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Third Leading Cause of Death in the US. Overtreatment Is Taking a Harmful Toll. New Proof that Flu Shots are Unnecessary and Ineffective. By Dr.

New Proof that Flu Shots are Unnecessary and Ineffective

Mercola The 2010-2011 flu season is here. With it comes a mixture of good news and bad, but if you and I together spread facts instead of fear, we can once again tip the balance toward health in the US—and worldwide.Last year, the swine flu "pandemic"—warned to be catastrophic—was actually much milder than health officials warned. Last year's flu mortality estimates turned out to be only one-third that of an average year, in spite of the emergence of the new human-bird-pig influenza virus you have come to know as swine flu.Imagine that. The sky didn't fall after all.Last year the United States contracted for the manufacture of more than 170 million doses of swine flu vaccine. Flu Shots for All (Science Optional) For the past several years, physicians in America have been insisting that every child age 6 months to 18 years must get an annual flu shot.

No Mystery -- These Flu Vaccine Side Effects WILL Occur in the US H1N1 Vaccine Continues To Provoke Reports of Serious Side Effects. More Prescription Drugs Do Not Mean Better Care. Alternative medicine users more knowledgeable, earn more than others, study finds. (NaturalNews) A resilient and courageous heart will set a template for wellness inside, and the answers will come to them, in faith, from nature, from within.

Alternative medicine users more knowledgeable, earn more than others, study finds

People who have struggled with their own health problems and overcame them through personal study and implementation have found that alternative medicine is not alternative at all. It's the real deal. Nature is alive with answers, and healing starts within. The very things deemed "alternative" by society's standards are really the foundation for optimal wellness. Whether it's organic fruits and vegetables, medicinal roots and berries, or flowering herbs and spices, the alternative is really the foundation. Lack of alternative health knowledge correlated with poverty, lack of education Now researchers at San Francisco State University are finding out that alternative medicine users are more educated and earn more than those who are not knowledgeable in the healing arts.

Burke was surprised by another of the study's results. Sources: Chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth: study. Cancer-busting chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells which triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment, a study said Sunday.

Chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth: study

Researchers in the United States made the "completely unexpected" finding while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab. They tested the effects of a type of chemotherapy on tissue collected from men with prostate cancer, and found "evidence of DNA damage" in healthy cells after treatment, the scientists wrote in Nature Medicine. Chemotherapy works by inhibiting reproduction of fast-dividing cells such as those found in tumours. The scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B which boosts cancer cell survival.

"The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected," study co-author Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle told AFP. The Drugs Don’t Work: A Modern Medical Scandal. By Dr.

The Drugs Don’t Work: A Modern Medical Scandal

Mercola When your physician writes you a prescription, you probably assume that it has been scientifically proven to be both effective and safe.This is the basis upon which the modern medical paradigm revolves... break this revered tenet and the entire system comes crashing down.Well, let me tell you, the walls are already crumbling; the system is nearing collapse, as all is not what it seems on the medical forefront as it pertains to science. You see, those little blue pills, or red ones, or white ones or whatever color or shape they may be, may very well have been the subject of a multi-million-dollar, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Perhaps even multiple studies. But that means very little when it comes to protecting your health, as the system is set up so that drugs can virtually never fail. Science is Regularly "Tweaked" in Favor of the Drugs – NOT Your Health Regulators See Most Trial Data – But Even That Doesn't Translate to a Safe Drug Market.

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