms Race and the Economy: A Delicate Balance Thursday, August 16th, 2012 The tangled web leading up to Afghanistan We made a documentary with economist John Kenneth Galbraith and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II) negotiator Paul Warnke on the eve of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Invisible History Blog » Videos

Our timing with this issue made the Soviet invasion seem all too convenient. As we point out at the very end, it was President Carter who asked the Senate to hold back on ratification of SALT II following the invasion while having secretly authorized Brzezinski’s black project to lure the Soviets into Afghanistan in the first place. Jay Dyer w/Gould & Fitzgerald: Mystical Imperialism, Afghanistan & Beyond. Geopolitical Chessmaster: Legacy of Brzezinski – Jay Dyer on GlobalResearch. Illuminati Bilderberg Technocrat Brzezinki - Works Analyzed - Jay Dyer on Sunday Wire (Full)

Colin Ross at Conspiracy Culture (November 10th 2012) Donald Jeffries on Elite Privilege and Cronyism in the US Economy. Why Vietnam? Explaining the War. The JuntoCast, Ep. 15: Founders in Early America. The JuntoCast, Ep. 12: Bailyn's "Ideological Origins of the American Revolution" The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders: Achievements, Impact (2003) Globalization or Americanization with Ken Jowitt. CaspianReport. Week 3 Isaiah Berlin Two Concepts of Liberty. Why I Left the Left. Jay Dyer on Bilderberg, Corporatism and "Stupid Libertarianism"

Peasants for Plutocracy: How the Billionaires Brainwashed America (Mini-Documentary) JaysAnalysis Interviews Patrick Henningsen on Geopolitics. Real History: Fascism & the Free Market - Michael Parenti. Lawrence Lessig - What I Learned Running for President: The Ethics of Citizenship. Jim Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable, COPA Dallas 2009. Porkins Policy Radio episode 51 Robbie Martin on A Very Heavy Agenda part 3.

Political Theory and Real Politics in the Age of the Internet. FASCISM INC MULTILINGUAL (long version) The Yes Men fix the World. La démocratie revolutionnaire par Charlie Bauer. Mesopotamia - The Sumerians. Dr. Steven Jones - 9/11 Science & Society. THE LOST HEGEMON: NWO From Clinton To Trump. Suppressed Documentary Part 1: The Documentary on Donald Trump He Tried to Suppress.

Donald Trump’s entire career has been about creating and projecting an image of himself that suits his needs.

Suppressed Documentary Part 1: The Documentary on Donald Trump He Tried to Suppress

That has never been truer than during his current presidential bid. But what lies behind the image? Is Trump the genius and unremitting success he would have us believe? Is he the master of knowing how to pull all things off, how to win big while intimidating the bad guys and be loved by everyone else? Long ago — a quarter century ago — when Trump was already making noises about wanting to be president, some filmmakers set out to discover what the man was made of. Now, though, we’ve obtained this documentary and, in the public interest, are showing it. The film has a gritty tabloid quality to it–and is, by definition, a period piece. This is Part 1 of 12. Part 1 is available here. Part 2 is available here. Part 3 is available here. Part 4 is available here. Part 5 is available here. Part 6 is available here. Part 7 is available here. Vultures And Vote Rustlers by Greg Palast. [3] The 2016 Election WILL Be Stolen - Here's How (with Greg Palast) [VIP]

Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War. UpFront - Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs Sanders. Martin Gilens - "Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America" Chomsky vs Buckley. ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. "What Does the Islamic State Really Want ?" Graeme Wood editor at The Atlantic. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski; Putin "wants to rebuild USSR with Ukraine' calls to isolate Russia. 21. Democratic Statecraft: Tocqueville's Democracy in America. 24. In Defense of Politics~Yale Lecture Series. Raymond Geuss - Philosophy and Real Politics. Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 1 of 3) World War III (2016) - List of the Main Reasons ($ Currency, Oil, Gold...) Technocracy full presentation. Technocracy News & Trends.

JIM GARRISON ON "THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW" IN 1971 (ALONG WITH BOB DORNAN AND MORT SAHL) TERRIFIC INTERVIEW WITH GERALD POSNER (NOVEMBER 16, 2013) A full lenght interview with Mark Lane about his latest book. Rush to Judgment (1966) British Novelist John le Carré on Democracy Now 2010. History... The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment. The Gangster Nature of the State. Secret Societies: The Trilateral Commission, Freemasons & Alien Cover-Ups (2001) The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy. Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own; Marketing, Movies and Music. History... Interview with G. Edward Griffin "The Individual vs. The Collective" CIA CULT OF INTELLIGENCE - ILLUMINATING 1976 DOCUMENTARY. 1) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Intro + Hour 1 of 5) The Trapped Flea Principle - John Taylor Gatto - AERO - 2005. Actor Kevin Spacey, Georgetown's Ron Klain Discuss Politics and Ethics/ via Sleeping_banana.

The Law You Won't Be Told. Morris Berman's take on the American psyche. In Praise of Shadows (Morris Berman) The New Atheism and the War on Terror. The Power Principle - I: Empire, Metanoia-films (Noam Chomsky et al.) Government in the Future.